The Best of the Show / Chiang Mai Design Week 2016

The Best of the Show / Chiang Mai Design Week 2016

The Best of the Show / Chiang Mai Design Week 2016

Ideas are all around. Designers and artists create their works from Chiang Mai heritage. The local wisdom was developed under the theme “New Originals”. Living ASEAN picks the must-see exhibitions arranged by locations for your convenience.

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Story: Samutcha Viraporn /// Photography: Sitthisak Namkham

Chiang Mai Tobacco Office

Along the walkway lined with graphic design exhibitions, Chiang Mai entrepreneurs open their booths to stage the shows here.

“Tawipob,” a collection of handcrafted metal-frame windows, created by Thai artist Torlarp Larpjaroensook
“Mohhom,” clothes dyed indigo blue the traditional way, are re-created to showcase new uses by MOHHOMM.


TCDC Chiang Mai

The Center of Modern Design Knowledge in Chiang Mai, organizer of this event, puts on shows of many interesting projects featuring works by local and international designers and artisans. Beautiful designs, artworks, and crafts from Japan and Indonesia are on view here.

TRANSFER(S), a creative collaboration between Thai and French designers, features beautiful objects of handicraft made by local artisans and designed by Sam Baron, Charlotte Juillard, Nocc Studio, Thinkk Studio, and Rush PLEANSUK.
“Desk Partition” by TRANSFER(S) / An exhibition by La Fete
“Nanaa Mirror” by TRANSFER(S) / An exhibition by La Fete
“The silk-wool plant collection,” an over-scale flower design, was crafted of Thai silk and Holland wool and designed by WANDSCHAPPEN in collaboration with JIM THOMPSON. / An exhibition by Here and There, Holland
“The Big Face Box,” by Daily Portal Z, isn’t about just making a face big. It makes people around you smile and come away happy. / An exhibition by Knowledge Capital, Japan
Wooden radio sets by Magno / Exhibits by Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Indonesia
Bamboo coffee set and cutlery inspired by the breakfast tableware of the Bomari village / A show rich in exhibits by Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Indonesia
“Maikam” is a simple crutch handcrafted of bamboo, rattan and the inner tube of an automobile tire. This physiotherapy equipment is a product of local craftsmanship in Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai House of Photography

The Small Blue House behind the Lanna Folklife Museum becomes a venue for talented designers to showcase their great ideas, which art lovers shouldn’t miss.

Art and design objects made from recycled materials by Chiang Mai designer Pichakorn Chukeaw, from Tua Pen Not
An opportunity to explore production techniques used in making leather lifestyle products by Labrador x Fabcafe
A unique technique of mixing clays by Inclay Studio, a local ceramic studio in Chiang Mai
“Ta-Ton-Yon: Keep it Slow, and Grow Better,” an exhibition by Design Plant, supported by COTTO


Rachamankha Hotel

Elegance never fades. The best of Chiang Mai Design Week culminates in “720 New Originals,” which consist of three shows at the iconic hotel in Chiang Mai.

“Every Woman Deserves Elegance”, an exclusive art to wear collection inspired by Princess Dara Rasamee, is made by SARRAN and supported by JIM THOMPSON.
Turn waste silk thread into a beautiful bangle by SARRAN x JIM THOMPSON
A bangle made using techniques in pearl inlaid furniture by SARRAN x DEESAWAT
“Wear Our hearts,” an art to wear collection for charity by 17 guest designers
“72 Seats,” the joy of the outdoor living co-created by SARRAN, JIM THOMPSON, and DEESAWAT


Thapae East

“Re-Design Anonymous Chair” features an exhibition depicting the thinking process that goes into making a traditional chair with curved wooden arms.

Virtual diagram of the thinking process of this project
“Ele” by Doonyapol Srichan, of Re-Design Anonymous Chair
A design called “Same, Same” by o-d-a, of Re-Design Anonymous Chair
“Ping” by ease studio, of Re-Design Anonymous Chair


Gallery Seescape, Nimmanhemin Soi 17

“Gallery Seescape” puts on an art exhibition by Anon Pairot, a Thai designer who is curious about the goings-on in our society.

Come 2017 the exhibition “Souvenirs from Depressions” will be staged on an even bigger scale at the Art Stage in Singapore.



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