Designers’ Eco-friendly Dream Home in Vietnam

Designers’ Eco-friendly Dream Home in Vietnam

Designers’ Eco-friendly Dream Home in Vietnam

/ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam /

/ Story: Ajchara Jeenkram / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Nantiya Busabong, Damrong Leewairoj /

A designer couple built their dream home in the Vietnamese countryside. My An Pham Thi, an interior designer and Michael Charrualt, her French husband who is also a 3D graphic designer, built their new home office utilizing natural materials and distinctive techniques. The design emphasized the green building concept to minimize impacts on the environment. They mixed local materials and clever design strategies to give it an elegant yet eclectic appeal.

dream home
Their dream home features a mix of real wood, concrete finishes, exposed brick finishes, and exquisite palm-leaf roofing. Vertical pattern makes the fence look higher than its true height.

The design emphasizes greatly on sustainability to minimize the impact on the environment. The couple mixed local materials and clever designing strategy to create an elegant yet eclectic appearance to the house.

A large table with Windsor chairs and a park bench adorn the spacious, semi-outdoors dining room. Exposed ceilings feature smooth concrete finishes for ease of maintenance and precautions against humidity problems.



To bring in the outdoors, surrounding conditions are incorporated into the design scheme.

The fence was constructed of raw concrete and bamboo detailing. The wooden gate gives an Asian chic atmosphere while protecting the house from the outside.

The exterior walls feature a rough plaster finish, which adds an interesting look to it. Hollow bricks filled in between intervals, forming a good natural ventilation system.

The bricks, along with palm leaf roofing, add an indigenous flair to this warm and cozy house.

dream home
Bricks are installed as air vents. This improves the ventilation system and also allows more natural light to enter.
dream home
The home office area is spacious, with frame-like bookshelves for improved visibility and air circulation.

The inspiration behind this design was their lifestyles; the couple loves to live lives both indoor and outdoor.

The house was then designed to serve the purpose. On the ground floor, sits a connecting living space with chinoiserie furniture and a spacious dining room with a garden view. The second floor works as a home office with a snug bedroom. The master bedroom lies on the third floor where decoration was set to a minimal tone.

Tall windows under the sloping roofline fill the third-floor master bedroom with natural light.
dream home
A small patch of greenery adds life and freshness to the bathroom wall.
dream home
Graphic pattern tiles and carpet are toned down by the neutral color of the wooden sofa.

The couple weren’t in a hurry. So, their dream home was gradually built through slow-pacing experiments with different natural materials. When facing an obstacle or a problem, they took turns to resolve it one by one.

As a result, the eco-friendly dream home was finally built with love and care.

Owner/Architect: My An Pham Thi and Michael Charruault of MM++ Architects (

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