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Basic Space Coffee: Old Shop Renovated as a Home Style Café

Basic Space Coffee: Old Shop Renovated as a Home Style Café

AYUTTHAYA / An old grocery-cum-bistro in the historic city of Ayutthaya has been tastefully renovated as a home style café. Aptly named “Basic Space Coffee”, it’s located at the corner of Bang Ian and Liab Khlong Makham Riang roads. Intended to better meet customer needs, the makeover project was undertaken by BodinChapa Architects, who were responsible for both design and construction supervision.


The design team has kept firmly to its original concept. Since the business owner works here all day, it makes perfect sense for the café to feel like a home. To ensure customers feel comfortable and at ease, the designers think it wise to turn back to basics.

Parts of the 100 sq. m. building that are not impaired in any way are kept intact. They include the old corrugated roofing sheets and flooring materials with a simplicity and charm typical of the countryside.


Old ceiling panels are removed to make the interior spacious and well ventilated. The bar counter and custom cabinetry that form an integral part of the structure remain where they’ve always been since old times. Together, they prove a perfect complement to the building façade made of a hybrid of wood, brickwork, concrete. 


Door casing, panels and the bar counter are made of solid wood, such as Makha (Afzelia xylocarpa) and Teng (Shorea obtuse). Where appropriate, plywood is used on parts of the interior walls, while furniture brings a degree of uniqueness to a peaceful country setting. This include tables with cabriole legs that have been adapted for use in a different purpose supporting the bar counter. Just like old times, rustic wooden tables with cabriole legs adorn semi-open spaces that remain at the ready for spontaneous meetings.

BASIC SPACE COFFEE BodinChapa Architects คาเฟ่อยุธยา
BodinChapa Architects / Phitchapa Lothong (Left) and Bodin Mueanglue
Basic Space Coffee Crew / From left: Supatip (Nim) Onbuakhao, co-founder of Basic Space Coffee, Putthipong Wanichsuwan the owner, and Man the barista.

Basic Space Coffee is open Tuesday through Sunday from 07.30 to 16.00. Tel: 09-1871-2028.

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Story: Nawapat Dusdul
Photographs: Nantiya B., Mhee Rattanachai

Plant Me on the Moon

Plant Me on the Moon

The coffee shop name got its inspiration from “Fly Me to the Moon”, one of Frank Sinatra’s all-time greatest hits. A brainchild of the Bangkok-based studio Embassy of Design Territory, the serene café serving coffee and refreshments is nestled among lush tropical gardens in the heart of the city’s Lad Phrao District.

Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok

Drawing on his experience and a remarkable aptitude for organizing events, the designer transformed an ordinary co-creating office space into a coffee shop ensconced among the trees and shrubs. The café on the ground floor is characterized by a relaxing cozy atmosphere that gives off good vibes. Vertical gardens come in handy to fulfill a dream that one day humans will be able to grow them on the Moon.

Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in BangkokPlant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok

Design ideas: The outside part of the shop is made of steel scaffolds with platforms or shelves, upon which gardens of luxuriant foliage thrive. The café interior built of plywood affords ample space, while exterior glass walls protect it from the elements, let natural light shine through and increase aesthetic appeal. Wood furniture, vintage décor and garden plants have positive effects on the atmosphere and good mental health. There’s a picture of Leon: The Professional, a 1994 action thriller film, starkly juxtaposed with lush green surroundings. If you’re shopping for plant containers, there are plenty of them to buy.

Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok

Why we love it: Like an oasis tucked away in a city neighborhood, “Plant Me on the Moon” is a perfect rendezvous to share good times with friends and loved ones. The atmosphere is just right for life, and coffee smells like fresh ground heaven, plus a collection of soothing garden music. Drop in for a nice cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy the calm and peaceful greenhouse view!

Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok Plant Me on the Moon , cafe in Bangkok

Address: 17 LadPhrao 93 off Lad Phrao Road,
Khlong Chaokhunsing, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310
Open Daily 8.30 am – 8.00 pm


Story: BRL
Photographs: Anupong Chaisukkasem


Kays Espresso Bar / Coffee in the Garden

Kays Espresso Bar / Coffee in the Garden

Happiness can be a cool breeze in the morning and a cup of coffee with pastries while listening to the sound of flowing water to a counterpoint of a birdsong. This is the experience offered at Kays Espresso Bar, a new cafe in Chanthaburi Province with a scent of coffee in the garden. 

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Story: Aphasri Mimana /// Photography: Sitthisak Namkham /// Gardener: Suan Lila Raiyaa Nongphluem

A decorative waterfall gives life and motion to the garden. On the stone wall above is the shop name.
Ecology of nature: flamingo figures in fountain grass, fishing at pond’s edge.
One of the garden highlights at Kays Espresso Bar, perfect choice and placement of plants and ornamentation.

Kwinwan Sangwan, a shop owner tells how it got started: “This was a dream of my Dad. We wanted the shop to be so pretty outdoors and in that customers would stop by to take pictures.”


“For the landscaping, we contracted Sak Rueangphrom. From the start, we wanted an English-style garden with a hint of tropical and a lot of places for people to sit and maybe drink coffee or tea.”

Freeform red flagstones trace a path from front to back. The river gravel is easier to maintain than grass. Vegetation of varying height lines the path past a birdhouse and an urn-shaped planter.

Sak took the challenge and delivered as ordered, even if there were a few problems to deal with.

“The first time I saw the worksite it looked like a desert, but somehow we managed to turn that around. The first problem was the clay topsoil, sticky and tightly compacted. We broke shovels digging, had to switch pickaxes. The good thing was that the ground didn’t absorb too much water, and wasn’t about to collapse.

English-style bird bath planted with asparagus fern, spikemoss hanging below. A ground cover of varicolored leaves and flowers makes this a striking spot.

“Then the weather. In Chanthaburi it rains a lot, so we adapted, using water-tolerant varieties such as flame nettle, ferns, crepe ginger, etc. Once it rained seven days and nights, but the trees recovered quickly and by now their roots have extended and can handle any amount of rain.”

Railroad ties laid down decoratively with ground cover plants growing over them.

The hardscape includes the large metal fountain in a modern style to match the building, with a pond and waterfall. Further on is a metal frame gazebo, and then a big rust-colored faucet set in an upright hollow log. A flagstone path of red sandstone runs throughout the garden.

Beautifully designed lion’s head above a faucet. If you wash hands here the water falls on a clean stone surface, no mess.

Old benches are set in the back, by a gray wall covered in climbing vines, with bright ground cover colors and a bird bath planter filled with beautiful flowers. English-style chairs are found in various shady spots.

English-style lawn chairs for enjoying tea and coffee outside.
Arbor and back entrance gate, with a cobblestone walkway.

Sak adds, “we had to adapt the original model to include big shade trees such as giant crape-myrtle, freshwater mangrove, canna, etc., relying on hardscape and ornaments to create the sense of an English garden: urn-shaped planters, bird baths, fences, arbors. It came out just as we wanted: shady, pleasant, not overdone. Bees, butterflies, birds, crickets, and cicadas live and sing here, a relaxing sound.”

Urn-shaped planters at the entrance show off the English garden style.
The owner especially loves this arbor, with its curved benches set on round cobblestones.

Here is a shop owner who loves sharing nature with his customers, and with the animals who make their home in the garden. For a taste of this happiness, stop in sometimes at Kays Espresso Bar, on Yanwirote Road right in Chanthaburi. We guarantee you’ll get hooked.

Arbor frame over a decorative brick column, with a hanging planter and cute bird sculptures.
Cats claw vine climbs the decorative wall, reducing the harshness of the stone and bringing the garden closer to nature.
A cute use for old watering cans: turn them into planters.