Home Renovation / 27 SQ.M. Row House Project in Vietnam

Home Renovation / 27 SQ.M. Row House Project in Vietnam

Home Renovation / 27 SQ.M. Row House Project in Vietnam

A lot of work and research were invested to this home renovation project. The big question is; how to make the compact house looks wider.

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Architect: A21 Studio /// Photo: Soopakorn Srisakul

Home renovation: The project is accomplished without any concrete construction. The new second floor rests on cylindrical steel posts instead of big cement pillars.

Like most residential buildings in Vietnam, “3 x 9 House” was renovated from an old shophouse. It has only few windows and solid brick walls was making the building look dimmed. A bold move was needed to change both the building and lifted up the mood for the residents.

The 3×9 meters house has become a point of interest  by integrating natural features.

As land prices in Vietnam continue to rise up every year, finding a new home may seem like a formidable task. So the owner thinks it wise to invest in renovating his existing home. He reaches out to A21 Studio, for their reputations include turning small homes into nice, uncluttered, and environment-friendly living spaces.


Clay tiles are placed inversely on the entire interior walls to create stripe pattern and unique touch.

A tree grows up through an opening greets visitor from the entryway. The skylight roof illuminates the interior spaces and enables light to reach to the tree.

The steel structures roof is equipped with a sliding skylight. This effectively illuminates interior spaces and allows the tree to keep on thriving.

Breezy wind is able to flow through the front door and flow throughout the house, including the rear section, the second floor and the translucent sliding panel on the rooftop. Flanked by three-story houses on both sides, the house is exposed to sunlight only during mid-day. So, no air-conditioning machine is needed.

A skylight illuminates the bedroom space. Giving it a neat, organic appearance.
The bedroom has a low-rise platform and a mattress. The absence of room dividers gives the area an open, airy, and uncluttered appearance.
An open kitchen is designed to eliminate smoke and unpleasant smell via the window on the top.

The interior avoids the use of a divider, the only exception is a bathroom. The ground floor comprises of a sitting area, a dining area and a kitchen; all connected. A bedroom and a leisure area are rested upstairs. Since the owner lives alone, room dividers are of no use. Thus, the main idea of this home renovation is to focus on openings and improving its ventilation system instead.


A colorful mix of tiles are reminiscent of vernacular architecture.

link: http://www.a21studio.com.vn/

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