Studiomake / Home Office Combination

Studiomake / Home Office Combination

Studiomake / Home Office Combination

As the shape of the house is long but narrowed, but Studiomake manages the place to be a good combination for a perfect home office in Bangkok.

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Photography : Ritthirong Janthongsuk  /// Owner, Designer : Studiomake


“Studiomake,” specializes in various types of design. When it comes to designing their home office, Orapan Sarasalin Schafer and David Schafer employed an architectural steel design with a light look to match with Thai climate. It emphasized an open, uncluttered airiness, with enough window and door openings for good ventilation and to relief the heat.

Furniture in the workspace are movable. So, they can be easily arranged.
Windows are designed to let the sunlight in rather than exposed to the view outside. // Metal bookends designed by the owners. The size is adjustable.

The structure is used as a fully equipped workplace, but also serves as a house. The work area is downstairs and the residing area is upstairs. To make the space adjustable for further use in the future, the width between the pillars is extra-wide (5-meters). The owner currently design the space as a home office, due to their way of lives in the present.


Studiomake pay close attention to details and make use of familiar natural materials to create new and interesting functions. Before bringing any new material into the house, the idea must be tested first. So, the two-storey, high ceiling workshop studio is designed to produce sample pieces. The walls inside are equipped with shelves full of tools and supplies.

The high-ceiling workshop is wide enough to work freely and uses natural light..


The headboard/wall is also a partition between the bed and a dressing area. The wall left some height to the ceiling, conform to the interior.

While the lower floor is a workshop/ an office, the second floor is a living area consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a bathroom, and a balcony.

Rooms in the second floors are connected through a wide balcony which also serves as a dining area and rest area.
The translucent sheet seen here is of polycarbonate, which allows light to pass through, but not exposed to the outside.

The home office floor plan is simple and straightforward. Wired and piped are hidden, while thin metal structures are shown. Supporting pillars are evenly spaced and the façade is kept neat. Main factors like heat, sound-proof, ventilation are carefully calculated with Studiomake unique mindset; paying the attention to the details where many tend to overlook.

The steel structure looks light, but durable, the design is coordinate with semi-industrial materials and gives a fresh appearance. 


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