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All-around knowledge about fabrics for solutions beyond beautification: Fireproofing, waterproofing, and long-term sun resistance

Materials used for house décor and furnishings in the modern era need to do more than simply add beauty: they must also be more comfortable, convenient, and easy to use. This includes fabrics we normally think of as decorative that have been developed to have fire-resistant and waterproof properties and – especially for outdoor furniture – high tolerance for sunlight, rain, and ocean salinity. Today’s fabrics have evolved beyond old limitations to be more beautiful, durable, and adaptable to many new uses.

Fire-resistant fabrics

For the safety of people and property, in the near future fireproofing will be legally required for many types of equipment and materials, including fabrics. Modern production of fire-retardant cloth involves treating the fibers with fireproofing chemicals before color-dying the cloth and weaving it into sheets. The admixture of these chemicals will not only make the fabric slower to burn but can also add as much as five years to its life. This can help save lives by giving more time to persons escaping a burning building, but also has the simpler advantage that the material can be washed and ironed an unlimited number of times. This method is superior to earlier, more conventional fire-protection coating, where fabrics stored in either air-conditioned rooms or spaces with a lot of humidity will gradually lose such a coating within 7-8 months, reducing its effectiveness. 

Fire-resistant fabrics; 01 Design No. 10216, 02 Design No. 10257, 03 Design No. 10258 / Note: 100% polyester fabrics are material of choice for curtains, throw pillows, and furniture upholstery.


NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 701  is a standard used in the United States of America and approved by international designers. 

Waterproof fabric

Waterproof fabric is more appropriate for furniture upholstery or wall covering than for drapes, since they are more likely to experience liquid spills. Upholstery with waterproof qualities has to be strong and have a long-term resistance to water. For more effectiveness the cloth is woven in a special, loose way, using polyester fibers with gaps between that allow waterproofing chemicals to penetrate, be absorbed in, and fully adhere to them. Properly waterproofed fabric must be able to hold water for at least 35 minutes without any seeping through, and maintenance should be easy: stains should be quickly removable by wiping with a damp cloth, after which the furniture should be as beautiful as before.

Waterproof fabric / Impact Collection; 04 Design No. 1788/07, 05 Design No. 1788/20, 06 Design No. 1788/03; width 57″ (145 cm) / Martindale >25,000 Rubs. / Note: 100% polyester fabrics are material of choice for curtains, throw pillows, and furniture upholstery.


Homework’s waterproof upholstery fabric has a Martindale value of more than 25,000 rubs, higher than the general standard of 20,000 rubs. great waterproofing, and also extremely durable. 

Outdoor fabrics

Acrylic fibers have enabled production of new fabrics for outdoor use because they have qualities that ordinary cloth does not: resistance to sea salinity and strong sunlight. Color is added along with chemicals to produce “dyed acrylic” thread whose color remains fresh, beautiful and lasting for 5 years or more with no significant maintenance required even when subjected to air pollution, sunlight, and sea water. Collected dust, dirt, and even pen marks can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Outdoor fabrics / Oxford Outdoor Collection; 07 Design No. 1838/03, 08 Design No. 1838/05, 09 Design No. 1838/06; Composition: 100% Solution-dyed Acrylic / Finish: Water Repellent / width 61″ (155 cm) / Martindale >25,000 Rubs. / Note: 100% Solution-dyed Acrylic fabrics are material of choice for throw pillows, and furniture upholstery.


Fabrics designed for outdoor use are generally quite tough, and can feel uncomfortable to the touch. Homework avoids this problem by weaving its fabrics so that fibers are slightly spaced apart, giving the product flexibility and a comfortable feel even with heavy use.

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