ALIVE by Alex Face

ALIVE by Alex Face

ALIVE by Alex Face

Alex Face is a remarkable Thai street artist. Now, he is revealing the perspective of his art in his latest exhibition, “ALIVE”.

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Story: Wuthikorn Suthiapa /// Rewrite – Translate: Osatee Ularangkoon ///  Photos: NathawutPengkamphoo, Wuthikorn Suthiapa



Street art has achieved recognition on the Thai art scene over the past decade. The leading artist in this genre is Patcharapol Tangruen, also known as Alex Face. He created the three-eyed baby in fluffy bunny outfit character that appeared on the walls across Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin.

While he was an art student, his friends and professors didn’t understand why he kept spraying in public space, and thought it was ridiculous. But Alex Face disagreed. “Street painting is a kind of expression and could draw many audiences,” he said. “If it’s hard for people to engage with art, we should take it to engage with people instead.”

With that idea in mind, Alex Face hit the street with his colorful graffiti and the signature character that was inspired by his daughter. He also met fellow street artists from around the world, got the invitations to work abroad, and became an internationally-renowned street artist.



“I studied art, so I’m interested in all kinds of art,” Alex Face answered when asked about his style of work. “Not only did I graffiti, I’ve also painted, printed and sculpted. I like it all. It depends on which techniques could be compatible with my concepts.” He also said that he set up “ALIVE”, his most recent event, to show his art experience from childhood till now.

“You will see what skills I had practiced, and encounter different kinds of works of art that you’ve never seen before,” he assured.

Alex Face’s ALIVE is taking place at Bangkok CityCity Gallery until February 19, 2017. For more information please visit www.




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