Mandalay Beach Villas / A Three-Unit Beachfront Home

Mandalay Beach Villas / A Three-Unit Beachfront Home

Mandalay Beach Villas / A Three-Unit Beachfront Home

A beachfront home is built based on a simple exterior design, yet it is a perfect hideaway to relax in a tranquil environment.

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Story : Atla Otto /// Photos : Sungwan Phratem

The seaside landscape features a wood pergola with white drapes and a canopy. Lush sun-loving shrubs provide a pop of color to the beachfront.

Here is a simple home designed for easy coastal living. It is nestled on the peaceful western shore of Samui Island. The neighborhood is known for envy-inducing outdoor spaces and stunning sea views.

The space between buildings allows for ventilation and abundant natural light, keeping the entire home clean and cool.
Outdoor tiles in complementing tones line the walkway between buildings. Grass growing in between pea gravel tiles help reduce the effects of sun glare on eyes.

The waterfront home sits on a rectangular plot of land large enough for building a good-sized house. But the property owner is not looking for a design that is twice longer than wide. Because a rectangular floor plan may be lacking in variety, he opts for something else more interesting. The result is a neatly planned vacation home comprising three detached units. All of their front rooms are positioned to take advantage of the waterfront’s views and breezes.

The sundeck extends from the multiple function building to connect with the infinity pool.
Because the property ascends slightly from the beach, a retaining wall is built to mark the perimeter. The sun deck featuring a concrete vessel is crafted of pea gravel concrete. Behind it, a set of stairs leads to the beach below.

The three shed-roof buildings sit facing one another and come in different sizes. Their floors are raised 50 cm above the ground. The largest unit features a semi-open design to serve multiple purposes, incorporating a seating area, dining room and pantry. Next to it stands the second building with master bedroom with ocean views. An infinity pool, lush greenery and the beach lie between the two buildings and the open sea. The third building, which is set further back, features two en suite bedrooms. It is the first to be accessible from the street. The three-unit home boasts clean line exterior design with an emphasis on relaxing hues, such as white, gray and beige. Wood accents come in natural color and finish design to never go out of style.

The multiple-purpose unit, which is the largest of the three, features generous seating spaces and a pantry. Open design ensures the rooms get abundant natural light and fresh air.
For a vacation home, the pantry comes in handy for quick meal preparations.
The dining area next to the pantry boasts a set of teakwood table and clear chairs. Rock wall adds texture and an intimate feel to space.
The master bedroom boasts sweeping sea views, thanks to large glass paneling on two sides. Wood flooring adds a pop of color and warmth to the intimate space.
The dual-sink countertop in the master bathroom features polished stone finishes in soft white.
Translucent laminated glass siding separates the bathroom from the master bedroom. Plenty of natural light ensures the bathroom is well lit despite its dark color effects.

Open design allows an abundance of natural light and breezes to flow easily through the three buildings. Genius landscaping ideas help keep the interior spaces cool naturally, while lush foliage provides for comfortable outdoor rooms just steps away from the sparkling blue waters.

The passageway separates the fishpond from the two-bedroom unit in the rear of the property.
The house is accessible from the parking area via a revolving door. Sounds of water circulating in the fishpond communicate a warm welcome.


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