Raw Concrete House in Paddy Fields

Raw Concrete House in Paddy Fields

Raw Concrete House in Paddy Fields

On the highlands overlooking lush paddy fields stands a two-story raw concrete house in the midst of an idyllic natural setting.

/// Thailand /// 

Story: Wuthikorn Suthiapa /// Photo: Sitthisak Namkham /// Designer: Seksan Silpwatananukul

The ground floor resembles that of a traditional Thai-style home. A covered loggia at the far end is set aside for entertaining guests, dining, or use as the outdoor workspace.
Treated as the heart of this home, the Indian Oak adds a crisp cool feature to the outdoor living spaces. 

Here in the Mae Ann neighborhood of Chiang Mai’s Mae Rim District, life is simple. Dewdrops lingers on paddy fields, the scenic view seems to stretch farther than the eye could see. The house stands among teak trees.

Naked-concrete steps descend to the courtyard with water ponds and a loggia at the far end.
The owner takes very good care of the Indian Oak tree in the courtyard.  

At first, the land was left unattended. But Seksan Silpwatananukul, the designer manage to change the whole look to a raw concrete house. According to Seksan, every detail is well-considered.

“I took my time to look around in no hurry. After a talk with the owner, multiple levels seemed to suit the landscape best. We didn’t really stick to any particular style. But I would say Tropical modern is the best definition for it.”


Warm morning sun kisses the front yard overlooking serene paddy fields.



The center court terrace is breezy throughout the  day, courtesy openings in the exterior wall.
The modern interior seating space features a high, sloped ceiling covered in reddish-brown wooden panel.




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