The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019 published by the World Economic Forum shows the ASEAN collectively scores 3.8 out of 7 on factors that contribute to the environmental sustainability of the T&T industry. In spite of that, the Region has an advantage over North Africa in price competitiveness.


Java Island, Indonesia / Photo: Zak Noyle, Foundation for Deep Ecology

All things considered, Singapore is ranked number 17 in the world. Malaysia comes in at 29, Thailand 31, Indonesia 40, and Vietnam 63. Brunei Darussalam ranks number 72, and the Philippines 75 while Lao PDR and Cambodia take number 97 and 98, respectively. Myanmar is not analyzed in the 140- country/economy report. Interesting results:

Environmental Sustainability, and Natural Resources

Individually Thailand, Indonesia, Lao PDR, and Cambodia score lower than the regional average of 3.8 on factors contributing to the sustainable development of the T&T sector. Interestingly Thailand gains 4.8 in natural resources management, outscoring the global average after its decision to close the famous Maya Bay to allow coral restoration and marine life recovery in the Phi Phi Islands National Park.

Mekong River in Laos / Photo: Raymond Richards

Air Transport Infrastructure, and Human Resources

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also outscore the global average in air transport infrastructure, and human resources/labor market. However, there’s still room for improvement in their ground and port infrastructure.

Business Environment, Safety and Security, Health and Hygiene

Cambodia fares badly in world average rankings, especially in infrastructure and factors contributing to the business environment, safety and security, as well as health and hygiene.

Plastic Pollution in Myanmar / Photo: Stijn Dijkstra

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report provides a valuable tool for policy-makers and businesses to anticipate emerging trends in global T&T industry. For the ASEAN Region, it’s a key engine of growth. The role of tourism is obvious in the Thai economy. The country saw a record 38.3 million tourists in 2018, up 7.5% from 2017. Another 41 million visitors are expected in 2019. Meantime, a Mastercard survey placed Bangkok number one city on the Global Destination Cities Index for the third time in 2018.

Find out more at:


“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

Once you get to know it better, you will find Pattani is really quite interesting. A design week aptly named “Pattani Decoded” took place from 29 August to 1 September 2019. Living ASEAN is on location to file this report.


Story: Samutcha Viraporn / Photo: Sitthisak Namkham, Samutcha Viraporn

“Pattani Decoded” is the perfect example of an esprit de corps among the city’s handpicked architects, designers and people in the community. It celebrates the richness of diverse cultural heritage and history that gives this southern town its character.

The show transforms the streets of Pattani into an outdoor gallery featuring design and architectural masterpieces. They rekindle old memories from the time of King Rama III to the Japanese invasion of Thailand during World War II and important events in recent history. The cool places to visit are on Pattanipirom, Anoaru, and Ruedi raods in Pattani Old Town, a melting pot where peoples of Thai, Chinese, and Malay descent are mixed together.

The Old Town that’s the historic heart of Pattani is alive and well today. People use their artistic abilities and creativity to liven up buildings and improve their neighborhoods. They give locals and tourists hope for the future. Favorite things to do include a journey on foot through the Old Town, a boat ride on the Pattani River, and a visit to the official residence of the first governor of Pattani.

The highlight event is an exhibition by a group called “Pattani Art Space”. Meantime, art enthusiasts have the opportunity of meeting up with luminaries such as Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Boonserm Premthada, and Saran Yen Panya. More fun events include an architectural design competition, Chef Table demos by famous restaurants, retail businesses, live music as well as workshops on shoemaking from waste materials by Tlejourn, Lepus fabric making by Benjametha, and discussions on great works of literature.

Why called it “Pattani Decoded”? Rachit Radenahmad, leader of the organizer group “Melayu Living”, replied: “We want locals to know that design is something close at hand, something within their reach. Meantime, this land abounds with good things. Going forward, people need to mix design with their beautiful cultural heritage. In so doing, they convert coded messages into intelligible language.

“We manage to get locals to participate in showcasing their homes or other places of residence. People are energized by the idea, and the show draws the biggest response both in Pattani and nearby provinces. We have so many good things here that people sometimes take for granted. The region may be known for violence, but art is always in the heart of everyone. That’s the message we are sending to the world outside.”

By all accounts it’s a well-thought-out design festival despite certain limitations. The show is giving talented architects, designers and students a chance to showcase the beauty, charm and adventure of Pattani to the world outside. At the end of the day, it’s about getting people to change their point of view, visit the historic southern town, and come away impressed.

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now

Happening Now!

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is happening now. Make yourself available and let’s go shopping! The premium international lifestyle trade show is promoting countless products and services contributing to the consumer’s way of life. While there, take the opportunity to attend a seminar on many interesting business topics. Want to succeed in business! Learn creative new ideas from business gurus. It’s free.

The show is a major confluence of ideas and lifestyle brands from across Asia. They include, among other things, gifts and souvenirs as well as home decorating items and lifestyle products from Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey, and South Korea. It’s happening now on 21-23 August at Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na. Shop before it’s gone!

Some of the highlights you shouldn’t miss.

King Jim (HK) Co., Ltd. (Booth F-40) from Hong Kong


“KITTA Masking Tape” is available in a variety of widths and colors. Ready for use, it can be conveniently stored in card holders inside business planners. Have fun decorating your diary and business planner any way you like.


Kirin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Booth G-16) from South Korea


“Shampoo” that’s rich in naturally derived proteins and the pH balance to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Thai Soojung Glass Co., Ltd. (Booths: H-26, H-28, J-25, J-27) Thailand


A leading glassware manufacturer that strives to improve its products, achieve the highest quality, and answer consumer lifestyle needs. Articles made from glass are preferred for their ability to withstand stains caused by contact with oil, grease and odors.

Dongguan Xinjin Gift Co., Ltd. (Booth: 9G-14) from China


It’s your style! Customize your handbag, accessories and keychains with small ornaments that have the power to delight and arouse admiration.


Mercanlar Mutfak Esyalari San Tic As (Booth B-20) from Turkey


“Salt and Pepper Grinder Set” brings an exciting experience to the dining table. Made of safe and food friendly materials, it’s durable, scratch resistant, and suitable for everyday use.

Seize the moment! Take full advantage of the opportunity by attending a seminar given by well-known business gurus at the show. There are plenty of interesting topics to excite your curiosity. Here is the list of events.


22 August 2019

10.30-11.30:  Topic B1: Lifestyle trends 2020: Sourcing the right products for your customers

11:30-12:30:  Topic B2: Success factors for Thai retailers in the Digital Era

13.00-14.00:  Topic B3: Miracle marketing: Invest a small amount earning million

15.00-16.00:  Topic B5: Drive business and accelerate growth along with Big C

23 August 2019

10.30-11.30:  Topic C1: Know the trends of E-commerce 2020

11.30-12.30:  Topic C2: Make million through content creation

13.00-14.00:  Topic C3 “Feng Shui” the auspicious directions for wealth, and “Wu Ching” the help to succeed in business

Find out more at:

A new trade expo that opens the door to business opportunities in Asia. It’s for you!

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Free Seminar! You Shouldn’t Miss. Ideas to make your “millions” from business gurus at the Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019  






Want to make your millions?
Learn from business gurus at Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019

21-23 August 2019 at BITEC Bang Na

Starting a successful business isn’t really a big mystery. First things first, search the information that widens your knowledge and understanding of how a company works. Stay ready to act. Be on the alert for change and adapt to new circumstances. That’s enough to ensure your business success is within reach.

In the previous article, we presented information about the Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019, in which more than 500 exhibitors across Asia will participate from 21 to 23 August at Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na. More detail can be found at

The Expo offers a series of seminars on exciting topics that we don’t want you to miss. They are handpicked to help you discover new knowledge and be prepared to deal with future challenges. It’s a rare opportunity for many influential business gurus to gather together in one place for a common purpose. In other words, plenty of information to share with you!

Date: 21 August 2019

  • Time: 11.15 – 12.15
    Topic: Partnership with Giant: China Opportunities
    By: Miss Sirinada Preechavidhayakul
    Strongwave Co., Ltd. & Brand Manager Senada

Capture the critical success factors of fashion branding in China market. Meet the new generation management of SENADA; the leading Thai fashion brand, which firmly expands into the Chinese Upper Market. Understand the opportunity and threat of branding in China, partnership with distribution, and market-oriented design strategy.

  • Time: 13.00 – 14.00 hrs.
    Topic: Online Marketing Genius
    By: Dr. Ake Pattaratanakul,
    Professor, Marketing and Branding Chulalongkorn University

Online Branding is the key to ensure customer loyalty, gain market share in the highly competitive e-commerce arena. The branding guru makes you understand how to strengthen your brand by the synergy of online and offline. Be inspired by marketing for the future.

  • Time: 14.00 – 16.00 hrs.
    Topic: Overview of Global Lifestyle Industry
    By: Jirabool Vittayasing
    President of the Thai Gift Premiums & Decorative Association and Secretary-General of the Thai Lifestyle Products Federation Secretary-general of the Federation of Thai Lifestyle Products

How the Thai lifestyle industry has adapted to change amidst intense competition in the world marketplace. Countless online apps let people buy and sell and their fingertips. Now, where do we go from here to survive?

  • Time: 16.15 – 17.15 hrs.
    Topic: Make a Million with One Mobile
    By: Lecturer Mr. Cheeptham Kumvised
    PR, Writer, Blogger, Social Media for PR lecturer, Youtube Creator, Founder of, Board of committee for technology communication of tourism authority of Thailand

Money made easy through M-Commerce. Bring your phone and join us at the seminar. Listen to Guru who influence top Thailand key success people both in private and public sectors.


Date: 22 August 2019

  • Time: 10.30 – 11.30 hrs.
    Topic: Lifestyle Trend 2020: Sourcing the Right Product
    By: Wiwat Hirunpruk & Mr. Pradit Ratanawijitrasilp,
    Design Trend Expert & Fashion Marketing Lecturer at Chulalongkorn University

Make topnotch lifestyle products Sustain your decision by knowing forward trends to reach the high potential target consumers. Create a practical design and marketing plan for higher turnover.

  • Time: 11.30 – 12.30 hrs.
    Topic: Success Factors of Thai Retailers in the Digital Era
    By: Worawoot Ounjai
    President of the Thai Retailers Association and Chief Executive Officer of COL Public Company Limited

Topic you shouldn’t miss if you want to jump into the competitive retail industry. Listen to the speaker, unlock the secrets to successful brand building in the Digital Age. He is renowned for generating awareness and promoting the OfficeMate brand. The multi-million-baht COL Company’s success story has its origin in his master’s thesis.

  • Time: 13.00 – 14.00
    Topic: Miracle Marketing: Invest a small amount earning million
    By: Passa Palichaiwat
    Specialist in import-export of TCAT Cargo
    5 years’ experience in Chinese exports to Thailand

The topic touches upon various aspects of e-commerce, from web price comparison to wholesale/retail businesses and steps in buying from Chinese websites, among them, and What to do if you don’t know Chinese? The speaker will show you the way, plus a look at the credibility of some online stores, and service provided by TCAT Cargo.

  • Time: 14.00 – 15.00
    Topic: Smart exporter
    By Ajarn Pramuan Pengchan

The much-traveled lecturer believes adventures are the best way to learn. In 2005 he resigned from a teaching job at Chiangmai University and started a journey on foot heading for Samui Island, his birthplace. More lessons were learned along the way. His book titled “Walk to Freedom” has become an inspiration for many.

  • Time: 15.00 – 16.00 hrs.
    Topic: Drive Business and Accelerate BIG C Growth
    By Bruno Jousselin
    Organization: Executive Vice President, Global Sourcing, Big C 

Have you ever wondered what to do to sell your products at Big C? This session will show you exactly that. Learn about steps in the selection process and what rule applies from Mr. Bruno Jousselin, Organization: Executive Vice President, Global Sourcing, Big C, whose retail business experience spans more than 25 years.

Date: 23 August 2019

  • Time: 30 – 11.30 hrs.
    Topic: Marketing Trends of E-commerce 2020
    By: Mr.Pawoot Pongvitayapanu (Pom)
    Online entrepreneur, E-Commerce and Online media business leader, more than 20 years’ experience in Digital and Technology industry.

The speaker is the founder of, one of Thailand’s leading e-commerce companies. He will be sharing his knowledge in online trade and e-commerce trends for 2020. Want to start an online store? Then don’t miss out on it.

  • Time: 11.30 – 12.30
    Topic: Make Money through content Creation
    By: Kanakorn Khongprateep
    Creative Content Writer, SMEs News Reporter, MC, Lecturer, Speaker

How to make your first million through creative content writing, photography, and video editing as the key factors to promoting business in the Digital Age. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a newbie, using technology can improve your competitive edge.

  • Time 13.00 – 14.00
    Topic: Feng Shui and Wu Ching for Business Success
    By: Piemsak Kunakornprateep
    Director of The Writing Development Institute, Show Host, Author in Business Administration and Investing, Lecturer and Marketing StrategistAnd: Mr. Visit Taechakasem
    CEO of a company specialized in design, construction, and interior decoration, and an authority on Chinese geomancy, or Feng Shui

Let’s familiarize ourselves with Feng Shui, a Chinese practice governing spatial arrangement and site orientation. If you’re in the market for decorating materials, it helps to know where to place them to create harmony with the surroundings. An auspicious setup within a place of residence can have positive aspects of your life. While there, learn about marketing strategies and investing from the two famous business gurus.

Just a reminder! The seminar is FREE! Booking open now so hurry limited seats available.

Special privileges for pre-registration to attend the show.

Privilege 1: You have the right to reserve a seat 15 minutes before the seminar starts. To enjoy the opportunity, register here:

Privilege 2: Pre-register for a chance to win FREE AIR TICKET (Bangkok-Hong Kong)! See more detail at:

For further information, please call 02-203-4271, or email us at:

Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019
Make money, Live better
Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019
August 21-23, Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na

Highlights of the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019

Highlights of the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019

Highlights of the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019
August 3-11, BITEC Bang Na

The Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019 is taking place on August 3-11 at Halls 98-104, BITEC Bang Na. Appropriately themed “Hand and Heart”, the expo is a hub of home goods, decorating ideas and pastime activity for enjoyment and earning extra incomes. It gives the opportunity for an update on design and experiments with various methods and techniques.

Flashbacks: A glimpse into the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2018

The Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019 is an eye-opening experience to all things people love to do in their free time. The highlights of the show include fun activities for furnishings and home décor, Instagram worthy spots, places to chill out, and plenty of interesting exhibitions and retail businesses. Precisely, there’s something for everyone. You just have to be there and see for yourself.

Hand and Heart Theme Entrance

Above is an artist’s rendering of the entrance to the midyear home and garden fair. The striking architectural landscape is built of wood posts and beams connected by metal braces and adorned with beautiful rope crafts. The symbolic image expresses ideas and a whole new state of mind about the show’s Hand and Heart theme. The opening at the center provides a focal point that leads the viewer’s gaze in and around the sign that says “Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019”. Plenty of photography spots! Here are the highlights of the show.

  1. Artisan Village

The Artisan Village is a group of handyman’s huts designed for people who love to DIY and make things. It consists of five homes, each catering to the needs of specific crafts. The atmosphere is like visiting a friend’s home and seeing how creative people turn their knack for crafting into cool projects and pastime activity. Whether it’s art or craft which results in a tangible object, the main idea is about doing what you love.

A home for people who enjoy making food and drinks

The kitchen is the hub of family life. The skill of preparing food isn’t just mixing and heating ingredients. It also involves raw material selection and processing. Here, the aroma of baked goods and a cup of coffee will overwhelm you. Drip for Friends, who’s an aficionado in coffee bean roasting and drip coffee making, will do exactly that. Also on hand will be Ninlabon Panin of Sunny Bear Coffee Roasters & Handcraft Bread Baker. They are renowned for their knowledge and skill in every step of bread, cake and pastry making, from yeast preparation to kneading moistened flour into dough and paste for baking. Stop by for a workshop on sourdough making!

A home decorated with embroidery

It’s a show about decorating with ribbons and various patterns by สาริศา ไชยเม็ง of Sacha Studio and crocheted items by Craft Therapy Studio. The latter is known for its physical and mental health treatment benefits. Textile crafts are found to increase self-esteem among people with depression and other health problems. Craft is good for home decorating, too.

A home for woodworking and leathercraft enthusiasts

The sounds of a hammer and a chisel fill the air as you walk into a show by Pakpoom Wittayaworakan of Meanwhile Woodwork. Witness leathercraft tools at work at Smith & Sons, which is renowned for its handmade custom footwear. If you’re looking for ideas to decorate your home with leathercraft and woodworking, you have come to the right place.

A home for ceramic lovers

We are surrounded by ceramic products in our daily living. But, do you know that the art of making ceramics involves a detailed series of steps and countless experiments? To satisfy your thirst for knowledge, we invited professional ceramicists from Mon Studio to create unique art forms that will surprise you. It’s a show serious ceramic lovers shouldn’t miss.

House of books, printing and graphic art

It’s a show for people who like to read, make art with paper, and try their hand at graphic art printing. For a plethora of interesting ideas, drop in at the Book House, a division of Baan Lae Suan Printing and Publishing. Paper art lovers will have the opportunity of meeting Kittinan Sawasdee of Artist Book Studio, who is well known for drawing and making story books by hand. His paper artwork makes great home décor items. At the same time, the Archivist Studio will be on hand to demonstrate steps in graphic art printing and other techniques that art lovers shouldn’t miss.

The Artisan Village also has a common area, where visitors are welcome to attend craft making workshops and exhibitions by experts from each of the five houses listed above.

  1. my home

Welcome to “my home” Studio, and see for yourself the maneuvers that go on behind the scenes before a video clip is made ready for broadcast on “home hack” television program. The show presents a wide range of topics ranging from home improvements to arrangement ideas for the home office and bedroom, even the most cluttered space like the wardrobe. It’s a good opportunity to meet the capable teams from “my home” magazine and “my home” workshop during the show.

If you bring your well-behaved dogs and cats to the show, stop by at the Baan Lae Suan Pets zone. Receive a free cloth tote bag and pet food when you register at “my home” Booth located inside Hall 100. Have fun taking a selfie at the Baan Lae Suan Pets corner. Post it as your Facebook profile, and enter for a chance to win free accommodation at an iBis hotel, where pets are allowed. Nine prices are given out daily.

Not only that. On Sunday August 11 between 11 a.m. and 12 noon, Sunthara Sajjavatcharapong of Jojo Dog Master will give a talk on dog training and the art of communicating with your canine friends. Meantime, P. Hall of “my home” magazine and his dog named P. Moo will demonstrate a few handy hacks that every dog owner should know and share experience about obedience training. For your convenience, remember to bring a stroller in which your beloved pets can be pushed along without getting lost.

  1. room Showcase

room Design Island

Room magazine is showcasing an imaginary island located at the center of the midyear expo. The striking architectural landscape symbolizes a perfect blend of health and a holiday atmosphere. It’s the product of a collaboration between “room” and its allies in the design industry, including Thor Gai Chon Studio, Gold House Décor, as well as Camp Studio, Palini, and Mitr.

room x Thor. Kaichon Bamboo

Inspired by bamboo handicrafts, the modular showcase is built using bamboo and trendy outdoor fabric materials designed for durability. It’s the work of “room” magazine in collaboration with Thor. Kaichon Bamboo.

room x Gold House

Three designer groups, namely, Camp Studio, Palini, and Mitr also participate in designing the imaginary summer showcase on the beach. The SOL OUT brand of outdoor fabric used in the construction is provided by Gold House Décor, one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers, distributors and exporters of home textile products.

room x Pakalolo

The right amount of coffee is good for you, so they say. Why not stop by at the Hawaiian style pop-up café by Pakalolo? The coffeehouse from Bangkok’s Soi Ari neighborhood is offering light meals and drinks during the nine-day expo. It’s time to fall in love with its pastry creations and “mocktail” recipes. Some items on the menu are created especially for this year’s show.



Bye-Bye Plastic Straws / Our love affair with plastic straws used for drinking from a glass and bottle is being replaced by something new.

//ASEAN //

Fresh drink with natural material straw in Bali
Eatable straws made from rice flour, Vietnam

A company in Vietnam has introduced eatable straws made from rice flour. Bali has banned them along with plastic takeout containers and single-use plastic bags. Laos is witnessing an increase in drinking straws made of sustainable materials while some supermarket chains in Thailand have done away with plastic bags entirely.

The message is clear. Reduce plastic waste and its environmental impact. Here are some interesting developments across the region.

In December 2018 Bali announced legislation to prohibit plastic straws, plastic takeout containers as well as single-use plastic bags and utensils. After a six-month grace and considerable opposition, the ban officially went into effect on June 23, 2019. It’s seen as part of a wider effort at reducing plastic waste by 70% in the long run. As a result, waxed paper straws have replaced those made of plastic. Some hotels on the paradise island even serve beverages with glass tubes instead. Interestingly, the fight against plastic waste started in earnest five years ago when two teenage siblings, Isabel and Melati Wijsen, launched a campaign called “Bye-Bye Plastic Bags” to raise public awareness of the impact of pollution.

Isabel and Melati Wijsen
Glass straws in Bali, Indonesia

Elsewhere, a company in Laos has introduced drinking straws made of sustainable materials such as bamboo and stalks of a reed. A factory in Vietnam is making eatable straws out of rice flour in much the same way as pasta is made. Its thin, hollow tubes are firm and stable in shape for up to half an hour. Similarly, drinking straws made from morning glory stalks are offered by specialized restaurants in Vietnam and Thailand.

To save the ocean from trash, some supermarket chains in Thailand have stopped giving out single-use plastic bags. Among them, three Tesco Lotus stores on Chang Island have done away with plastic bags entirely.

Drinking straws made of sustainable materials; rice flour, bamboo, and reed

Across the globe, in March 2019 the European Parliament voted 560-35 to approve a ban on disposable plastic products from 2021. In June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would prohibit single-use plastics starting 2021. Prior to that, in July 2018 Seattle became the first US city to ban plastic straws, plastic stirrers and disposable plastic utensils, while the New York City Council also introduced legislation to ban plastic straws by 2020.


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Our warmest congratulations to architects from the ASEAN on winning ten A+ Awards in architecture for 2019. Their outstanding works include six projects from Thailand, plus one each from Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Story: Samutcha Viraporn / Photo: Architizer

Hosted by the online architecture community, the A+ Awards come in two categories; “Jury Winners” which are handpicked by reputable judges, and “Popular Choice Winners” judged by public votes. The ten A+ Award winners from the ASEAN are:


Commercial / Office – Low Rise (1-4 Floors)

IDIN Architects Office / Designed by IDIN Architects, Thailand

Popular Choice Winner

The home of IDIN Architects Co, Ltd is arranged in three parts; the office, the business owner’s residential unit, and a café open to the public. It’s a layout that strikes the right balance between privacy and the busy movement in Bangkok’s Ratchadapisek neighborhood. The low-rise building sits peacefully ensconced in a lush oasis. Its blackened exterior is covered in Japanese Yakisugi, cypress plank cladding traditionally charred to enhance a natural appeal. The café on the ground floor boasts a touch of Modernism that’s evident in a beautiful mix of steel, glass and concrete component parts.


Commercial / Showrooms

Organicare Showroom / Designed by Tropical Space, Vietnam

Popular Choice Winner

Tropical Space is an architectural firm expert in old-fashioned brick construction. Their project involved converting a 1975 brick building into a modern showroom for fish sauces and homegrown brands of organic products. Steel frames and bricks are the main materials used to improve interior and exterior design, as well as create shelving to suit every display need.


Concepts / Plus-Architecture + For Good

Heartware Network / Designed by DP Architects, Singapore

Popular Choice Winner

Promoting team spirits among youth organization volunteers, the design by DP Architects creates a platform of cooperation and change in behavior conducive to a positive environment that lies at the core of the Heartware Network. Its engagement ideas have enabled the charitable youth organization to connect with more than 1,500 young people per year.


Concepts / Plus-Architecture + Living Small

3500-Millimeter House / Designed by AGo Architects, Indonesia

Popular Choice Winner

A building 3.5 meters wide and 17 meters long is home to an architect, his wife and a son. The house walls, staircase and built-in furniture share the rigid supporting structures that enclose them. The façade that stands facing West is built of perforated metal sheets and polycarbonates to protect from the summer sun. Clever design ensures the interior living space is well lit and airy.


Concepts / Plus-Architecture + Renovation

Kloem Hostel / Designed by IF (Integrated Field), Thailand

Jury Winner

Kloem Hostel is built by combining three adjacent old houses into a single entity. The two Thai houses at either end are beautifully renovated. The building at the center transforms into a loft that serves as common area and relaxed hangout reminiscent of the Thai lifestyle in former times.


Details / Plus-Architecture + Facades

Little Shelter Hotel / Designed by Department of Architecture, Thailand

Popular Choice Winner

A small hotel in Chiang Mai boasts a façade that’s reminiscent of fine crafts. The calm and beautiful face gets its inspiration from wooden roof tiles that are symbolic of Northern architecture in olden days. A reinterpretation of handicrafts in a modern context, the intricate design of wood and polycarbonates adds a unique charm to the principal front overlooking a street.


Hospitality / Hotels & Resorts

Bunjob House: House of Flow / Designed by NPDA Studio, Thailand

Jury Winner

The Bunjob House is a vacation destination nestled in a family-owned coconut grove on beautiful Pha-ngan Island in the Gulf of Thailand. Its façade consists of curved concrete slabs that draw cool breezes from the ocean resulting in thermal comfort in the interior living spaces. The slabs also protect the building during a thunderstorm. Casings made of coconut trees leave their marks on the concrete texture that blends into the natural surroundings.


Residential / Apartments

Hachi Serviced Apartment / Designed by Octane Architect & Design, Thailand

Popular Choice Winner

The project’s most outstanding feature is the façade that’s designed to promote a healthy home life despite being in an apartment complex. The exterior architecture of the building reflects well on the type of design, balance and symmetry of the interior space.


Residential / Private House (XL >5000 sq ft)

Cloister House / Designed by Formwerkz Architects, Malaysia

Jury Winner

The design gets its inspiration from the courtyard house typical of long established Chinese architecture. Adapted to blend with modern tropical style, the layout consists of a framework of nine regularly spaced rooms partially open to connect with the outdoors. The building in Johor state, southern Malaysia occupies 45,000 square feet.


Residential / Interiors

Y/A/O Residence / Designed by Octane Architect & Design, Thailand

Popular Choice Winner

Increased natural light provides the perfect focal point in the interior reminiscent of the house with a courtyard. It’s a great way to let light create depth in the interior space. The project consists of three separate buildings; a two-level house, guest accommodation building, and car garage.


For a complete list of winners of the 2019 Architizer A+ Awards, please visit:

Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019

Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019

Make money, Live better
Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019
August 21-23, Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na

How to become an entrepreneur? For those who aspire to operate your own business and get maximum benefits by selling the best quality with the lowest price products, or build new brands to open your retail store or selling through online channels, there are plenty of ideas worth checking out at Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019. The leading trade fair for the lifestyle industry is set to make its debut in Bangkok at BITEC Bang Na, during 21-23 August 2019.

Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 organized by Comasia Limited (the organizer of Hong Kong’s Mega Show Series) in partnership with N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. (NEO). Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is a perfect business platform to present the latest collections of lifestyle products from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and India. The Expo will feature the latest products from over 500 manufacturers across the lifestyle industry, including Gifts & Premiums, Toys, Stationeries, Smart Living Gadgets, Aromatic Products, Housewares & Home Décor that look cool and skillfully designed. More than anything else, their quality is guaranteed while the design is capable of answering specific lifestyle needs. Don’t miss it! If you are the business owner or person who is involved in the procurement of shopping malls, retail stores or even want to start to own your business.

In addition, there are several free-to-attend seminars conducted by renowned speakers, covering various topics including Miracle marketing Invest a small amount earning million, Partnership with Giant: China Opportunities, Online Branding Strategy, Lifestyle Trend 2020: Sourcing the Right Product, etc. and participation in business matching activities, for those interested to get business connections. Find more information:

10 BOOTHS at the Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 You can’t miss it!

1. JE (H.K.) Co., Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth F-06

If you love the pleasant, sweet smell of British Pear & Freesia or Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone, you definitely can’t miss this stand. The show’s highlight is the “AROMAGIC” solid aroma product developed jointly with Givaudan of Switzerland that is renowned for perfume making the experience more than 250 years and designed by a world-class award-winning team like the Red Dot Design Award.

2. Travel Products Corporation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Booth F-14, F-16

One of Hong Kong’s leading travel goods manufacturers, they are renowned for offering high-quality bags and backpacks. Their travel goods made of durable materials including nylon, polyester, polyurethane, cotton, and faux leather. Travel Products’ cool pack designed for people with a sense of adventure.

3. Eva Fong Shades Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Booth B-27

Looking for a great way to divide a room? The Top Shades Company of Taiwan is presenting many inspiring ideas that will make your place smarter and tidier. There are a wide variety of eco friendly materials and superior quality.

4. Top Choice International Enterprises Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Booth H-33

DON’T MISS! If you are a big fan of vintage style. The Ariete, a leading Italian brand of kitchen appliances and coffee makers. Their products are known for an exquisitely beautiful design that’s rich in functions and easy to use. The Top Choice, a sales representative from Hong Kong, is ready to show in Thailand.

5. CIH Hong Kong Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth F-44

Many notable achievements have brought the company fame and respect for its quality products; electric fans, heaters, and air purifiers. Their innovative design products are durable and capable of meeting modern lifestyle needs.

6. Tints Development (H.K.) Limited (Hong Kong)
Booth G-49

There are various electronic devices at the booth. Their products are focusing on the design to have an exotic look, modern, good quality, convenient, flexible, and suitable for today’s lifestyle.

7. Deeray Global Co., Ltd. (China)
Booth 9G-19

Another exciting booth, the famous company is for combining innovative design with advances in new technology and their quality system can be demonstrated to provide confidence a product will fulfill requirements for quality. Plenty of new lifestyle goods await your arrival.

8. Yiwu Think Tanks Trading Co., Ltd. (China)
Booths 9G24, 9G26, A23, A25

Don’t miss out on fantastic product lines from YOYOSO, one of China’s world-class lifestyle brands and has become a favorite for its remarkably creative power, high-quality standards, and the aura of modernity in every design.

9. Solmazer Mutfak Esyalari San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. (Turkey)
Booths C-19, C-21

Every dish on the menu requires a different set of tools and containers to meet specific cooking needs. Solmazer is one of the leading brands in Turkey, focusing on creating standard products, including the quality and design of products that come with bright colors and can use them more flexible.

10. Nineteen Intertrade Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Booth K-20

Kitchen equipment and home furnishings that are mainly focused on woodwork, inspired by ordinary household articles, and adapted to become ideally suited to modern living. Nineteen Intertrade is among several Thai companies exhibiting at the show. If design is one of your favorites, drop in for the show of exceptional products and design. You won’t be disappointed.

Find more product highlights here:

The Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019 is a major confluence of the world’s manufacturing industries that’s happening for the first time in Thailand. It represents a continuation of efforts at turning Thailand into a regional hub for importing and exporting lifestyle products both within the ASEAN region and the world at large.

Find out what business opportunity is right for you at:

Asia Lifestyle Expo 2019
August 21-23, Hall 98, BITEC Bang Na
For more information, call 02-203-4271
or visit website at

Exploring the Advantages of Green Innovations in Home Goods and Design

Exploring the Advantages of Green Innovations in Home Goods and Design


Following our report on 10 must-see highlights of the Architect ’19 “Living Green”, an expo of architectural technologies, building materials, smart innovations and home decorations, it’s time for a deeper glimpse into the world of sustainable developments to show why living a green lifestyle is so important to us and our future generations. The 33rd edition of the architectural expo is doing exactly that. It’s the ASEAN’s major confluence of interesting ideas, news and information on how to live sustainably with a focus on innovative products, advances in construction, repairs and decorations. There are even more exciting discoveries that we want to share with you. Take a look.

Architect ’19

Graphenstone Stuki Premium: Innovative ideas to make your house work like a tree with awesome design and colors

(See real products at Jorakay’s exhibit, Booth S211)

Do you know that using 15 liters of paint (roughly 3 buckets) can sequester as much as 10 kilograms of carbon-dioxide in the air; thereby helping to reduce the overall concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. That’s pretty much the amount work a tree does in one year. Introducing G Color Stuki Premium. The new paint product line represents a major breakthrough in research and development by the Jorakay Corporation Co, Ltd, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of products for construction, repairs and decorations. Its products are certified to international safety standards.

Architect ’19

Jorakay’s G Color Stuki Premium is a colored cement for decorative concrete surfaces. It’s made of a mixture of high-quality limestone that’s sourced directly from nature. Stuki Premium is the result of Graphen technology that’s eco-friendly and capable of producing a family of colored cements that’s durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor situations. Beautiful design patterns can be easily made using a small handheld plaster trowel. Three are 322 color shades to choose from.

Architect ’19

dECOLeather® Recycled Leather Veneer, 5650 Shagreen: Reuse of leather shreds to minimize the killing of animals

(Get the feel of real products at Formica Thailand Booth F507)

The dECOLeather® brand of recycled leather veneer is a composite of shredded leather scraps collected from leather goods manufacturers. An alternative product from the Formica Group, the durable laminate is beautifully crafted for decorative coverings, interior design and other surfaces. Ensuring that nothing goes to waste, dECOLeather® works by making good use of every small piece of leather destined to be discarded or destroyed as rubbish. In the recycling process, leather scraps from garment cuttings and other manufacturing activities are reduced to fine particles and then mixed with synthetic resin to form a hard, flat and flexible material for decorative coverings. After that, a variety of design patterns are printed on the composite material. For this exhibit, four design collections are on public display. They include whiptail stingray, buffalo hide, sea lion, and crocodile decorative patterns. You will love the stingray design. See it at the Formica booth.

dECOLeather® is a line of alternative products designed to be perceived as similar or comparable to genuine materials for which it is intended to substitute. The most important point at issue is about saving the environment. It comes in handy for the consumer who has a taste for leather goods but dislikes the killing or hunting of animals for their skins. Advances in the manufacturing process ensure that recycled leather veneer is more durable than leather in general, making it a material of choice for interior decoration, table top, and other surfaces to name a few. It’s water impermeable, easy to install, flexible and available in many colors.

Architect ’19

XPOSH Series: Luxury water-saving faucets and winners of the Red Dot Design Award 2019

(Get the feel of real products at COTTO Booth S308)

If you prefer a touch of luxury and save energy at the same time, look no further than an impressive line of water faucets for the bathroom sink from COTTO. The XPOSH Series features a single handle with one-hole mixer tap design that lets you use just the right amount of warm water when needed. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes that please and pleasure your senses, among them Starlight Silver, Matte Onyx, Midnight Silver and Starlight Gold. Each model features eye-catching design that has won the Red Dot Design Award for 2019.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

Nicknamed “a jewel in the bathroom”, the XPOSH Series is considered not only a luxury, but also a perfect example of advances in technological innovations. That’s what COTTO is about; save the energy needed to make hot water. It’s easy to use simply by pushing the handle slightly to the side. The XPOSH Series has a smart mechanism hidden inside the cartridge that turns on and starts heating water after only 4 liters has passed instead of 6 liters that’s normally the case. In the process, this mechanism helps save both water and electricity at the same time. It’s an interesting development compared to the standard instant hot water faucet that consumes more energy.

Architect ’19
Reverie Rethinking Form
Architect ’19
Rivulet Rethinking Flow

For design aficionados, the COTTO exhibit also features showerheads in a variety of styles and finishes, among them the “Rivulet Rethinking Flow”, a three-dimensional abstract form designed to let you enjoy the delightful spray of water as if you were bathing in a stream. There’s also the “Reverie Rethinking Form” showerhead, which is a mix of metal casing and crystal parts. The design mimics a mass of small soap bubbles kissed by the morning sun, immediately appealing to say the least.

Architect ’19

DOS WaterPac Pro: A space saving water tank rich in functions; it’s more than a storage

(See the real product at DOS Life Booth S104)

DOS WaterPac Pro is a technological innovation under the brand name DOS Life. The water tank with pump has become an instant success story. It won a 2018 DEmark Award, an official accolade for design excellence in the Industrial Goods Category, and the Good Design Award, or Gmark for short, in 2018. The underlying logic and reasoning for the design is about saving space and maximizing the utilization of vertical space.

Designer Vichit Choopho obviously tries to make a connection between the lifestyle of the new generation and modern conveniences that contribute to an easy way of living. A water tank that’s rich in functions turns out to be one of the four must-haves in every home. For this reason, DOS WaterPac Pro is designed to be more than just a water storage. It’s a source, means and process of supplying water for the entire household, and in a succinct way reflects the taste of the homeowners.

Architect ’19

STOCK HOME BROWN: Wood-look porcelain tiles designed to reduce waste

(See the real product at Duragres Booth S305)

Stock Home Brown is a line of wood-look porcelain tiles that’s part of the Recycled Tiles series manufactured by Duragres. A metamorphosis of purpose, it’s made by converting waste into useable raw materials, including tiles that have been damaged in the manufacturing process. The result is an impressive array of 20×20 inch tiles for covering floors and other surfaces. In the end, the main concept is about ensuring nothing goes to waste and that every piece is made to the highest international standards.

Architect ’19

KENZAI x JUNSEKINO Architect + Design: Bricks designed to break the traditional rules

(See the real product at KENZAI Booth S212-1)

“I want a building material that allows light to pass through and provides protection from rain.” Jun Sekino of the architectural firm JUNSEKINO Architect + Design has carried out a thorough search for the ideal material. The answer is a line of translucent bricks made of various raw materials binding together to form a perfect building block.

The new kind of brick is made of a mixture of clay and polycarbonate, a synthetic resin that’s the strongest of all plastics. The part that’s translucent is only five millimeters thick. Because it’s so strong, the brick can be used to build a wall up to three meters tall with no need for a lintel across the top. It’s water impermeable and allows light to pass through the part that is polycarbonate. There is practically no limit when it comes to controlling the amounts of light shining through. In so doing, the architect can use any brick laying patterns to add a new dimension to the interior living space. More importantly, it translates into a big saving on electricity use.

Architect ’19

MO31 (ECO PLUS): One-piece toilet sanitary ware with washbasin and a water recycling system

(See the real product at MOGEN Booth S305-1)

Wouldn’t it be nice if wastewater from the washbasin can turn around and be used again to flush the toilet? That’s actually the case with M031 (Eco Plus), a revolutionary one-piece toilet sanitary ware that comes with a washbasin and a recycling system designed to cut down on water use.

Architect ’19

MO31(ECO PLUS) from MOGEN is the first water-saving sanitary ware system that uses Siphon Wash in coordination with Flush. Made using solid ceramic technology, the toilet bowl requires only 3 to 6 liters to flush. Innovative design ensures the toilet bowl and water reservoir is built tough, its surface smooth to the touch, and the toilet seat stable and easy to operate.

Every model in the MO31(ECO PLUS) series comes complete with an installation kit that includes hoses, clean water supply line, stop valve and rubber gasket that seals the junction between two surfaces.

The above-mentioned technological innovations, products and services are on view at the Architect ’19 Expo that’s happening from April 30 to May 5 at Challenger Halls 1-3, Impact Exhibition Center, Muang Thong Thani. There isn’t much time left, and we don’t want you to miss out on it.

For more information, please visit

10 Must-See Highlights at the Architect ’19, An Expo of Architectural Technologies, Building Materials, Smart Innovations and Home Decorations

10 Must-See Highlights at the Architect ’19, An Expo of Architectural Technologies, Building Materials, Smart Innovations and Home Decorations

The Architect ’19 is in full swing. The 33rd edition of the Architect’19 expo is on from April 30 to May 5. This year’s concept is Living Green, which is about the role of architecture in building a sustainable future. The event showcases the latest in technological innovations in architecture and building materials by manufacturers from 40 countries worldwide. Here are ten highlights of the show that we don’t want you to miss. It’s good to know something about them beforehand.

Architect ’19

  1. SCG

A leader in building materials and interior decorating, SCG never ceases to amaze us with new developments, products and services. One of the highlights of its exhibition this time is COTTO Life, a tile installation service designed to solve problems and deal with difficult situations. Once you have selected the perfect tiles for your home project, you can rest assured that they will be installed correctly by a team of experts. There are designers and skilled tile setters on hand to give options so that you are now making an informed choice.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

​Another outstanding show is the display of new mosaic tile collections that have become more than bathroom floor coverings. There are plenty of ways to decorate with a colorful and variegated pattern that looks simple and feels more fun and modern, yet classic in style and high quality standards. You can decorate the wall and the countertop with a mosaic, too. And, if you are planning on opening a restaurant or café, keep abreast of new trends in technology and design. Go for a mosaicked pattern.

(Booth S308)

Architect ’19

  1. Phitpaisarn

The Resysta brand of imitation wood from Germany is made of raw materials sourced directly from nature. It is composed of 60% rice husks, 22% rock salt, and 18% mineral oils. As the market price of genuine timber continues to rise, faux wood is on course to become the material of choice in future construction. It’s available in a variety of styles, each tailored to meet specific building needs ranging from flooring to wall coverings to decorating materials. Imitation wood comes in textures and finishes that resemble real timber. It’s capable of being used indoors and out of doors. Faux wood for outdoor applications is covered by a 15-year warranty. There’s no worry about peeling paint, either. Since it is water impermeable, faux wood isn’t prone to be affected by surface fungi, mold and mildew. Apart from flexibility, imitation wood is easy to drill holes, saw off, and rub to produce smooth, shiny finishes.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth S113)

Architect ’19

  1. Hooth

Made of high quality stainless steel, the Hooth brand of home kitchen systems is renowned for creativity and craftsmanship. What makes it special is that you have the option of designing a kitchen to fit in with your specific space and functions. Created with the Thai kitchen in mind, Hooth sets of fixtures, cabinets and appliances are made tough to withstand the stresses and heavy-duty use. The layout includes areas where materials are prepared and food is cooked as well as washbasins and neatly designed storage spaces. Stainless steel is unaffected by heat, easy to keep clean, durable, and scratch-resistant. You can add small tweaks to improve the look, such as cabinets with glass doors and the countertop made of natural stone slabs.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth S502)

Architect ’19

  1. Kenkoon

The Kenkoon brand of multipurpose kitchen cabinet is good news for small-space dwellers. Known as Q-Mini Compact, the cabinet measuring 120 x 205 x 60 centimeters is designed to make a small kitchen work best for you. Once opened, the cabinet transforms into a workable kitchen with a cooking range, washbasin, storage, and a shelf for the microwave oven. Shelving is fully adjustable to suit specific storage needs, while cabinet sides can be made of real wood, corrugated metal, stone veneer siding, or laminate boards.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth F206-1)

Architect ’19

  1. 3M

​Transcending the limits of thought, the 3M DI-NOC vinyl that’s only 200 microns is suitable for multiple uses and looks its best in many different situations. Your home exterior is just as important as its interior, and vinyl siding comes in handy for both. Installation is easy. Simply remove the outer covering and place the self-adhesive film over the existing surfaces. The decorative vinyl sticks to wood, sheet steel, aluminum, stainless steel, Plaswood PVC sheets, and MDF boards. DI-NOC vinyl offers many advantages, ranging from low maintenance to durability to enhancing curb appeal. There are more than 1,000 design patterns to choose from.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19 Architect ’19

​That’s not all. 3M is also showcasing Fasara, also known as PE Film, which is only 80 microns. Designed especially for car windows, the film is capable of blocking up to 99% of hazardous ultraviolet rays. It adds strength to glass windows and has more than 55 designs to choose from.

(Booth F104)

Architect ’19

  1. Kenzai

​​              Realizing the potentials of a hybrid of ceramics and synthetic resin, Kenzai has achieved a major breakthrough in manufacturing lightweight brick for construction. The important development is the result of a collaboration between Kenzai and Jun Sekino of the architectural firm JUNSEKINO Architect and Design. Resin, which is translucent, allows light to pass through the brick creating an interesting new dimension to the wall. Combine that quality with creative bricklaying patterns, and the result is amazing. The best part of the show is the Ombra brick collection that’s highly recommended as worth seeing.

Architect ’19Architect ’19

(Booth S212-1)

Architect ’19

  1. L&E

​              A leader in electric bulb manufacture and lighting technology, L&E showcases exciting new lamp collections with a focus on simple design that’s characteristic of the minimalist decorating style. The exhibit offers light fixtures designed for a variety of functions, ranging from floor standing lamps to hanging chandeliers to linear strips and studio rail systems. You will love the clear blinker light bulbs for ceiling decorations that mimic a night sky filled with stars. For the outdoors, there’s a beautiful collection of lamp fixtures that turn the garden and swimming pool into an enchanting place. All of them come equipped with LED bulbs that save you money on electricity while providing sufficient light that’s easy on the eyes.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth S301)

Architect ’19

  1. Material World

​              For people who do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations, Material World is one of the must-see events at this year’s expo. Handymen will find the exhibition useful in keeping abreast of the latest in tools and equipment for household maintenance. They include multipurpose tool boxes and bags that are lightweight, durable, and available in many colors and sizes. The kind designed for storing heavy-duty tools is capable of withstanding weight up to 150 kilograms. When not in use, they can be stacked up for space saving. If you use plastic bags in the kitchen, there are metal clips for a variety of purposes. Clips and sealable bags come in handy for storing things left over after other things have been used.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth L104)

Architect ’19

  1. Ricoh

​              Development is a never-ending process at Ricoh, which is showcasing an exciting breakthrough in printing technology. Its new inkjet printers are capable of printing works on many surfaces other than paper, among them faux leather, wood and glass surfaces for interior decorating. Advanced technology ensures that the prints are UV and water resistant, which enables them to stay beautiful for a long time without cracking or peeling off. The new Ricoh inkjet printer is suitable for printing works under time pressure, such as promotional materials for event organizing or unique print jobs that are done in limited quantities. The printer is capable of printing 48 square meters per hour.

Architect ’19 Architect ’19 Architect ’19

(Booth L204)

Architect ’19

  1. Fineness

​              Laminate boards from Fineness are the real deal that can add value to your home project. Made of layers of protective material, they are durable and scratch resistant. The kind that’s 0.8 millimeters thick is the material of choice for making the white board that works well with erasable felt tip pens. It’s also available in flat black that’s suitable for making the blackboard to write on with white or colored chalk. The possibilities are endless. They include magnetic memo boards, glass laminate boards, and ceramic tile finishes for the wall to name a few. Manufactured by placing layer upon layer, laminate boards can protect against bacterial and fungal infestations while resisting moisture, wear and tear. More importantly, they are lightweight and easy to install.

Architect ’19

(Booth F421)

All things considered, the Architect ’19 provides an excellent opportunity for an update on the latest news, ideas and information on innovative design, products and services. The expo is highly recommended whether you are an interior designer, architect, service provider, or member of the general public. The expo is on from April 30 to May 5. More details about the exposition can be found at