Moonler Wood Furniture Adds a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

Moonler Wood Furniture Adds a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

CHIANG MAI / From every aspect an alluring collection of raintree furniture is adding an exciting dimension to the craft landscape of Chiang Mai. Made by the homegrown brand Moonler, every piece tells stories of a pristine natural forest and the superb carpentry indigenous to northern Thailand. Plus, it features stylishness and originality that answers modern lifestyle needs.

Founded in 2008, the Moonler brand originated as a nice little collab between Phuwanat Damrongporn, a civil engineer; and Sarawut Sakthamcharoen, an artist. Together they built a small workshop at Baan Thawai, Chiang Mai, where a rich variety of wood furniture was made from the raintree. The pair of them developed a competitive edge by distinguishing their products from others in the market in both quality and appearance.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

Now, just over a decade on, the small workshop has transformed into a furniture company that ranks among large manufacturers in Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket area. Moonler increases market share through innovation and grows its business by exporting to the global marketplace. Its success is built on experience and networking with distinguished designers both local and international.  

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

Just three years ago Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri, who won acclaim for many creative achievements, joined the company as design director. He first came into contact with Moonler through a state-sponsored cooperation initiative between business and designers. Working jointly, they succeeded in creating a collection of 10 pieces of furniture and home accessories, a move being hailed as the rebranding of Moonler’s present day production trend. Essentially, it’s about adding a new dimension to the handicraft tradition of Chiang Mai.

Moonler’s material of choice is wood from the raintree (Albizia saman) that’s admired for its beautiful colors and ornamental timber similar to that of the walnut. It’s strong yet bendable, which makes it ideal for furniture making. It can be used as a substitute for teakwood that has become increasingly rare nowadays. Plus, it’s easy to find the right width for a project, as opposed to planks from the lumber yard, which are only available in standard sizes. Given that, raintree timber offers a competitive advantage that gives the artist and designer the power of imagination to explore new possibilityies like never before.

Moonler is networking with a new generation of designers in a bid to create products that bespeak contemporary Thainess. This can lead to new meaning being expressed through the visible shape, familiar culture, and the creative works of highly skilled craftsmen. At the end of the day, it’s the aura of specialness in the product that satisfies consumer expectations.

Besides the main manufacturing facility in Chiang Mai, Moonler also has a showroom in Phuket and is planning to open another one in Bangkok soon. Find out more about Moonler products and what’s the latest collection at:

Here’s a glimpse into the latest in Moonler products.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

PHAKA by Ratthee

An ideal relationship in shape, size and proportion, PHAKA is a wooden chair that’s easy on the eyes and convenient to use. It mirrors the rebranding of Moonler products that make the most effective use of clean and simple design. From the seat to the backrest, every part of it is put together seamlessly with no apparent gab between one piece and the next. Plus, it’s access to
quality wood products that give Moonler its competitive advantage.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

PANNA by Ratthee

It’s a table and workbench in one. Like a huge crack on the cliff face, the tabletop is made by joining two flat pieces of timber. By design, the uneven outer parts of the tree trunk are placed against each other to create a gap in the middle that’s used for the installation of electric wiring. PANNA is knock down furniture that’s easy to assemble.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

PEBBLE by Atelier2+

PEBBLE is a wood stool that rests on three legs machined to resemble a natural rock formation. What appears to be work done without method or conscious decision is, in fact, a testament to the power of imagination of a master craftsman. The result is a work of outstanding artistry.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

SALMON by o-d-a

It’s a bench seat made by cutting the entire length of a log into parts. Two pieces are joined lengthwise to make a long seat, while another 8 pieces make the legs. The work gets its inspiration from clean, simple design and the beauty of symmetry. Aptly named SALMON, it’s a robust precision system that combines beautiful wood grain with superb craftsmanship. It’s comparable to the work of a sushi chef who uses a razer-sharp knife to cut raw fish and rolls of cooked rice.

Moonler Wood Furniture: Adding a New Dimension to Chiang Mai Crafts

MESA by Ratthee

MESA is a center table inspired by functional sculpture, in this case a three-dimensional abstract form that doubles as a piece of furniture. The asymmetrical relationship between the members that join together adds an exciting new dimension to the work and conveys a message that nothing in nature is perfect. It’s a flexible form that’s easily modified to respond to different circumstances.

DARAKORN by Ratthee

The first piece created by Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri for Moonler is a freestanding shelving unit designed to showase the beauty of natural wood. The rigid structure enclosing the storage space acts like a picture frame giving special importance to the large wood slap that appears to move away from the vertical axis line.

Company founders: Phuwanat Damrongporn, and Sarawut Sakthamcharoen
Design Director: Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri
Point of contact:
Chiang Mai Factory & Showroom
51 Moo 1, Sumranrath Doi Saket, Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50220
Phuket Showroom
Bypass Biz Town, 156/65 Ratsada, Mueang Phuket, Thailand 83000

Story: MNSD
Photographs courtesy of Moonler

For the design duo Jutamas Buranajade and Piti Amraranga, the power of interest drives learning that culminates in in-depth knowledge of the technique, design and function.

For the design duo Jutamas Buranajade and Piti Amraranga, the power of interest drives learning that culminates in in-depth knowledge of the technique, design and function.

Jutamas Buranajade and Piti Amraranga are designer laureates and founders of the studio “o-d-a”, which is short for “Object Design Alliance”. They’re widely regarded for their original and unique creativeness.

Jutamas, who specializes in product design, is a graduate of Silpakorn University, while Piti did his graphic design degree at the Faculty of Decorative Arts, the same alma mater.

For the design duo, their career is a continuous journey to experience every aspect of art and design. Piti started out as a complete novice in the field of woodworking. But it’s the power of interest that’s led to more effective learning and eventually culminated in in-depth knowledge in the technique, design and function.


Over the years they’ve learned the trade from various master craftsmen including Phisanu Numsiriyothin, who clearly had a good influence on them, Their chief asset lies in the use of the imagination and original ideas that keep everything simple yet attractive.


It’s a subtle approach to keeping a balance between the processing of raw materials and industrial manufacture without sacrificing quality and uniqueness. Along this line of thinking, Jutamas and Piti proudly present the Rush Chair, a collection of woven rush chairs and stools made from green wood.


It’s a design that speaks for the trees, thereby saving them from harm and destruction. Precisely, if a seat can be made out of wooden sticks, then there’s no need to cut down any tree, a win-win situation for both humans and forests.

As Piti put it, “For the most part, designers have a good knowledge of lumber yard timber that’s been sawn into planks or partially prepared for construction. But we think it’s time to change the way we do things. The making of furniture from wooden sticks presents several challenges that must be overcome, ranging from debarking to reducing moisture content in wood.”


 The stick chair with woven seat made of hyacinth fiber from Ayutthaya comes in handy as the prototype of the Rush Chair series. It’s become the inspiration for anyone wanting to try their hand at simple furniture making. Plus, it requires only a few hand tools, while the wooden sticks and rush used in seat weaving vary widely from one area to another. Together, they bring the power of storytelling that adds value to local products.


He said, “We view easy yet stylish furniture making with optimism. Anyone can do his or her own DYI furniture project. It’s a way to self-reliance and taking care of the surroundings. It’s different from commercial furniture, which requires a lot of energy and resources to manufacture. As for Rush Chair, if you make it, you can fix it. One day when it’s not repairable, you can discard it without harming the environment because everything about it is biodegradable.”


Jutamas Buranajade and Piti Amraranga of the o-d-a studio are among subject matter experts being featured in an online course of study titled “A Passion for Woodworking.” It’s part of BaanLaeSuan Classroom,  a collaboration with CEA, or the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization). The program is designed for people interested in woodworking and those looking to acquire basic carpentry skills through furniture making using basic tools and community resources, plus plenty of tips for developing a career in creative business. The show is hosted by Jeremiah Pitakwong, Editor of BaanLaeSuan Magazine. Start learning today at 



SCOPE Promsri Condominium; Feeling Good Living Better World Class Real Estate in the Heart of Sukhumvit

SCOPE Promsri Condominium; Feeling Good Living Better World Class Real Estate in the Heart of Sukhumvit

BANGKOK / Designed to improve the quality of life, SCOPE Promsri sits on a prime residential lot in the heart of Sukhumvit, one of Bangkok’s vibrant cosmopolitan areas. Among its most outstanding features is the integration of the high-end contemporary furniture brand Ligne Roset of France with the overall design of every room and common area. A nexus between well thought-out design, best appliances brands and urban lifestyle conveniences, the 1.35-billion-Baht eight-story condo comes complete with a security system that exceeds standards for residential property management.

SCOPE Promsri

SCOPE Promsri is conveniently situated on Soi Promsri, a prime street that connects with three famous city thoroughfares; namely Soi Prompong (Sukhumvit 39), Soi Klang (Sukhumvit 49), and Soi Thonglor (Sukhunvit 55). The intention is to become a premium residential project capable of providing its residents with a world class service.

SCOPE Promsri

What makes SCOPE Promsri exceptionally good is the overall interior design paired with matching contemporary furniture by Ligne Roset, a high end brand that has been around for more than 160 years. Founded in 1860, Ligne Roset grew from humble beginnings and transformed itself into a successful furnishings outfit with branches across the globe. Over time, modern luxury furniture and decorative accessories have earned the company a reputation as experts in design and innovative manufacturing processes. The secret to its success lies in strict quality control that culminates in unique products that are not only handsome and comfortable, but also a profusion of elegance and value characteristic of French design.

SCOPE Promsri

Yongyuth Chaipromprasith is creative expert in real estate development and CEO of the SCOPE Co, Ltd, which specializes in homes at the international premium level. He said: “We commit ourselves to providing quality and innovative design that has been our signature from day one. Every project that we’ve accomplished are the product of collaborations between us and other experts in the field, including world famous brands. When it comes to home furnishings, it’s not about selecting products from catalogs. Rather, it’s an act of working with others who have comprehensive knowledge and skill in a bid to create products that are evidence of quality and best express our ideas.”

SCOPE Promsri

By this is meant that SCOPE Promsri places great emphasis on the individual’s privacy and freedom from being disturbed by others. Hence, there are only two business units, compared to 146 residential condominium units on the premises. First and foremost, it’s designed to raise the quality of life and improve safety for the project’s residents. This is evident in the installation of water sprinklers in the ceiling of every room, despite it not being required by law governing eight-story buildings.

That’s not all. At SCOPE Promsri every condominium comes complete with modern conveniences and household appliances that comply with standards. They include electrical kitchen appliances by the MIELE brand of Germany, plus built-in combinations consisting of a microwave oven, induction cook top, kitchen exhaust fan, and built-in Liebherr brand refrigerator, as well as wall-mounted washlets by Kohler, Germany.

SCOPE Promsri

Apart from the full complement of world class equipment, every condo unit receives a great deal on decoration known as “Promsri Edition Fully Furnished Package”, an 890,000-Baht value that includes, among other things, a Prado sofa by Christian Werner. Customers are allowed to choose more than one color for the sofa. Plus, there’s a special edition table code named “Promsri Table”, which is manufactured exclusively by Ligne Roset for this project only. And that’s not all. The list also includes a built-in console that comes with a 75-inch TV set, bed with headboard decorating ideas and mattress by Simmons, the world class brand that’s used by six star hotels across the globe.

SCOPE Promsri

Strictly speaking, the Promsri Edition is more than just a list of household equipment or furniture. Rather, it opens the door to a new lifestyle evolving around feeling good and living better ideas. It’s about nurturing quality thoughts that culminate in good design for homes at the international premium level.

Yongyuth added: “SCOPE Promsri has invested a lot of money to create a good first impression with the project’s exterior design. But the quality that pleases the aesthetic senses alone isn’t enough. That’s why we also place great emphasis on long term durability and ease of maintenance. This is evident in the use of reflective glass acoustic film that not only protects resident privacy, but also reduces heat transfer from outside, thereby saving on energy consumption. Plus, it doubles as sound barrier that reduces street noise by as much as 30%, a feature that’s further enhanced by motorized blackout blinds for added indoor thermal comfort. It’s designed to achieve total darkness in the room, especially for customers in the young international premium group who requires the highest quality of rest. This is particularly important for the so-called work-hard, high-income group.”

“SCOPE gives good living conditions the highest priority. For this reason, it provides a variety of services including safe transport of food items and cleaning service. It’s a luxury condo that not only allows pets, but also is truly pet friendly. By enforcing carefully thought-out rules and regulations, it ensures that pet owners and non-pet owners can live together in harmony.”

SCOPE PromsriSCOPE Promsri SCOPE Promsri

SCOPE Promsri condos complete with the “Promsri Edition Fully Furnished Package” are on sale now for 6.3 million Baht apiece. The scheduled finish date is around November 2022. Unit reservation has begun as of 12 March 2021. Register now at

SCOPE Promsri

Sneak Preview of the BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021; A Show on the Theme of “Open Culture”

Sneak Preview of the BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021; A Show on the Theme of “Open Culture”

Happening now… The BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021. It’s an opportunity not to be missed whether you’re a savvy shopper, pet lover, green thumb, design aficionado, or just looking for a hangout to keep in touch. The show on the theme of “Open Culture” is happening from 17 to 21 March at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, or BITEC Bang-Na. Essentially, it’s about keeping an open mind, caring and sharing good designs vital for the betterment of society.

Register here to attend:

“Open Culture” is a design trend that’s aimed primarily at achieving a better quality of life. It’s concerned with things we do every day, from creating a design that’s friendly to the environment, to implementing green and sustainable initiatives that can ignite innovation. It opens the door to new possibilities where designers and people in the community work together to arrive at a solution that can ultimately benefit the people and society at large. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s BaanLaeSuan Fair Select.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

“Open Books”, BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing Zone

The BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing Zone features prominently as a large bookstore in the exhibition. Be spoilt for choice when it comes to an enormous richness of publications on homes and gardens, plus new releases issued for viewing and great photography locations. There are plenty of ideas and inspirations for do-it-yourself projects, from growing roses to building your own nursery, to creating multifunctional spaces at home and post-retirement agricultural activity.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

Whilst there, stop to browse around the bookstore, or take a moment to enjoy a good read sipping coffee at a café ensconced among beautiful roses. That’s not all. BaanLaeSuan Classroom is also giving classes on popular subjects, including how to grow cactuses from seeds and preparing garden soil for growing roses. If roses are your thing, drop by one of these classes at Hall 101.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

“Open Culture”, The Main Entryway

Here’s the main entrance to the show on the theme of “Open Culture”. Elsewhere, different exhibition zones are marked by different archways. Each of them is designed to be easily recognized and communicate the idea about what’s on display. If you’re looking for plants and decorative items for the garden, look for Hall 98 whose entrance is aptly adorned with healthy green foliage.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

“Open Playground”, BaanLaeSuan Pets Zone

The BaanLaeSuan Pets Zone is a playground for pet lovers. It’s an area for your pet cats and dogs to play in. Whilst there, take a moment to attend workshops organized by BaanLaeSuan Classroom. They include lessons in hand embroidery by Leerapat Kasantikul, and practical exhibitions of how collars, leashes and toy balls for cats and dogs are made. It’s also a place to shop snacks and household articles, plus cat, dog and puppy toys. Carefully selected retailers in are on hand to please every pet person. Feeling tired? Sit down for beautiful relaxing music and give your canine or feline friends a treat. It’s happening at Hall 99.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

“Open Garden”, the Garden of Ideas

The Garden of Ideas Zone at BaanLaeSuan Fair Select has typically focused on the defining spirit or mood of a particular period. This time around, we feel the whole world is concerned about the future the environment and there’s an intense longing for a return to nature. That said, the concept of “Natural Climate” comes in handy to convey ideas about natural growth. Because plants grow differently depending on the surroundings and trends at any given time, we think it appropriate to present four different types of landscaping in the exhibition. Meantime, BaanLaeSuan Classroom is also giving classes on picture painting with watercolors using materials from nature. Stop by for ideas for growing:

1. Desert Plants
2. Edible Gardens
3. Wetland Plants
4. Exotic Plants

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021 BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

“Open Space”, room Magazine Showcase

Discover, connect, and keep yourself updated of developments in design, space utilization, furniture, and home decorations the moment you come in through the main entryway at Hall 101. Here, the concept of “Open Space” is featured prominently to call your attention to how spaces can be made to serve a variety of functions, from a rest area to common area and workspace that makes a good first impression. The semi-outdoor design gives a sense of openness and connectivity reminiscent of a home and corridor restaurant that’s comfortable, exotic and warm.

The room Magazine Showcase is the coming together of a bookstore, café, and music, plus an exhibition on the concept of Betterism, which essentially is about good design for better society. Here, custom products by groups of individuals as well as private and government sectors are on display. They include bamboo furniture that’s the product of a collaboration between BaanLaeSuan and Mae Jaem Model Plus, a social enterprise. In essence, it’s about increasing production at community levels.

BaanLaeSuan Fair Select 2021

Chang Green Oasis

Tired from too much walking? Why not sit down and relax at Chang Green Oasis? Decorated with gorgeous greenery, it’s a rest area designed to accommodate exhibition goers. You will love live music. Plus, there are plenty of refreshing drinks to satisfy every thirst, including Asian Blend coffee. Give it a try.

Story:  Sarayut Sreetip-ard, Special Activity, BaanLaeSuan Magazine
Photo: Soopakorn Srisakul, Nuntiya

Singapore’s Largest Forest Town in the Making

Singapore’s Largest Forest Town in the Making

SINGAPORE / An eco-smart city promising 42,000 new homes is poised to become the largest evergreen forest town in Singapore with the move-in date set for 2023.

Tengah the Forest Town

Designed to reduce CO2 gases that trap heat and drive extreme weather, the eco-friendly city plan features cutting-edge technologies, including water and electricity conservation features, plus an automated, enclosed waste collection system.

Revolving around the slogan “At home with nature”, the development project comprises five residential districts with plenty of gardens laid out for public enjoyment and recreation across 7 square kilometers of land. Plus, it’s a relatively short distance from water catchment areas and nature reserves.

The eco-city of Tengah, dubbed Singapore’s Forest Town, is located on what was formerly military training grounds and home to brick factories in the island’s western region.

Tengah the Forest Town

For many people, the massive project evokes fun memories of city-building video games, but this is a real-life future city master plan ever undertaken by the Singapore Housing and Development Board to create new homes, workplace and public spaces set amid safe and sustainable surroundings.

To reduce greenhouse gases, solar power and other forms of clean energy will be integrated with the comprehensive plan to keep the city cool and reduce the need for air conditioning.

Other low-impact measures in preparation include making the city center a car-free zone and the promotion of green commuting by providing safe bicycle track systems and easy access to public transportation, namely the MRT Jurong Regional Line and bus services.

Scheduled for opening in 2023, the Forest Town of Tengah will become the 24th residential project undertaken by HDB since World War II.

Tengah the Forest Town


Singapore Housing & Development Board (HDB):



Image: Housing & Development Board (HDB) 

New Forest Park the Pride of Bangkok

New Forest Park the Pride of Bangkok

BANGKOK / As many probably already know, Fort Canning Park is one of Singapore’s largest public parks. It features nine historic gardens that are part of the “garden city” vision introduced in the mid-1990’s. Do you know that in the near future, upon completion of Phases 2 and 3 of the Benjakitti Park expansion project, Bangkok will join the ranks of ASEAN capitals with vast networks of parks to preserve local ecosystems. It represents an important step forward to increase the quality of life for many residents as well as visitors.

Bajakitti Forest Park
A graphic rendition of Benjakitti Forest Park, a future urban e cosystem in the heart of Bangkok.

Opened in 1994, Benjakitti Park underwent the first phase of renovations in 2016 on an area of 61 rai. Phases 2 and 3, which include an expansion and landscape improvements, are currently progressing on schedule. The new, updated Benjakitti Park extends over an area of 259 rai that originally was home to a tobacco manufacturing facility. Costing 652 million baht to build, the monumental forest park project is a joint enterprise involving the Finance Ministry Treasury Department, the Royal Thai Army, and the Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts, which is responsible for design.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

The urban forest project will provide a new ecosystem that supports the quality of life in the city. It’s designed to give rise to a biological community that depends on an intricate network of water channels, which in turn is crucial to the growth of trees and shrubbery and habitats for many animal species.

Like a super absorbent sponge, the park’s unpaved grounds are capable of soaking up in excess of 128,000 cubic meters of storm water during the rainy season. Plus, it doubles as a treatment plant that produces as much as 1,600 cubic meters of treated water per day. The existing trees, 1,733 in all, have been preserved. To create a pristine forest landscape, they plan on adding a variety of native tree species, among them Lumpae (Sonneratia caseolaris), Lumpoon (Sonneratia ovate), Kheelek (Senna siamea), Sadao (Neem), Bodhi or sacred figs (Ficus religiosa), Banyan trees, Yangna (Dipterocarpus alatus), and Takhian (Hopea odorata). 

Bajakitti Forest Park
A graphic rendition of Benjakitti Forest Park, a future urban e cosystem in the heart of Bangkok.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

That’s not all. Currently plans are afoot to connect Benjakitti Forest Park with a trade show pavilion and three nearby museums; namely the old tobacco factory building, an urban forest life museum, and a museum in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother. There will also be demonstration rice paddy fields for kids, plus bike trails and a skywalk system connecting to Lumpini Park, a landmark public green space in Pathumwan District.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

The forest park project will bring benefits to not only the city and its people, but also healthy habitats for many animals. It provides temporary refuge to migratory bird species, a place for physical activity, and room for our children to spend more time outdoors. Most importantly, it removes pollutants and gives us clean air to breathe.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

Benjakitti Forest Park will be open to the public in phases, the first of which is scheduled for the 12th of August this year. Access to the entire project will open around February 2022.

Source: Facebook / Army PR Centerสวนป่า-เบญจกิติ/

Images:  Facebook / Army PR Center

Hightlights of the Baanlaesuan Fair 2020

Hightlights of the Baanlaesuan Fair 2020

Baanlaesuan Fair 2020 / October 30 – November 8

Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani

The Baanlaesuan Fair 2020 is happening now until November 8 at Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. It’s a show on the theme of man and the natural world, and a journey back in time to our humble beginnings when early humans were cave dwellers. Interestingly, the concept of living inside confined physical spaces has come a long way before it became a home as we know it. Hence, the theme of this year’s show is “Origin: Let Nature Permeate”. It’s a show for people who love living with nature, with tips on how to lessen the impact on the natural environment.

Plenty of ideas to help make the world a better place, including reuse, recycling and repurposing resource material for a different purpose. If you’re planning on switching to a natural lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some highlights of the 2020 Edition of Baanlaesuan Fair.


Entryway Ideas

The main entrance to the show is inspired by nature. Eco-friendly design sends a message that the best beauty in the world is the beauty of nature. The passageway is lined by green plants, rocks and hedges reminiscent of a wild animal’s habitation. Just the sight of it conjures up images of caving vacations and spelunking trips. Emulating the pattern of nature, the imaginary cavern comes alive as visitors arrive at the exhibition hall.


Inspiring Show House

This year’s Show House is designed around the history of human habitation. Hence, the simple and beautiful theme called, “Origin: Let Nature Permeate”. The idea is to live with and according to nature because that’s what we have been designed to do.

The house-in-the-woods design fits beautifully in its natural surroundings. Like the Thai house in former times, the building is divided into parts, each oriented in a way that allows the trees on the site to be preserved. The result is an organic house that’s passively cooled house, inspired by nature, and built of locally available materials, such as bamboo structures and rammed earth walls.

To give information on innate beauty design, the Book House by Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing is located nearby, plus a coffee shop, activity zone, and rest area with soothing music. Here, experts from Baanlaesuan Magazine are on hand to give advice on construction, decorating and repair. And if you’re planning on buying a home, representatives from Kasikorn Bank are readily available at the show.


Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing Group

Apart from books on house and garden design, plants and agriculture, the Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing Group also runs a promotional campaign for people devoted to reading. While there, drop into the Baanlaesuan Concept Store to reap the benefits of this special offer and take a moment to explore container gardens on show. Plenty of great ideas to take home.

Meantime, a team of plant pathologists are also on hand to give advice on diseases and treatments. If you’re interested in aquatic life, stop by the Aquascaping Contest 2020 nearby. More than 20 terrariums in which water plants are grown are on show. Cast your vote for the best in show.


room Magazine

Once again, room Magazine reiterated the points made in its earlier exhibition. The concept of Betterism: “Good Design for a Better World” was first introduced at the Thailand Sustainability Expo 2020 last October at Siam Mitrtown and has received widespread attention in recent weeks.

At the core is the idea of sustainable design that seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment by using resource material again for a different purpose. The extent of reuse and repurposing is illustrated by the woven bamboo panels as decorative wall coverings for an entire façade. The exhibition also offers a forum for visitors to discover new ideas for better homes and gardens. Plus, there’s a coffee corner, rest area, and book store with many special promotions.


Baanlaesuan Pets

Dogs and cats leave paw prints on your heart. That’s why Baanlaesuan Pets have always been an essential part of the show, this year included. For highlights, pet lovers simply can’t miss Catio, a contraction for cat and patio. It’s an exhibition with handy hints about European interior design and outside walkway ideas for cats. A protected outdoor patio offers many benefits, including keeping your feline companions from going astray.

If you’re in the area, stop by my home Workshop Space for craft mini-lessons. There are plenty of creative ideas for pet owners, from DIY cat toys to adorable little things for your pets. It’s on  Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 15.00 hours.


Show Gardens: From the Sea to the Hills

The Show Garden at this year’s Baanlaesuan Fair pays particular attention to natural change in the environment. Having observed differences in the physical surroundings, a team of landscape architects come up with a show garden called “From the Sea to the Hills”. The exhibition is divided into four zones.

First, the Seaside Garden is rich in plant species that evoke pleasant memories of a coastal region. It gives advice on choosing plants for drought tolerant gardens.

Next, there’s the Woodland Edge Garden, which is filled with large trees, ferns and mosses lining a narrow passage way.

The forest trail leads to a higher ground that’s home to the Foothill Garden. Here, you begin to hear the sounds of a waterfall cascading down a cliff face to a lush forest below.

Finally, you come before The Tree of Life. It’s the scene of a lush green garden on a foggy rainy day designed to arouse a feeling of curiosity as if you were standing to the mountain top. Together, they send a strong message that life is a journey, and that the best beauty in the world is the beauty of nature. We hope you enjoy the show.


Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019
On Living Transformed

Though it seems the world is turning faster and everything changes, the past will continue to influence the present. The same applies to design innovation and technology that are changing how we live and making our life better. Together, they bring advantages to life in ways you never imagined!

“Living Transformed” is the theme of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019 that’s happening from 18 to 27 October at Challenger Halls 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani. It’s a show about living improvements you want to see in the world, from the choice of building materials to the combination of knowledge and method. It’s about you! There are plenty of creative new ideas to make use of what you already have and transform it to best answer your specific lifestyle needs.

More than 1,000 retail businesses and exhibitors are participating. To give you an idea, here are some highlights of the Yearend Edition of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019. Don’t miss out. Put this on your calendar!

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Main Entrance

The gate that allows access to the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019 is an archway inspired by curved symmetrical stone structures belonging to the ancient past. Only this time the main entrance is made of expanded steel sheets, which are easy to find and used extensively as fabricating material. The mesh-like steel sheets can be folded many times over to create an interesting dimension. Parts of the arched structure are built of brick to communicate historical value and storytelling power.


Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing

Japanese gardens are very popular nowadays. Many people are attracted by them and keen to find out more about their wellness benefits. To satisfy your curiosity, BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing presents Japanese gardens with nice detailing in a special show called “Garden of Ideas”.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019 Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The exhibit showcases ideas for creating a Zen rock garden, modern Japanese garden with a tea corner, the art of growing ornamental bonsai, as well as stone lanterns and granite water basins. The design has been adapted to best suit the environment in Thailand but still retains distinctive Japanese character. Plenty of goods to be bought and sold if you are into Japanese gardens!

Whilst there, drop into one of the workshops offered by leading landscape architects and talk with some of the growers that have appeared in our magazines. Meantime, plenty of new books and other publications are available at special prices this time only. For more exciting activities, follow us at FB: The Book House, a division of BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing.

my home

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The magazine’s contribution to this year’s BaanLaeSuan Fair is a “Multifunctional Space” capable of having or fulfilling several purposes. Besides the innovatively designed multi-use room, “my home” also presents new ideas to tidy up laundry room at the rear of the house, as well as playground for kids and fun family room for art and craft. Whilst there, drop into one of “my home” workshops and get an update on new books and other publications at The Book House, a division of BaanLaeSuan Printing and Publishing.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Show House

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

As time passes, we look back and realize things will never be the same again. It raises a question about the essence of our being and what we can do to live a fulfilling life. The first thing that springs to mind is a vision of the home in which we live.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019 Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Show House at this year’s BaanLaeSuan Fair represents a new concept in residential design. Appropriately named “Living Transformed”, the exhibit is about findings ways to thrive in the midst of change. The house depicts a confluence of ideas about turning old stuff into cool new things. It’s a visible form of our being, our interactions and coexistence with the natural environment.

Here, home is redefined as a place where the old and new meet. As things change, people learn to improve what they have or adapt it for use in a new purpose. Through innovative design, they are able to breathe new life into old stuff, making their home beautiful again.

room CUBE

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Public Space, an exhibit by “room” magazine, is located at the heart of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019. It’s an open space designed to encourage dialog and welcome everyone in the community. Based on the “Living Transformed” concept, the main idea is about connecting people to people through ongoing social interactions and mixed-use planning.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The “room” showcase consists of a café, bookstore and movie room that blend together beautifully into one public square. It’s a design that conforms with human behavior in modern day society. Members of the public are free to enter, play or use the “cubes” any way they want. The symmetrical three-dimensional objects are scattered throughout the public space.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Show Garden

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The Show Garden is no doubt the BaanLaeSuan Fair’s main attraction. Aptly named “Living Transformed Garden”, the exhibit is the brainchild of Warawut Kaewsuk, a well-known landscape architect who has collaborated with BaanLaeSuan Fair several times in the past.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019 Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

The show is about living in close touch with the natural environment. The fact is everything changes, even the things you have in your garden. Over time, people come up with creative new ideas to improve or transform them to serve new purposes. It’s something that happens all the time because everything flows and nothing stands still. There are lots of things in the garden that people can fix to give their home a fresh start and make it a great place to live.

Pet Friendly Zone

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

A new addition to the BaanLaeSuan Fair, the Pet Friendly Zone is designed to be exactly that – a rendezvous for pet lovers. It’s a garden filled with plant species that are safe for your pets, allowing them to play and socialize. A cool and restful place, the pet zone is located near a café and a bookstore, so you can sit down for a cup of coffee and enjoy a good read. Plenty of good books are offered at special prices this time only.

Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019Highlights of the BaanLaeSuan Fair 2019

Plants Contest

The Plants Contest zone presents five categories of competition; cactuses, succulents, orchids, best plants for colorful foliage, and bonsai. Coming in from all parts of the country, they are reasons that illuminate the relationship between people and the art of gardening. Don’t miss out.

The above are outstanding parts of this year’s BaanLaeSuan Fair. “Living Transformed” is the name of the show. Make yourself available from 18 to 27 October, 2019. See you at Challenger Halls 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani.


Southeast Asia on Average Scores Poorly in Environmental Sustainability

Southeast Asia on Average Scores Poorly in Environmental Sustainability

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019 published by the World Economic Forum shows the ASEAN collectively scores 3.8 out of 7 on factors that contribute to the environmental sustainability of the T&T industry. In spite of that, the Region has an advantage over North Africa in price competitiveness.


Java Island, Indonesia / Photo: Zak Noyle, Foundation for Deep Ecology

All things considered, Singapore is ranked number 17 in the world. Malaysia comes in at 29, Thailand 31, Indonesia 40, and Vietnam 63. Brunei Darussalam ranks number 72, and the Philippines 75 while Lao PDR and Cambodia take number 97 and 98, respectively. Myanmar is not analyzed in the 140- country/economy report. Interesting results:

Environmental Sustainability, and Natural Resources

Individually Thailand, Indonesia, Lao PDR, and Cambodia score lower than the regional average of 3.8 on factors contributing to the sustainable development of the T&T sector. Interestingly Thailand gains 4.8 in natural resources management, outscoring the global average after its decision to close the famous Maya Bay to allow coral restoration and marine life recovery in the Phi Phi Islands National Park.

Mekong River in Laos / Photo: Raymond Richards

Air Transport Infrastructure, and Human Resources

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also outscore the global average in air transport infrastructure, and human resources/labor market. However, there’s still room for improvement in their ground and port infrastructure.

Business Environment, Safety and Security, Health and Hygiene

Cambodia fares badly in world average rankings, especially in infrastructure and factors contributing to the business environment, safety and security, as well as health and hygiene.

Plastic Pollution in Myanmar / Photo: Stijn Dijkstra

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report provides a valuable tool for policy-makers and businesses to anticipate emerging trends in global T&T industry. For the ASEAN Region, it’s a key engine of growth. The role of tourism is obvious in the Thai economy. The country saw a record 38.3 million tourists in 2018, up 7.5% from 2017. Another 41 million visitors are expected in 2019. Meantime, a Mastercard survey placed Bangkok number one city on the Global Destination Cities Index for the third time in 2018.

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The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now

Happening Now!

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now. Make yourself available and let’s go shopping! The premium international lifestyle trade show is promoting countless products and services contributing to the consumer’s way of life. While there, take the opportunity to attend a seminar on many interesting business topics. Want to succeed in business! Learn creative new ideas from business gurus. It’s free.

The show is a major confluence of ideas and lifestyle brands from across Asia. They include, among other things, gifts and souvenirs as well as home decorating items and lifestyle products from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea. It’s happening now on 21-23 August at Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na. Shop before it’s gone!

Some of the highlights you shouldn’t miss.

King Jim (HK) Co., Ltd. (Booth F-40) from Hong Kong


“KITTA Masking Tape” is available in a variety of widths and colors. Ready for use, it can be conveniently stored in card holders inside business planners. Have fun decorating your diary and business planner any way you like.


Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Booth G-16) from South Korea


“Shampoo” that’s rich in naturally derived proteins and the pH balance to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Thai Soojung Glass Co., Ltd. (Booths: H-26, H-28, J-25, J-27) Thailand


A leading glassware manufacturer that strives to improve its products, achieve the highest quality, and answer consumer lifestyle needs. Articles made from glass are preferred for their ability to withstand stains caused by contact with oil, grease and odors.

Dongguan Xinjin Gift Co., Ltd. (Booth: 9G-14) from China


It’s your style! Customize your handbag, accessories and keychains with small ornaments that have the power to delight and arouse admiration.


Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari San Tic As (Booth B-20) from Turkey


“Salt and Pepper Grinder Set” brings an exciting experience to the dining table. Made of safe and food friendly materials, it’s durable, scratch resistant, and suitable for everyday use.

Seize the moment! Take full advantage of the opportunity by attending a seminar given by well-known business gurus at the show. There are plenty of interesting topics to excite your curiosity. Here is the list of events.


22 August 2019

10.30-11.30:  Topic B1: Lifestyle trends 2020: Sourcing the right products for your customers

11:30-12:30:  Topic B2: Success factors for Thai retailers in the Digital Era

13.00-14.00:  Topic B3: Miracle marketing: Invest a small amount earning million

15.00-16.00:  Topic B5: Drive business and accelerate growth along with Big C

23 August 2019

10.30-11.30:  Topic C1: Know the trends of E-commerce 2020

11.30-12.30:  Topic C2: Make million through content creation

13.00-14.00:  Topic C3 “Feng Shui” the auspicious directions for wealth, and “Wu Ching” the help to succeed in business

Find out more at:

A new trade expo that opens the door to business opportunities in Asia. It’s for you!

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Free Seminar! You Shouldn’t Miss. Ideas to make your “millions” from business gurus at the Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019