A Well-Decorated Artsy House in Myanmar

A Well-Decorated Artsy House in Myanmar

A Well-Decorated Artsy House in Myanmar

/ Yangon, Myanmar /

/ Story: Samutcha Viraporn / English version: Bob Pitakwong /

/ Photographs: Rithirong Chanthongsuk /

Ensconced in the hustle of downtown Yangon, an artsy house in Myanmar provides a showcase for a confluence of ideas from different styles, places, and times.

A white mansion features the mix of a Contemporary style wing and Colonial style architecture as a story of ongoing change in modern-day Yangon.

This unique artsy house puts an innovative spin on traditions of years gone by. The mansion is near a busy market on Nawaday road, with a warm welcome by Min Han, the owner.

The three-story home has many interesting features that apparently blend well to form a uniform mixture. For example a Modern style wing, which stands in perfect harmony with the Colonial style mansion. The new addition is the original structure being left largely intact.

Dark brown wood dominates decorative details inside the first-floor hallway. Unique features such as large bay windows are preserved with the Contemporary style wing.

Other than that, the floors are improved and refinished, while room dividers are remade to create a light and airy atmosphere on the inside. In front of the house stands a two-story family business building, where traditional Myanmese snacking meals are sold, including “Yuzana Pickled Tea.

Nearby, a fence that separates an ample parking lot from the main compound also protects the family from the noise and hubbub of the big city.

The stairway with high ceiling is bedecked with paintings and sculptures evoking memories of a private art gallery.

“In fact, I am not much of an artist. But I like collecting works of art, especially those of U Maung Maung Hla Myint, who is nationally known for his bright color paintings. With vivid color paintings, to make the space more lively,” said Min Han.

The sitting room on the second floor is naturally illuminated by a skylight above the stairway.

At the center of the house, the architects put in a single steel staircase with glass railing. Inside spaces are illuminated by natural light, and the highlight is the simple addition of a skylight on the third floor, which impacts the interior space.

Overall, the appearance is light and airy despite decorative details being made of wood in dark colors.

A small dining area is adorned with beautiful works of art from the owner’s private collections.
The bedroom’s white interior contrasts with dark brown colors of wood beams, posts, and ceiling joists.
Interior spaces are well-lit thanks to extra windows on the top edge of the wall and enlarged doors.

In the meantime, electricity is arranged in the same fashion as an art gallery.

There are spotlights on the installations, which make the interior spaces look very neat. As a private gallery, the hallway has become a rendezvous for friends and relatives as well.

A spacious studio in the back confirms that a music lover lives here.
The shower room is plain and simple. Attention to detail is reflected in the use of different materials for dry and wet floors.

The homeowner not only paid attention to detail but also actively participated in making design decisions every step of the way.

For example the location of each artwork, which had to be decided from day one to create perfect harmony. All told, it is a beautiful artsy house. It is an art gallery. And it testifies to the homeowner’s taste for something different.

The upright structural support is crafted of wood posts. To make it easy on the eye, all sharp edges are removed. /// The staircase is built of gloss finish materials such as stainless steel and glass. For lightweight looks, the single staircase design needs no risers.

Architect: Spine Architects Co, Ltd


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