Concrete and Steel / The Combination of The Modern House

Concrete and Steel / The Combination of The Modern House

Concrete and Steel / The Combination of The Modern House

Naked concrete walls, steel structures and cantilevered frame combined, giving the modern house striking curb appeal.

/// Thailand ///

Story: Otto Otto /// Photo: Sungwan Phratem /// Architect: Plankrich


The 8-meter wide floor projected out in the air. It relies solely on a cantilevered frame.

This modern house plan stretch along east-west axis, which is much longer than its width. An alfresco mezzanine is built on the top of a garage by lifted a floorboard up above the ground. The thick naked concrete facade shelters a storage room and a kitchen. Together, both structures shield a living space from the glare of afternoon sun.


The front entrance features an open space. The doorway is set aside to the left, unseen from this angle. The opening on the right side leads to a poolside wooden veranda.
Visual continuity is created from the inside to the poolside veranda and the courtyard at the far end.

The interior features a spacious rectangular-shaped room. The white multi-purpose space is set parallel to the poolside veranda, separated by a clear glass wall. The veranda itself is protected by a concrete slab juts out roughly 2 meters from the exterior wall. The room is functioned as a pantry, a living room and a workspace overlooking a full lush landscape.

The multi-purpose space are uncluttered and well-lit by natural light, courtesy to glass wall.

A sharp 90-degree angles turn leads to a small bedroom and a bathroom around the corner. At the farthest end lies a master bedroom, also with a poolside view.

The master bedroom looks out to the pool, the garden, and the front yard.
The L-shaped veranda is covered with tiles in subdued tones. The concrete slab extending from the wall acts like an awning to protects the room from the sun and the rain.

Building a modern house like this requires a well-rounded thought. It truly reflects the owner’s consideration toward future maintenance and care. And moreover, the ability to overcome challenges in design and engineering.





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