SACICT CRAFT TREND TALK Four experts touch upon what’s trending in handicraft in the Digital Age

SACICT CRAFT TREND TALK  Four experts touch upon what’s trending in handicraft in the Digital Age

SACICT CRAFT TREND TALK Four experts touch upon what’s trending in handicraft in the Digital Age

SACICT Craft Trend Talk // Here’s a glimpse of art and craft ideas coming to you online. In these video clips, four experts, creatives and designers closely connected to Thai craft industries touch upon topics pertaining to the environment, culture, and technology. Plus, hear their views on what’s trending for 2021. Hosted by the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre (Public Organization), the discussion offers advice to craft makers in search of the right design and product in sync with global trends. The three thought-provoking topics to watch are:


Handicrafts from Reusable Resources


Environmental issues touch the lives of people across the globe. They are problems even for experienced craft makers. To achieve a contemporary aesthetic, preserving of the natural processes and handiwork is extremely important going forward.

In this video clip, Markus Roselieb, an expert in bamboo architecture and founder of Chiang Mai Life Construction (CLC), touches upon sustainable architecture built with the use of earth and bamboo. Plus, he talks about the concept of Craft Circularity that’s aimed at reducing waste and using natural resources in craft making.

He also gives a tour around Panyaden International School, where buildings are made out of bamboo to increase an appreciation of nature among schoolchildren. They are the hope and future of the world, and ambassador of the Environment.


Handicraft Knows No Bounds


Technology has transcended geographic borders, giving rise to a blend of cultures and enabling us to tap almost limitless knowledge. Here, two distinguished designers explain why craft still matters in a digital world. Let’s hear their views on the latest trends in craft design and the benefits that technology brings.

Suwan Kongkhuntian is a celebrated designer and founder of the modern furniture brand Yothaka. He touches upon some of the factors that have earned Thai products global recognition, plus the roles of designers in product development going forward.

Teerapoj Teeropas is a highly motivated, young designer and director of the Kitttakhon brand. He also wears another hat as researcher at Sao+D Social Cultural Innovation Lab at KMIT Thonburi, and collaborates with Asst. Prof. Nanthana Boonla-or on a Karen handicraft development project. He talks about traditional knowledge revival in the Digital Age.


Bodies of Knowledge Made Easily Accessible


The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on people’s health, causing a devastating blow to world economy. It also led to high growth in online learning through various platforms. Julian Huang, a university lecturer and cofounder of the Weave Artisan Society, recently opened a craft space in Chiang Mai, paving the way for idea sharing in design and craft making in the Digital Age.

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