Winding Villa: A Mountain Retreat Where Curve Design Syncs with the Rhythm of the Wild

Winding Villa: A Mountain Retreat Where Curve Design Syncs with the Rhythm of the Wild

Winding Villa: A Mountain Retreat Where Curve Design Syncs with the Rhythm of the Wild

/ Nakhon Nayok, Thailand /

/ Story: Kor Lordkam / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Rungkit Charoenwat /

Here’s a gorgeous modern home nestled in the wooded hills of Nakhon Nayok Province, roughly an hour’s drive from the capital. It’s a good-sized home built on 12 Rai of valleylands (just shy of 5 acres). The surroundings are naturally beautiful no doubt, and the design team at Stu/D/O, a Bangkok-based architectural practice, is determined to leave everything in its pristine condition. It involves detailed environmental assessment to reduce human impacts on ecosystems and, at the same time, create a wholesome atmosphere for relaxation.

Winding Villa

The vast expanse of the forests is vital headwaters to many tributaries and rich in ecological corridors that are key to the survival of the region’s native fauna. And that takes priority over any other matter concerning the siting of the home.

Like so, the building is made less visible to avoid disrupting the ways of nature. It’s a house without fences by design that accepts things as they are. So wildlife can wander leisurely by, plus existing trees on the property remain where they have always been to minimize the impact on the environment.

Winding Villa

Mimicking the contours of the landscape, a semi-outdoor pathway connects the carport to the villa.

Winding Villa

Winding Villa
The center courtyard is hemmed in by the circular concrete wall with curved concrete roofing.

That explains why the elements of the landscape are integrated into the home plan. It’s a design that considers human needs in connection with other things in the environment. And the house’s appearance reflects this line of thought.

Like poetry in motion, graceful curves wind around a stand of trees, six of them in all, creating good design flow that’s in sync with the rhythm of the wild. Curved concrete barriers prevent an encounter with wandering wildlife and provide safe outdoor room for the home with a center courtyard.

Winding Villa

Ample semi-outdoor room for relaxation by the poolside.

Within the confines of the place, a beautiful two-story house plan is created. Freeform curves fill the ground floor where a sitting room and kitchen space flow together as one. There’s a workshop cum hobby room nearby. Together they take up one side of the floor.

At the center court, a swimming pool connects to the semi-outdoor sitting room along the outside of the home. There are housekeeper living quarters and service areas at the opposite end.

Winding Villa
Curved lines adorning the sitting room give off good vibes.

The freeform concrete structure on the ground floor differs strikingly from the rectangular-shaped second floor that sits on top of it. It’s the perfect stark contrast where geometric rigidity meets graceful fluidity.

There is the beauty of humble materials such as timber cladding that adorns the exterior walls on all sides. The second floor contains bedrooms with personality that varies from room to room.

Winding Villa

Winding Villa
The façade covered in timber cladding visually reduces the size allowing the villa to blend into the wooded hillside.

Taken as a whole, it’s a salubrious place made for relaxation, a country villa thoughtfully devised to incorporate environmental considerations into the design process. And it’s done with respect for nature.

Drawing of ground floor plan. / Courtesy of Stu/D/O



Drawing of second floor plan. / Courtesy of Stu/D/O

Winding Villa

Owner: Daniel Easson

Architects: Stu/D/O Architects (

Design team: Apichart Srirojanapinyo, Chanasit Cholasuek, Thanut Sakdanaraseth, Pitchaya Kointarangkul

Prime Contractor: Double Click Construction

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