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Fabrics with Style; Warm, Relaxing Tropical Elegance

Fabrics with Style; Warm, Relaxing Tropical Elegance

Modern tropical is one of decorating styles that have become popular across the country. It’s a style that takes into account the warm and humid climate characteristic of the Region. This is abundantly clear in the way tropical décor materials sourced directly from the locality are being put to good use in so many ways. They include wood that promotes relaxing and peaceful feelings, floating furniture crafted of natural materials, home décor accessories, and fabrics for furniture upholstery, throw pillows, and curtains in striking colors and textures. Their simple yet elegant appearances bespeak a cool, contemporary style that’s classic in its own special way, a style that’s quite capable of answering many decorating needs.

Polyester fabrics look their best not only in home furnishings and decorative accessories, but also in business establishments from hotels to retail shops, where not seriousness but a friendly, relaxing and pleasant manner is everything and everlasting. For that, there are polyester fabrics to suit every decorating need. Here are some of the qualities worth considering.


The Modern tropical style is well suited to the warm and humid climate typical of the Region’s highlands and seaside environments. Polyester fabrics come in handy as the material of choice for their ability to resist exposure to a range of weather conditions, from moisture to bacterial and fungal contamination. These unfavorable conditions can have negative effects on consumers. To avoid problems, polyester fabrics are recommended because they are made of plastic fibers that do not absorb moisture. Unlike natural fibers, polyester does not accumulate humidity, which reduces the chance of bacterial and fungal contamination in fabrics.


The tropical decorating style evokes the image of bright sunlight and cool temperatures that accompany every rainfall. That sounds like a first good impression that most people have. To create interior design that will ring the bell, materials that provide a decorative and textured surface are of great significance. That’s not all. Materials for furniture upholstery and curtains in complementing colors and design are important, too. Together, they combine to make the interior living space feel warm and welcoming. There are plenty of ways to match colors. Whether it’s visual harmony or outstanding visual contrast, the choice is yours.


Humidity in the air is among factors contributing to fungal and bacterial growth. Hence, it makes perfect sense to go for polyester when it comes to interior decorating. Polyester is great for curtains, furniture upholstery, blankets and throw pillows. It’s undergone testing to prove its worth. Thanks to its many outstanding attributes, polyester has remained a popular material of choice in a variety of applications. Its benefits are not limited to just interior décor or furniture. Some polyester fabrics are capable of serving multiple purposes. For information about polyester usage, consult the product catalog and label that comes with the fabrics.

Polyester Material of Choice for Modern Tropical Décor

01 Design No. 9554/05: width 110″ (280 cm)

02 Design No. 8072/03: width 54″ (137 cm)

03 Design No. 3151/07: width 60″ (150 cm)

04 Design No. 10056/103: width 55″ (140 cm)

05 Design No. 10051/105: width 55″ (140 cm)

06 Design No. DANE/104: width 54″ (137 cm)


Note: 100% polyester fabrics are material of choice for curtains, throw pillows, and furniture upholstery.

Information and fabrics courtesy of: HOMEWORK FABRICS


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Hipster’s Nest Boasts Industrial Scandinavian Charm

Hipster’s Nest Boasts Industrial Scandinavian Charm

Were you wondering if designers of hipster hangouts do live in hip places as well? Perhaps the answer lies in this Industrial Scandinavian style home.

/// Thailand ///
Story: skiixy /// Rewrite: Phattaraphon /// Photography: Nantiya, Damrong //// Style: Praphaiwadee /// Owner/Designer: Natthaphat Suriyakamphon



The fourth floor of “Casa Lapin X49,” one of Bangkok’s hippest cafés, is the home of designer Natthaphat Suriyakamphon, an architect at Be Gray Co, Ltd. Sharing his slice of paradise he said that when his career brought him to Bangkok, this commercial building was just too big for a single guy to live. So he got his friends to join in and did a makeover, turning the space downstairs into a favorite hangout place for hipsters.

Like the café, his accommodation is stylishly furnished. It’s a harmonious marriage between Scandinavian and Industrial styles. The crisp interior combines organic and industrial materials for a perfect compromise. The warm and inviting living space boasts the fresh-air aesthetic appeal of wood furniture, brick walls, and decorative ironwork designs.



Natthaphat intentionally designed openness into it. Everything connects easily to everything else in a natural way. The dressing room-cum-bathroom splits into two distinct areas – wet and dry rooms. The bedroom comes complete with sumptuous fabrics, ornaments and furniture with unique character. The decorative pieces get switched around and rearranged from time to time.


This used to be a desk. Now it doubles as a washbasin, too.
This used to be a desk. Now it doubles as a washbasin, too.
No balconies to put plants? Let life-giving light shine right into the rooms.

“My space is 60 square meters, so I have to make the most of it,” explained Natthaphat. “Whatever I keep has to be something I like a lot and can’t bring myself to get rid of. However small, there’s always a place to put something that I think belongs here.”

Natthaphat said he liked things that were not overstated. Instead of being done up or carried to excess, materials should show their true nature. He doesn’t mind scratches on the floor or other imperfections that come with ordinary use. As he puts it, everything has wear and tear over time, but it still looks cool.



That pretty much summarizes the decorating ideas at all Casa Lapin coffee shops. The hip hangouts are the embodiment of his passion. They are the signatures of an architect, who puts so much of his personality in the design.



Fashion Designer Home Embraces the Elegance of a Bygone Era

Fashion Designer Home Embraces the Elegance of a Bygone Era

In the trendy world of fashion, leading designers rise to fame for having good taste and style in their collections. The home in which they live also shows their impeccable fashion acumen. Check this out.

/// Thailand ///

Story: Monosoda and Phattaraphon /// Rewrite: Osatee Ularangkoon /// Photography: Nantiya /// Style: Praphaiwadee /// Design – Décor:  Thita Kamonnetsawat and Phongsak Kobrattanasuk



“Rotsaniyom” is one of the most recognizable up-and-coming brands on the Thai fashion scene. The millennial clothing brand grew out of a love affair that young women have always had with elegant lacy things. In a tiny alley of Bangkok’s Thewet neighborhood stands a white house filled with passions for bygone times. It’s the home of big ideas. Thita Kamonnetsawat and Phongsak Kobrattanasuk, proprietors of the aforementioned brand, live here.

“We wanted a single-family home in Old Bangkok, where we grew up,” Phongsak explained. He said the old house that had stood here for more than 70 years was brimful of historical charms. He and his better half fell for it immediately.

The old house was later torn down to make room for a new one.  For the couple, it was the opportunity to begin blending their different tastes and personalities, turning it into a sophisticated Bangkok abode filled with handsome details. The new house speaks to the concept behind their brand. It’s not only a residence, but also a completely equipped studio and showroom.

Thewet neighborhood, Bangkok.
The wardrobe holds their latest collection.


The couple had everything they needed both for modern comfortable living and for work. The smooth, precise style is evident in polished white marble surfaces on the lower floor. The upstairs studio has the easy grace of an earlier era, full of creamy white lacework from both vintage and newly designed collections.

“Besides lace fabrics, I liked working on ornaments ideas.” Thita said. “Phongsak was more interested in furniture. We wanted our clothing store to look like an antique shop, one that’s capable of adapting old-world lifestyles to fit in with the modern brand. It’s like bringing in work and making it a part of our lives. We do everything according to the way we have always been, driven by passions that the two of us share.”


The studio doubles as an exhibition gallery for lace collections.

Overall the new home is tastefully furnished to the couple’s lifestyle and desire.  It fits the definition of “Rotsaniyom,” which is Thai for a taste for fashion or fashion sense

“Famous or not, our designs offer a compelling alternative. They thrive on imperfections and forever-changing fashion trends,” said the owner.


Living ASEAN’s Picks / Baanlaesuan Fair 2016

Living ASEAN’s Picks / Baanlaesuan Fair 2016

The Baanlaesuan Fair 2016 takes pride in being your one-stop home expo offering a full array of quality goods, services, and solutions to your home improvement needs. Here you will find everything, from cool furniture to exquisite decor items to gorgeous selections of plants, and the list goes on.

/// Thailand ///

Story: Bundaree Deewong /// Photo: Sungwan Phratem


Whether you are in the market for home and gardening supplies or electrical appliances or building materials, the 2016 event has it all. For easy shopping, each zone is clearly defined, offering distinctive arrays of new ideas that best suit your every need. Living ASEAN is on hand to highlight the information that will pique your interest.

Craftsmanship and modern design are inextricably linked. It is up to the designer to incorporate them in both planning and production stages. And it shows in the marketplace.

91. Made for everyday use, this set of ceramic crockery by Dek-Din is bewitchingly beautiful.


2. Nothing goes to waste. These ingenious gadgets by Dog Dream are among fantastic decor items made from recycled materials.


3. For those enthusiastic about frames, there are plenty of creative ideas from Ease.


4. Inspired by wrought iron designs, these earthenware pieces are beautifully handcrafted by Srinlim.


5. Communicating meanings through shapes, colors, and textures, this “College Art Framework” is by Element Eden.


6. Created by Citrus Limetta Fabric, these cute throw pillows and a matching tote bag are inspired by native flowers of Thailand.


7. Known as “Metallic 3D Wall Modular,” these pyramid-shaped décor ideas are from 3D Surface.

"Anu" lamp made of cassava fiber, designed by Anon Pairot, from eqologist

8. “Anu” lamp made of cassava fiber, designed by Anon Pairot, by Eqologist

Photo: Eqologist


9. If rope knitting and woven fabrics are for you, these handcrafted chairs from Corner 43 are just awesome.


10. Steel Outdoor Chair with Rope Knitting by Corner 43