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Eco Flooring by Deesawat

Eco Flooring by Deesawat

After the research, Deesawat used many kinds of waste materials to combine and create building materials as the new way.

eco flooring by Deesawat




For the eco flooring, basic materials will be cut in various timber species such as teak, white oak, rosewood, and walnut. Deesawat also add up eco board which is recycle material from the trash(aluminum and PE) from UHT milk pack, press into board and profile into another material. With this combination, the product is presented as an interesting combination of materials that can create a good reusable design for project requirement.



Eco Flooring by Deesawat received the DEmark Award in the industrial category from Thailand and also received the Good Design Award from Japan which guarantees the quality of the produce.



Flexible Stone Veneer / The New Innovation of Natural Stone

Flexible Stone Veneer / The New Innovation of Natural Stone

Flexx Stone – Flexible Stone Veneer // Light, Thin and Flexible to apply

A project in Thailand, designed by Studio B
Flexx Stone at the counter

Flexx stone is a veneer with layers of natural stone and polymer composite. This innovation makes it thin, light and yet strong. It is used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required. Flexx Stone can be applied on any surface: concrete, masonry, wallboard, metal, plywood and drywall. It can be glued by PU adhesive, silicone and epoxy. Its surface can be treated like natural stone, glossy or matt.


More than 15 color variation of Flexible Stone Veneer

Benefit of Flexx Stone:

Very light – 0.3 kg per square metre

Very Thin – 0.1-0.3 mm

Easy to cut and work with

Flexible to install on wall, ceiling, door, cabinet, furniture and decorative item

Cost effective

Water proof material

High Strength and durable

Every stale is unique

Columns which was covered by Flexx Stone at PLATO X Mobella Showroom Ekamai, Sukhumvit
The project in Canada




Left: ceiling application, Right: Translucent serie


Nowadays, Flexible stone veneer was installed in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. Flexx Stone in Thailand was distributed by Plan X Co.,Ltd.

Distributor: Plan X, Thailand –









From Rice Husk to Bio-composite Tile and Solid Surface

From Rice Husk to Bio-composite Tile and Solid Surface

Husk Collection



Husk Collection was created from discarded outer shells of rice during milling process. Sonite’s new Husk mosaics and solid surface incorporate significant quantities of agricultural waste. The collection’s advanced bio-composite design yields coverings not only beautiful but also ecologically friendly. Husk is available in four organic tones, balance between natural warmth and contemporary chic. Eco-Friendliness: Despite being polymer-based, the materials are exceptionally eco-friendly. Tests have proved a carbon footprint equal to or less than the lowest among mosaic tile manufacturers. In Europe, Husk furthermore has received a highest attainable A+ score in tests for VOC emissions.

Herringbone 15x30 mm. 1


*Rice husks take very long to decompose and thus are not appropriate for composting or manure. Therefore the 100 million tons + of husk produced globally begins to impact the environment if not disposed of properly. (“Rice husk Ash”by Nick Zemke Emmet Woods June 2009 California Polytechnic State University)

* In Vietnam, rice husk has been dumped in local rivers, causing a big problem. (

* Rice husks are composed mainly of cellulose, silica + lignin and are a ‘Class A’ thermal insulation material. Husks are difficult to burn and are unlikely to propagate mold. (



Photos : Press

Manufacture : Sonite Innovative Surfaces, Thailand –