Craft Trend Book 2018

Craft Trend Book 2018

Craft Trend Book 2018

SACICT Craft Trend 2018, the most recent book in an annual limited-edition line published by SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand, is a collection of analyses of new trends in handicrafts written by highly knowledgeable people in design circles.

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Amphawan Phichalai, Director of SACICT and the book’s producer, puts it this way: “Handicraft development in the modern age has to keep pace with rapidly changing patterns in technology and the world itself. The crafts world needs to put these new technologies to use in connecting and creating networks of people with similar interests who can help each other in development, application, and boundless transmission of knowledge.”

This is the primary concept dealt with in this year’s “Social CRAFT Network” section as it examines the role of technology in this era, when it is such an essential part of people’s lives, putting information we need right at our fingertips for the finding, making connections with lightning speed. Acceptance and utilization of technology helps create a more efficient, comfortable, and generally better life.

And there is a whole new vocabulary, words which act as driving forces behind this year’s new trends.

One example is the term “massclusivity,” describing application of the the master craftsman’s techniques to industrial systems. These systems enable production of products in large numbers, utilizing mass-produced parts that minimize investment costs while building and maintaining the unique identity of handicraft products, preserving the magic and charm of the original craftwork while producing it with a combination of people and machines.

Then there is “digital detoxing,” built on an analysis of changes in consumer behavior that respond to a need to escape from the madly spinning world through relaxation – walking, sitting, lying down, rest and meditation – resulting in products with simple, straightforward designs, uncomplicated and easy to understand but offering the best solutions for improving everyday life.

Besides this, in this collection you’ll find significant content about trends in color usage, great products shown at the 2017 International Innovative Craft Fair, and interesting topics discussed at seminars with fashion industry leaders, highly skilled “trend gurus” from the design world who can guide you in your studies.

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