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Announcing the Launch of Sustainability Expo 2023

Announcing the Launch of Sustainability Expo 2023

/ Bangkok, Thailand /

/ Story & Images: Press Release / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Baan Lae Suan Press Room /

Sustainability Expo 2023, aka the largest sustainability exhibition in the ASEAN Region, will take place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) from 28 September to 8 October. Occupying a massive 70,000 square meters of display spaces, the annual event is dedicated to helping create an ecological balance, conserving natural resources and ensuring the well-being of present and future generations.

Tongjai Thanachanan, Sustainability Expo director; Lars Svensson, chairman of the Sustainability Working Group, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce; Pornphrom Vikitsreth, adviser to the governor of Bangkok; and Jeremiah Pitakwong, CEO Media & Event Business for Amarin Printing & Publishing Public Company Limited at a press conference of SX2023.

Codenamed SX2023, it’s the fourth edition of the show and a collaboration among five leading enterprises famous for supporting sustainable development efforts. They are the Frasers Property Co, Ltd; the PTT Global Chemical Public Co, Ltd (GC); the SCG Public Co, Ltd; the Thai Beverage Public Co, Ltd; and the Thai Union Group Public Co, Ltd.

This year’s Sustainability Exposition is on the theme of Sufficiency for Sustainability. Its front-and-center concern is the actual application of an idea of being adequate and sufficient for the benefit of the public as initiated by His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn. The concept is in turn rooted in Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP), a strategy-driven plan for self-sufficient living conceived by his predecessor, the late His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Such is the concept that inspires us with the vision of a sustainable future for all. Likewise, this sustainability exhibition is created with Thailand’s national policy objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in mind.

For this reason, Sustainability Expo 2023 is dedicated to helping convert a great idea into a reality through a platform for cooperation, an effort guided by the “Good Balance, Better World” concept.

To increase enthusiasm and support among the public, SX2023 has assembled teams of experts with authoritative knowledge of sustainable development from various projects, plus some of the most interesting technology trends and innovations. It is hoped that active public participation in this matter will contribute to reducing human impacts on the environment in the long term.

And by popular demand, there will be plenty of workshops to attract green thinkers, environmental change-makers and do-it-yourselfers, not to mention activities aimed at developing better understanding of the needs and benefits of sustainable development.

Hence, an army of 300 experts from across the globe are participating, plus exhibitions by more than 500 sustainable development-related corporations both at home and abroad.

To make things easier for our audiences, Sustainability Expo 2023 is divided into the following zones.

  • The Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) Inspiration Zone

Sustainability Expo 2023

Discover the true meaning of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) through a series of immersive multimedia presentations. It’s a nice little collab among the artists from the Bangkok Art Biennale who understand how nature sustains life on Earth.

Plus, there’s a show by the so-called Duck Unit group who is specialized in contemporary light and sound performances. And don’t miss out on an amazing exhibition of Earth images by NAT GEO.

There are plenty of facts and events waiting to be discovered for those interested in creating an ecological balance, sustainable development, and a better world for current and future generations.

  • Better Me Zone

It’s a show about perspective shifts, whereby people of different ages can live happily together. Discover tips for healthy living at the Good Health and Well Being Indoor Park.

It’s presented on the theme of “Together we can restore the world,” an update on growing trends that positively affects physical and mental health.

Find innovative health care products, apps and AI’s that can meaningfully improve people’s lives regardless of age. There’s plenty of useful tips for eating right, retirement planning, and life-long learning – the ongoing self-motivated pursuit of knowledge.

  • Better Living Zone

Sustainability Expo 2023

This part of SX2023 presents past achievements and current work undertaken by various sustainable development projects. They include environmental improvement models and sustainable ideas for businesses known collectively as the Circular Economy.

It’s an environmentally friendly way to reuse, recycle and regenerate materials in a bid to reduce waste. The effort is being implemented via four core activities namely, water stewardship, decarbonization, biodiversity, and waste management.

  • Better Community Zone

Sustainability Expo 2023

Here’s an exhibition about a unified society, one that flourishes on the principle of fair and equal treatment for all. It’s presented through a series of conversations among people working toward common goals in establishing normality in a diverse society.

The show is rich in exhibits about ideas for behavioral changes that benefit society as a whole. They include topics such as the importance of responsible actions, the preservation of cultural heritage and the ability to adapt to change that fits present circumstances and climates.

  • Food Festival

As the name suggests it’s a show for people who love to eat, featuring famous chefs and their claims to fame. This year’s Food Festival is on the theme of the “Thai Street Food Museum,” a collection of replicas of landmark eateries from across Bangkok, Phuket and other destinations, all in one place.

Enjoy good food and drink that’s good for you, for Thailand and for the world. It’s made possible by Zero-Waste Cooking, a sustainable approach to cooking more and wasting less.

  • The SX Marketplace

Sustainability Expo 2023

Last but not least, the SX Marketplace presents an impressive range of products by sustainable designer brands and environment-friendly goods. They include beautiful plants from “Garden and Farm,” a home decorating and lifestyle arm of Baan Lae Suan (Home and Garden) Magazine, plus community products from more than 200 retailers.

It’s also a place to shop around for craft goods that benefit communities and society. And while there, take the time to join a group conversation discussing business opportunities. Or just sit back and relax sipping coffee at Harvkind, a unique café setting located inside a sustainable furniture show.

That’s just a small part of the whole number of things happening at Sustainability Expo 2023. This year’s exhibition is on the theme of “Good Balance, Better World”.

Come join us at “Talk Stage,” a conversation event featuring distinguished guest speakers who gained experience through hands-on practice in the field of sustainable development. It’s the ideal place to stay up to date on growing trends.

Because sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, we look forward to seeing you all at Sustainability Expo (SX2023), which is happening from 29 September to 8 October at the Queen Sirsikit National Convention Center(QSNCC).

View the latest news and updates on SX2023 on Facebook: Sustainability Expo, or on the web at, Line: @sxofficial.

Together we can restore an ecological balance, conserve natural resources, and create a sustainable future for all. Mark your calendars for late September to early October!



/ Bangkok, Thaialmd /

/ Story: room Books and Living Asean Editorial Staff /

/ English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Baan Lae Suan Fair Press Room /

A collection of inspiring quotes and flashbacks to the room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023,
at the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear, BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

The latest architecture event “room X Living Asean Design Talk 2023” took place last Sunday 6 August. Convening a group of well-known experts from three countries, the annual conversation was on the theme of “URBAN FUSION / RURAL FLOURISH: Interweaving Urban and Rural Designs.”

It’s the star of the show at this year’s Baan Lae Suan (home and garden) Fair Midyear.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

The panel included M.L. Varudh Varavarn of Vin Varavarn Architects Ltd., Bangkok; Supawut Boonmahathanakorn of JaiBaan Studio, Chiang Mai; Japanese architect practicing in Vietnam Shunri Nishizawa of Nishizawa Architects, Ho Chi Minh City; and Antonius Richard of the design atelier RAD+ar, Jakarta, Indonesia, with Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon as special guest speaker.

Chana Sampalang, President of ASA (The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage), officiated at the opening of the room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023 on Sunday 6 August at BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok.

The Design Talk centered around the shared interest in design that’s friendly to the environment and conducive to social development in both urban and rural areas.

And the Deputy Governor of Bangkok came in handy to touch upon the subject of official policy tools and collaborations with various efforts at developing public spaces and improving the quality of life for people in Bangkok.

Essentially, the conversation is about building strong networks that will enable us to stay tuned to things happening in the city and communities across the country.

It’s seen as a confluence of ideas between architects and people from different disciplines inspired to create a sustainable future together.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

The conversation event started with Bangkok’s Deputy Governor Sanon Wangsrangboon, who spoke on “Urban Development Policy: Thoughts on response from and interactions with residents from different backgrounds.”

He shared a great deal of careful thoughts and his vision of a “livable city,” which he defined as one capable of accommodating people from all walks of life.

It’s the place where residents live together in harmony. In other words, it’s the type of surroundings where people participate in creating sufficient open spaces that lead to improved quality of life.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

Sanon plays a part in furthering policy objectives and collaborating with multiple agencies working towards common goals. Front and center are projects aimed at improving the public spaces deemed crucial to the quality life of people in the city.

Apart from providing all the conveniences, a good city must offer the opportunity for people to live together happily. A “Livable City” can be defined as one that’s open for everyone to participate in the development process.

When people feels a sense of involvement and affiliation to a place that’s suitable for them, they have high hopes of making it better both for themselves and for others.

The next speaker, M.L. Varudh Varavarn of Vin Varavarn Architects, Thailand, touched on the subject of “Public Architecture and solutions to the problems brought on by the gap between people in society.”

He emphasized that architects had an important role to play in helping to reduce social inequality. They had the knowledge and skills in the art and technique of designing and building and they could use them in the best interests of the people.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

M.L. Varudh and Vin Varavarn Architects have won acclaim serving clients across a wide range of industries. Lately his focus has shifted towards designs that help solve problems in the society.

They ranged from schoolhouse planning thoughtfully devised to deal with earthquake risks, to low-cost housing opportunities for overcrowded city neighborhoods.

All of them speak volumes for the principles governing Vin Varavarn Architects’ ideas and design strategies.

Essentially, it’s about creating the right design that’s capable of bringing about a change for the better for the people and the society as a whole.

And then Shunri Nishizawa, of Nishizawa Architects, Vietnam, talked about “Residential Design in Response to the Prevailing Climate and Limitations in Different Contexts.”

He sent a strong message about the need to create living spaces that harmonize with the circumstances that form the setting of a place. Upon reflection, the relationship between man and nature is impossible to disentangle.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

Shunri Nishizawa has practiced in Vietnam for over 15 years. He believes that an architect is duty bound to have a complete understanding of the context surrounding a project being developed.

This can be anything from humans and animals, to plants and the natural environment, plus the cultural context and so forth.

All of them must be treated with equal respect if we are to create a piece of architecture that adds a good complement to the surroundings.

Nishizawa Architects’ finest works to date have made living with nature front and center.

Besides harmony with the natural surroundings, the designer group attaches special importance to choosing only materials that are right for the context of a place. That’s the role of an architect the way he sees it.

Sharing similar opinions was Supawut Boonmahathanakorn, architect and founder of Jai Baan Studio, Chiang Mai, who touched upon “Rewilding the built environment: Interweaving urban and rural designs through non-human life.”

He laid greater emphasis on biophilic design that called for rewilding the built environment and the restoration of all aspects of the physical world.

At the very center, the health of the natural environment is as important as that of humans, perhaps even more so.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

Supawut and Jai Baan Studio are renowned for their nature-inspired design, effort at environmental conservation and ability to connect with a sizeable proportion of the rural population.

Through multiple collaborations with property owners, Supawut is able to promote a good understanding of the connectedness between man and nature.

He gets his message across to the public that “time” is of the essence when it comes to restoring the natural environment to health.

His outstanding works include a project that transforms unused land into a green oasis in the city. It’s achieved by rewilding, a process of reintroducing native trees and plants, thereby creating natural habitats for birds and other organisms native to the Northern Region.

As “ambassador” speaking on behalf of nature, he proves the point that the relationships between humans, animals, and ecosystems are inextricable.

Last but not least, architect Antonius Richard of RAD+ar, Indonesia, spoke on the topic of Different aspects of design in response to the environment and surrounding circumstances.”

He shared many useful techniques to incorporate natural elements in contemporary design. Plus, it’s a discussion alive with insights into design features unique to Tropical regions.

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

Mr. Richard spoke on the topic of integrating elements of nature in architectural design with respect to circumstances unique to Indonesia.

For the most part, his works deal with experiments undertaken to test the performance of new design in real life situations.

His experience encompasses a wide range of designs, from small projects such as cafés and restaurants, to homes and offices, to big projects such as commercial spaces and mosques that are designed to accommodate a large number of people.

Regardless of size, they share one common feature – a strict adherence to sustainable living ideas and design that’s compatible with the environment. It’s the quality that has served as the signature of Mr. Richard and his group of architects, designers and thinkers from day one.

More about architecture and design for better living, plus ideas for a sustainable society and conserving the environment, known collectively as the “Betterism” concept, are waiting to be discovered. Follow us and room Books for more!

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

room x Living Asean Design Talk 2023

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Tanatap Ring Garden Coffee Shop: A Design Experiment on the Interaction between Commercial Space and Nature

The Secrets of Jade

The Secrets of Jade

Jade has been cherished over many centuries. There is something about it to hold dear. The green ornamental stone is considered a lucky charm by the Chinese people. It symbolizes purity, kindness and virtue of moral good.

/// THAILAND ///
Story: Samutcha Viraporn /// Photography: Soopakorn Srisakul

Design Nation Market, a retail business area that’s part of the Siam Discovery Center.
Jade beads mat on show now at “Design Nation”, second floor, Siam Paragon.

A part of people’s lives from time immemorial, jade has evolved into an artistic tradition. In China it has a specific connection with folk medicine and long-established cultural expressions.

Aficionados of jade shouldn’t miss a handicraft exhibition that’s taking place now at Siam Paragon. The focal point of the show is a beautifully handcrafted jade mat made of about 27,000 green stone beads. The exhibition known as “Design Nation” is happening until November 17.

The jade mat on display is designed by Panitsara Hongthanadecho and made by a team of highly skilled craftswomen from Myawaddi, Myanmar. The green stone is believed to have the power of giving delight and arousing admiration. It’s in demand for its spiritual and healing properties relating to traditional Chinese art and culture.

The 67-year-old designer is a Thai of Chinese descent, who grows sentimentally attached to everything jade. It’s easy to perceive the meaning of the green stone when she included a jade mat similar to the one on display among funeral objects for her mother recently.

She said that the green ornamental stone was believed to have positive energy. In ancient times, emperors and members of the Chinese nobility aspired to sleep in a bed filled with green stone beads threaded together to perfectly fit the bedstead, on which the mattress was placed.

Panitsara could still recall promising her Mom a jade beads mat ten years back. She searched and found a big block of jade, bought it in an auction, and had it cut to size. She received about 27,000 stone cubes, each measuring 10 millimeters.

She had them machined continuously for two days to achieve perfectly polished round stone beads. After that, they were threaded together. And the final outcome is beautiful beyond words, thanks to a team of highly skilled craftswomen she hired from Myawaddi, Myanmar, which is located across the river from Mae Sod District in Tak. As promised, she included the jade mat among other funeral objects for her Mom after she passed.

That’s just one of many interesting items on show now at Design Nation, on the second floor of Siam Paragon. The event is rich in exhibits from several countries including the Philippines, Italy, and those created right here in Thailand.

A display booth by Artisanal Philippines. Here, Philippine-style cocoa drinks are made fresh the old fashioned way every day.
Design Nation exhibition at Siam Paragon
A soap crafted to resemble a marble by Vilacini, available at Design Nation Market

Whilst there, drop by the design market and attend workshops and seminars hosted by the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Lido Connect, Siam Center, Siam Discovery Center, and Siam Paragon.

The show goes on until November 17. For more information, please visit:


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Furniture Ideas for Spa and Health Resorts

Furniture Ideas for Spa and Health Resorts

Inspiring design creates meaningful first impressions. It adds value to a brand, and make the product and service memorable. That’s reason enough for a team of Thai designers and business owners to put their heads together and create furniture that gives a further boost to the spa, wellness, and health resort industry.



The team also get the help they need from the Institute for Small and Medium Enterprise Development (ISMED), a division of the Ministry of Industry; and the Creative Economy Agency (CEA), a public organization.

To introduce new design into their business, they work jointly with a select team of craftsmen from the Handicraft Retailers Group of Baan Tawai in Chiang Mai, the Furniture Carpenters Group of Sukhothai, and the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion (OSMEP).

Good design matters to the spa and health resort industry. This “Crafted Journey” furniture set is a product of collaboration with the Handicraft Retailers Group of Baan Tawai in Chiang Mai and the Furniture Carpenters Group of Sukhothai.
Beautifully crafted of rain-tree wood, these duo planters are inspired by flower garland pendants. – From Rungnirand. Designed by Sarisa Viraporn.
“Dwelling of Satisfaction”, a lighted curio cabinet set with antique finish and handy hints about the Thai way. — From Nantiya Décor. Designed by Rush Pleansuk.

The collaborative project aptly named “Crafted Journey” has Siriwan Tempati as team leader. Distinguished members include Rush Pleansuk of the design studio “Sumphat Gallery”, Sarinya Limthongtip of the “Srinlim” brand, and Sarisa Viraporn of the furniture store “Brezza Dee”.

The project debuted its products recently during the “Style Bangkok” event, and will go on show at the Chiang Mai Design Week 2019, which will take place on 7-15 December. Plenty of inspiring designs. See for yourself if you are in town during this time.

Designed to blend in with a round lounge chair, this rope weave partition can be set up vertically or horizontally. — From Chakriya. Designed by Rush Pleansuk.
A two-piece celadon tea set portraying mountain scenery and geometric shape art. — From Chiang Mai Celadon. Designed by Sarinya Limthongtip.
A handcrafted mirror frame inspired by lotuses in full bloom. Lotuses are symbols of purity. — From Bamboosay Craft. Designed by Sarisa Viraporn.
A set of table and curio cabinet gets its inspiration from stupas and other Buddhist shrines around the ancient capital Sukhothai. – From the Wood Handicrafts Cooperative of Baan Ram Yai. Designed by Sarisa Viraporn.
“Pigoon Sri”, antique inspired lanterns with a bullet-wood floral pattern on stained glass casing — From Mai Goft. Designed by Sarisa Viraporn.
“Chabaprai”, a set of stackable accessory containers handcrafted the old-fashioned way, available in both wood stain and color paint. – From Chabaprai. Designed by Sarinya Limthongtip.
“Trayble” is a set of table and tray crafted of teak. The wood tray can detach from the tabletop when needed. — From Baurieo. Designed by Sarisa Viraporn.
Round tables with complementing lounge chair and antique armoire present a relaxing provincial ensemble in the parlor designed for receiving guests.
“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

Once you get to know it better, you will find Pattani is really quite interesting. A design week aptly named “Pattani Decoded” took place from 29 August to 1 September 2019. Living ASEAN is on location to file this report.



Story: Samutcha Viraporn / Photo: Sitthisak Namkham, Samutcha Viraporn

“Pattani Decoded” is the perfect example of an esprit de corps among the city’s handpicked architects, designers and people in the community. It celebrates the richness of diverse cultural heritage and history that gives this southern town its character.

The show transforms the streets of Pattani into an outdoor gallery featuring design and architectural masterpieces. They rekindle old memories from the time of King Rama III to the Japanese invasion of Thailand during World War II and important events in recent history. The cool places to visit are on Pattanipirom, Anoaru, and Ruedi raods in Pattani Old Town, a melting pot where peoples of Thai, Chinese, and Malay descent are mixed together.

The Old Town that’s the historic heart of Pattani is alive and well today. People use their artistic abilities and creativity to liven up buildings and improve their neighborhoods. They give locals and tourists hope for the future. Favorite things to do include a journey on foot through the Old Town, a boat ride on the Pattani River, and a visit to the official residence of the first governor of Pattani.

The highlight event is an exhibition by a group called “Pattani Art Space”. Meantime, art enthusiasts have the opportunity of meeting up with luminaries such as Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Boonserm Premthada, and Saran Yen Panya. More fun events include an architectural design competition, Chef Table demos by famous restaurants, retail businesses, live music as well as workshops on shoemaking from waste materials by Tlejourn, Lepus fabric making by Benjametha, and discussions on great works of literature.

Why called it “Pattani Decoded”? Rachit Radenahmad, leader of the organizer group “Melayu Living”, replied: “We want locals to know that design is something close at hand, something within their reach. Meantime, this land abounds with good things. Going forward, people need to mix design with their beautiful cultural heritage. In so doing, they convert coded messages into intelligible language.

“We manage to get locals to participate in showcasing their homes or other places of residence. People are energized by the idea, and the show draws the biggest response both in Pattani and nearby provinces. We have so many good things here that people sometimes take for granted. The region may be known for violence, but art is always in the heart of everyone. That’s the message we are sending to the world outside.”

By all accounts it’s a well-thought-out design festival despite certain limitations. The show is giving talented architects, designers and students a chance to showcase the beauty, charm and adventure of Pattani to the world outside. At the end of the day, it’s about getting people to change their point of view, visit the historic southern town, and come away impressed.

Colorful Changes in Bangkok: 6 spots welcome the new year with color

Colorful Changes in Bangkok: 6 spots welcome the new year with color

In this final month before the New Year, wherever you look in Bangkok you’ll see joyous festivities with colorful lights. Come with Living ASEAN to six of them!

/// THAILAND ///
Story: Gott /// Photography:  Rittirong Tongjunsuk, Tanakitt Khum-on

Thailand Illumination Festival 2017 – Ratchada

This garden of more than 15 acres bustles with fascinating activities under the brilliantly glowing light of more than a million bulbs. Here you’ll find a tunnel of many colors, a Christmas tree festooned with lights, models of the 12 constellations of the zodiac, and an indoor sound and light show featuring songs composed by H.M. Rama 9. Open to visitors free of charge Monday – Thursday from 6 to 10 PM, and Friday – Sunday 6 to 11 PM until January 6, 2018: Ratchadapisek Road Soi 8, opposite the Esplanade shopping center.

Thailand Illumination Festival 2017
festival of lights
Thailand Illumination Festival 2017

festival of lights
Beautiful Bangkok – Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard

Here a “3-D projection mapping” light show by the artist group “Limelight” paints a 60-story building with images depicting Bangkok ways of life, culture, and history. Shows from Dec. 14 – 31 2017 five times daily, at 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, and 8PM. On New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) there’s a special additional show for the 2018 countdown at 11:55 PM.

festival of lights
Beautiful Bangkok


CentralWorld Shopping Plaza has set up an amphitheater in front for a wondrously decorated “land of music” featuring world-famous Argentinian artist Javier Gonzales Burgos. The huge Christmas tree surrounded by statues including Santa, polar bears, and reindeer is a visual highlight.

festival of lights

festival of lights

Harry Potter: Christmas in the Wizarding World – Siam Paragon

The space fronting on Siam Paragon has become a magical country, giving muggles a not-to- be-missed photographic opportunity under the theme “Christmas in The Wizarding World,” put on by Warner Bros. Consumer Products and GES,
organizers of the international show “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” on its first visit to Thailand.

festival of lights
Harry Potter: Christmas in the Wizarding World

festival of lights
Let’s Celebrate 2018: The Holidays Bring Me Here – Central Embassy

A ten-meter Santa Claus, largest in Southeast Asia, rises majestically above Central Embassy shopping plaza, this year brilliant with more than a million Christmas lights. Here also is “Santa Playland,” designed to take everyone back to a fun-filled childhood atmosphere.

festival of lights
Let’s Celebrate 2018: The Holidays Bring Me Here
festival of lights
Let’s Celebrate 2018: The Holidays Bring Me Here

festival of lights
Winter Wonderland the Grand Celebration – The Emquartier – EMPORIUM

The Emquartier – EMPORIUM has transformed the trade center to be a miraculous land of winter under the theme “Winter Wonderland: the Grand Celebration,” with a 12-meter white bear and an army of small white bears beaming smiles at all
passersby. There is also a light show with content changing each week.

festival of lights
Winter Wonderland the Grand Celebration
festival of lights
Winter Wonderland the Grand Celebration


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TIFF 2017 Showcases Beautiful ASEAN Vibes

TIFF 2017 Showcases Beautiful ASEAN Vibes

A Mecca of the latest in designs and lifestyle trends from across the Region, TIFF 2017 is the exhibition you can’t afford to miss.

/// Thailand ///
Photography: Rithirong Chanthongsuk

Every year the Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) continues to attract wider audiences from across the country. The landmark event has become a Mecca for designers, craftspeople, and the industries to present the latest in designs and innovative ideas to public views. Here are some of the trend-setting shows from 8-12 March 2017.

– Podium –

Podium’s 2017 collection features beautiful pieces of cane furniture made using the latest in cane weaving techniques. Also known as rattan, or wicker among Americans and Scandinavians, cane furniture is sought after by aficionados of the minimalist and Tropical decorating style.



– Yothaka –

An exciting collection by Yathaka is known as “Yothaka X Galvanii.” It’s the product of collaboration between the master craftsman and the galvanized steel furniture specialist. The Yothaka collection offers a series of metal panels with complementing weaving crafts that blend well with galvanized steel sofa sets by Galvanii.



“Customers prefer our products because they not only give their homes a refreshing change, but also make good conversation starters.” - Suwan Kongkhunthian, designer at Yothaka
“Customers prefer our products because they not only give their homes a refreshing change, but also make good conversation starters.” – Suwan Kongkhunthian, designer at Yothaka

– Galvanii –

Durable galvanized steel is an ideal material for outdoor furniture. Galvanii has the design and cutting-edge technology capable of doing exactly that.


– Hat –

Hat is a group of award-winning designers. The cohort of creative thinkers is widely known for impressive designs of great originality.


– Kenkoon –

Highlights of the Kenkoon booth include an enormous coffee table designed for the outdoors. The table comes wrapped in materials designed to emulate beautiful sedimentary rock formations.



Design // Metchanun Suensilpong and Group
“This table is made of the material that we’ve never used before. You can expect more of new materials from Kenkoon Design in the near future,” Metchanun Suensilpong
“This table is made of the material that we’ve never used before. You can expect more of new materials from Kenkoon Design in the near future,” Metchanun Suensilpong

– BaanchaaN –

A forest of elegant chandeliers and hanging lamp ideas by BaanchaaN is inspired by the beauty of weaving crafts.



– Masaya –

This up and coming brand is making great progress and likely to become even more successful in brass furniture design. Masaya just won a DEmark Award last year.


– Ease –

Ease, an embroidery design studio, has come up with the aptly named, “Silence Collection” for 2017. Its embroidery design acoustic board is the product of collaboration between Ease and Feltech.

Design // Nichepak Torsutkanok and Wanus Choketaweesak
Design // Nichepak Torsutkanok and Wanus Choketaweesak
“I want to bring common patterns in everyday life to the limelight, whether it’s old wallpaper patterns, or curved iron designs, or tile patterns,” Wanus Choketaweesak
“I want to bring common patterns in everyday life to the limelight, whether it’s old wallpaper patterns, or curved iron designs, or tile patterns,” Wanus Choketaweesak

– Plural Designs –

Plural Designs rose to fame with its ingenious modern design. Now the designer has made the brand even more attractive by adding a touch of craftwork to the design.


– Dots Object –

The wooden fixed-gear bicycles on display bespeak the designer’s passion for bicycle riding.

Design // Krit Phutpim

– Deesawat –

Deesawat, one of Thailand’s big names in furniture making, reveals a new lounger with brilliant design. Made for space saving and mobility, the comfortable lounger can fold vertically, pack, and store neatly when not needed.


Design // Kodai Iwamoto
Design // Kodai Iwamoto

– Corner 43 –

Making heads turn at TIFF 2017 are a set of woven chairs by “Salt and Pepper Design Studio X Corner 43.” The eye-catching chairs are made using special weaving techniques. The group also has on display plenty of beautiful pieces inspired by weaving crafts.

Design // Salt and Pepper Design Studio
Design // Salt and Pepper Design Studio



– Bambunique –

Bambunique takes the charm of bamboo into the world of contemporary design. It features new collections including beautifully handcrafted cosmos tables and Tether chairs in pleasing shades that restore glory to bamboo design.


Cosmos table and Tether chairs
Cosmos table and Tether chairs

– Studio 248 –

This young and synergized group has never run short of great ideas. Its showcase this year includes an expandable pendant lamp shade for indoor use, and a wooden folding chair.

Design // Jakkapun Charinratana
Design // Jakkapun Charinratana
“Asked to design a chair for TCDC Commons, I come up with one that is foldable, easy to carry and stack up, but still comfortable enough to sit on,” Jakkapun Charinratana
“Asked to design a chair for TCDC Commons, I come up with one that is foldable, easy to carry and stack up, but still comfortable enough to sit on,” Jakkapun Charinratana

– Ayodhaya –

Ayodhaya’s signature is about using natural materials for their ability to bring out a touch of the Orient. Its products should go well with eco-chic decor.



– Plato –

If you are a big fan of teak wood furniture, the Plato booth is a must-visit.



– Mobella –

Mobella creatively adds a traditional Thai-style ambience to the living room with a comfy modern sofa set. The company also introduces “Mobella Home,” a sister brand, at this year’s show.


“This year we launch “Mobella Home,” a collection of accessories inspired by traditional Thai handcrafted items. Our goal is to show the charm of Asian design to the world,” Anupol Yooyuen, design director at Mobella.
“This year we launch “Mobella Home,” a collection of accessories inspired by traditional Thai handcrafted items. Our goal is to show the charm of Asian design to the world,” Anupol Yooyuen, design director at Mobella.

– Eqologist –

Uniquely designed indoor pendants by Eqologist are made of eco-friendly cassava particles with a bamboo base.

Design // Anon Pairot
Design // Anon Pairot

– ROOM Lab –

ROOM Lab is a group of fun and creative designers. These wall clock designs crafted of wood highlight the brand’s charm and personality.


– Patapian –

Patapian presents fine woodcraft products paired with unique weaving designs. This year the designers introduce two new items — an adjustable wood tray, and a handheld mirror inspired by a snail in motion.

Design // Supattra Kreaksakul and Varongkorn Tienaprmpool
Design // Supattra Kreaksakul and Varongkorn Tienaprmpool
“We love weaving crafts. We are inspired by nature and every little surrounding detail in our daily lives. We try weaving everything, even plastic and brass wire. It feels good when our customers appreciate the stories behind our works of art,” Supattra Kreaksakul
“We love weaving crafts. We are inspired by nature and every little surrounding detail in our daily lives. We try weaving everything, even plastic and brass wire. It feels good when our customers appreciate the stories behind our works of art,” Supattra Kreaksakul



ALIVE by Alex Face

ALIVE by Alex Face

Alex Face is a remarkable Thai street artist. Now, he is revealing the perspective of his art in his latest exhibition, “ALIVE”.

/// Thailand ///
Story: Wuthikorn Suthiapa /// Rewrite – Translate: Osatee Ularangkoon ///  Photos: NathawutPengkamphoo, Wuthikorn Suthiapa



Street art has achieved recognition on the Thai art scene over the past decade. The leading artist in this genre is Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face. He created the three-eyed baby in fluffy bunny outfit character that appeared on the walls across Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin.

While he was an art student, his friends and professors didn’t understand why he kept spraying in public space, and thought it was ridiculous. But Alex Face disagreed. “Street painting is a kind of expression and could draw many audiences,” he said. “If it’s hard for people to engage with art, we should take it to engage with people instead.”

With that idea in mind, Alex Face hit the street with his colorful graffiti and the signature character that was inspired by his daughter. He also met fellow street artists from around the world, got the invitations to work abroad, and became an internationally-renowned street artist.



“I studied art, so I’m interested in all kinds of art,” Alex Face answered when asked about his style of work. “Not only did I graffiti, I’ve also painted, printed and sculpted. I like it all. It depends on which techniques could be compatible with my concepts.” He also said that he set up “ALIVE”, his most recent event, to show his art experience from childhood till now.

“You will see what skills I had practiced, and encounter different kinds of works of art that you’ve never seen before,” he assured.

Alex Face’s ALIVE is taking place at Bangkok CityCity Gallery until February 19, 2017. For more information please visit www.




Sirimongkol: A Spiritual Art Exhibition By Pomme Chan

Sirimongkol: A Spiritual Art Exhibition By Pomme Chan

Bid farewell to 2016 and ring in the New Year with Sirimongkol, an exhibition of works by celebrated illustrator Pomme Chan. The artist got her inspirations from the twelve signs of the Zodiac, which in the Chinese belief system are thought to have profound influences on us humans. The event is on from now until February 12, 2107 at the Jam Factory.

/// Thailand ///



The spiritual art exhibition is appropriately named “Sirimongkol,” which is Thai for good omens or positive energies believed to foretell the future. Pomme Chan’s masterpieces depict the twelve signs representing the constellations that form the imaginary belt of the heavens. To make it easy to appreciate, the exhibition comes in four parts.



The first part consists of illustrated works on canvas depicting the 12 animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Each sign comes accompanied by floral and botanical ornaments that speak to basic character, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses of individuals.




The second part is quite a striking collection. Using hand-drawn techniques on paper, the artist lets red and gold play a prominent role in her contemporary interpretation of the Zodiac signs. Sharp geometric shapes blends well with curves and brush strokes from Chinese calligraphy and other symbols of wealth, success, luck, and power.


The third part is three-dimensional showcasing a futuristic spirit house. The 3D shrine is crafted of clear acrylic sheets illuminated by LED lighting, a collaborative effort between Pomme Chan and interior designer Pruitsatorn Sakulthai. Finally, the fourth part comprises illustrated works printed on 10 porcelain plates and mounted on frames to focus on the meaning of “Sirimongkol” as we know it. May 2017 bring happiness and prosperity to you all.


Exhibition period: Now – February 12, 2017.
Location: The Jam Factory

For more information, visit

About the artist

Pomme Chan is a Thai illustrator based in London. Her feminine style and detailed illustrated works are recognized worldwide. She has been working with various leading brands and magazines, including Marc Jacobs, Nike, Adidas, Volkswagens, and The New York Times. She is moving back in Thailand, where she has a studio of her own.

the play: space drawing By Paramodel

the play: space drawing By Paramodel

the play: space drawing By Paramodel /// A Site-Specific Exhibition /// Thong Lor Art Space

/// Thailand ///
Story: Bundaree D. /// Information: The Japan Foundation, Bangkok

/// Photos:Paramodel, Nattapoom Pongyen

001 paramodelic – graffiti 2012 Tokyo Station Gallery [ Tokyo ] ©paramodel / photo: paramodel
An art exhibition of a unique kind is going on right now from November 26 to December 25 at the Thong Lor Art Space (open everyday from 2pm.-9pm. except Tuesdays and Wednesdays). Organized by The Japan Foundation, Bangkok and Thong Lor Art Space. the site-specific art show will set your imagination on fire.

On view are bewitchingly beautiful works of art by a duo of Japanese artists, known as Paramodel. Showing a slice of their imaginative paradise, the pair plays with their artistic media in a way so fascinating that it is a class of its own. Based on a site-specific concept, the exhibition is so rare it seems paradoxical in the eye of the world.

002 How to make a paramodel. 2012 APT7 Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art [ Brisbane / Australia ] ©paramodel / photo: paramodel
Paramodel has won critical acclaim regionally and internationally. The duo is putting their works of art on display for the first time in Thailand this year. Their works encompass a variety of genres, from photography to sculptures to paintings to videos, most of which involve large-scale installations and unique space utilizations, hence the term site-specific. The duo’s artistic works are known for depicting scenes and various polarities that exist in everyday life. Their signature lies in using familiar media, which they call “toys,” to communicate ideas through artistic compositions. The materials include blue plastic pipes, miniature vehicles, plastic models, and motifs. With these objects and decorative hacks, they create blueprints of paradise whilst underscoring life’s paradoxes. Some of their creations come in three-dimensional graffiti, diorama, drawing, mural, and landscape.


One of the Paramodel duo, Yasuhiko Hayashi will stay in Bangkok for a month, during which he will demonstrate the three-dimensional space concept at the Thonglor Art Space using ordinary media, such as industrial pipes and “Plarails” or pieces of plastic railing.



Their signature materials; namely, pipes and plarails, are intended to create visual impacts, the first thing we look toward in any kind of artistic compositions. For some, Paramodel’s work may look like a construction site. For others, it may symbolize scenes of a paradoxical paradise, or visualizations of our complex social behaviors and relationships with one another. Some may find it interesting in the lead-up to for the Holiday Season. In the shortest word possible, it’s time you set your imagination free. Mark your calendar!



For more information: