Tanah Teduh: A Beautiful Modern House Set amid Old Orchards

Tanah Teduh: A Beautiful Modern House Set amid Old Orchards

Tanah Teduh: A Beautiful Modern House Set amid Old Orchards

/ Jakarta, Indonesia /

/ Story: Ajchara Jeenkram / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Soopakorn Srisakul /

This house among the trees is part of a suburban residential development nestled in a wooded area where calming fruit orchards once grew. It is comforting to know the developers have made every effort at preserving as many trees as they possibly could. Like so, the houses are built around mature trees that have long been there. Here’s one of them.

Tanah Teduh
The cube-shaped façade looks out over the front yard. Large glass windows in wood casings stretch across the entire face of the building. To let nature permeate, patches of greenery occupy every open space including the rooftop deck.

The cube-shaped façade looks out over the front yard. Large glass windows in wood casings stretch across the entire face of the building. To reconnect with nature, patches of greenery occupy every open space including the rooftop deck. Meanwhile, open concept floor plans allow abundant natural light. The positioning of windows and other features ensures minimum consumption of electricity, which translates into big savings. More than anything else, it’s about building a relationship with the natural world.

“Tanah Teduh” is the name of the housing development. It’s a reminder of the residential projects where a large number of houses of similar design are built closer together, creating a friendly neighborhood in which everybody knows everybody.

Here, all the residential units have access to common areas via both front and back doors. Well-thought out design ensures security is achievable without sacrificing privacy. Taken as a whole, the housing development is situated on 21 Rai of land (roughly 8.3 acres) that once upon a time was a thriving fruit orchard.

Tanah Teduh
Exterior walls covered in coat-button vines help cool down the interior living spaces.

Inspired by the need for nature conservation, the project developer offers only 20 modern houses with a view of the lush garden landscape. The privacy of its residents takes priority over any other matter. But the beauty of the landscape is important, too. So, instead of building boundary walls that can be unpleasant to look at, the homes are kept separate from each other by green hedges and other smart architectural hacks.

It takes a team of top ten Indonesian designers to make this housing development exceptionally good. To avoid repetition, the front façade varies from one unit to the next, and each unit is a signature of an individual designer.

Tanah Teduh
A relaxing multi-use room in the front part of the house. The sliding door and exterior wall are glazed using clear glass to take in the garden view and ensure there’s plenty of natural light in the house.

Oranat Pernquist is the owner of the house that we visited on this housing development. A Thai lady who has come to call Jakarta home, she welcomed our editorial team to take a look around. Overall, the home was beautiful, well-designed, and nicely decorated.

Andra Matin, the designer and project director, sure did a good job at it. He put in a small center courtyard to let nature pervade throughout the home. Natural light and correct building orientation were taken into account, resulting in well-connected, warm, and inviting interior living spaces.

Meanwhile, the external envelope showcased the charm of modern design, something akin to the works made famous by world-renowned architect Le Corbusier, but with an Asian outlook.

Tanah Teduh
The dining room features a large wood table capable of seating 6 to 8. The table and chairs are made to order from Jakarta. Glass-front armoires in the backdrop are imported from Thailand.

The house has two wings. The ground floor of the first building offers a good-sized sitting room, dining area and kitchen. Glass siding fills the entire exterior wall on one side, making the center court clearly visible from within. The second floor holds a home office, while the third is a sundeck converted into a sky garden.

Tanah Teduh
The kitchen is connected to the dining room. A utility table on wheels compensates for the absence of a kitchen island. The center courtyard can be seen in full view from here, thanks to glass siding that stretches across the exterior walls.

The second building also has two levels with multi-use spaces on the first floor. The second floor contains a sitting room with access to the garden. It’s decorated with a sofa in soft hues and a set of table and chairs. There is a park bench made of concrete for relaxation in the outdoors.

Tanah Teduh

The perimeter wall made of perforate cement blocks not only protect from the sun’s harsh glare but also allows air circulation. Breathe block design adds modern curb appeal to the home.

The designer is passionate about Thai-modern design that’s evident in the interior decorated with simple materials. They include real wood, bare concrete walls in lighter shades and a perforate shell. Every living space is designed for specific use. It looks uncluttered and opens to let nature permeate.

Oranat said that her other half, Anders Pernquist, traveled abroad for business often and brought home beautiful objects from Italy, Taiwan, and India. She wrapped it up nicely: “Anders is responsible for purchasing,” and she for installation. No wonder home interior design is so full of life.

Tanah Teduh
The master bedroom on the third floor has floor-to-ceiling windows and wood flooring in glossy finishes. Different materials serve as boundary markers among the internal spaces. The en suite bathroom showcases fine-stone terrazzo flooring with a dressing room and walk-in closet.

“Anders likes Asian style handicrafts. Works produced in this region are beautifully crafted. We have glass-front armoires with superb wood carving imported from Thailand, area rugs from India, and other pieces that are made to order in Jakarta,” said Oranat.

“Our collections come from various parts of the world. They remind us of our long journey.”

The bedroom overlooking the courtyard has a wooden bed with area rugs and bed cover in complementing hues from India. A birch veneer IKEA chair adds Scandinavian vies to the room.
Wall openings keep the interior well-lit by natural daylight. The architect put this opening in the kitchen on purpose to take in the views.

Architect: Andra Matin

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