M11 House: A Comfy Minimalist House in HCMC

M11 House: A Comfy Minimalist House in HCMC

M11 House: A Comfy Minimalist House in HCMC

/ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /

/ Story: Skiixy / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Soopakorn Srisakul /

Located in a suburban area, this minimalist house has plenty of ample space for a family. The owner reaches out to A21 Studio group of architects to design the place.

Minimalist House
Double-space design ideas make the interior very open and airy, allowing plenty of natural light to illuminate all the way to the ground floor.

This minimalist house incorporated many natural features. The ground floor interior appears open, airy and uncluttered, using glass to divide the room area. A green oasis in the center court can be seen in full view from anywhere. The cozy innermost section is a private area designed to accommodate visiting acquaintances.

The ground-floor bedroom is located in the cozy innermost section, separated from the rest by a wood lattice.
Minimalist House
Tall glass walls on the terrace let plenty of sunshine into to interior. A built-in bed is illuminated by soft lights.

Double-space design boasts a sense of virtual unity within the first and the second floor. A kid’s homework room and a sitting room on the second floor can be either connected or separated as needed. On the third floor is where a home gym and a bathtub are located and nicely furnished for a good rest after a long day.

The stairwell leading to the third floor lets plenty of sunlight into the interior.
The atmosphere inside the second-floor sitting room is uncluttered. A verdant center court can be seen behind the television set.

The highlights of the clean-cut interior are gloss finish concrete floors, glass room dividers, and solid walls painted in polite colors. Streamlined furniture makes for comfortable living in a Minimalist style.

Minimalist House
A minimal built-in sofa is a part of the living room, a simple layout resulting in the least amount of disruption.
The bathroom is enclosed in clear glass panels to create a sense of connectedness with the rest of the private area.

The least disruption of airflow makes it possible to do without turning on the air condition. That means saving on electricity and other energy-related expenses.

A small garden is visible from every point of view.
Wood lattice effectively separates the kitchen from the corridor without disrupting air circulation.

The ordinary creation to answer the homeowner’s needs is achieved here. With an environmental consciousness and a minimalist house design, the home gives residents a better living.

Minimalist House
The bedroom is in the snug innermost part of the house. Tall glass walls allow natural light to illuminate the interior.
A spare parking area is set aside for future needs. A tree is already put in place to provide a canopy.

Architect: A21 Studio

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