Shading your Living Corners

Shading your Living Corners

Shading your Living Corners

Because of hot weather, it’s hard to spend time outdoors even if you are wired to be outside. Putting your semi-outdoor living corners in the shade is the smart choice. They could be your idea of heaven in the hot weather. Check them out.


Decorate your stylish living corner with a fabulous transparent swing surrounded by a vertical garden. It is recommended to select proper houseplants that are suitable for hot and humid weather in Thailand. Ferns are perfectly matches for the vertical garden because they are not only beautiful and suitable for hot weather, but also easy to care for.

Design: Pantavit Lawaroungchok, Apostrophy’s



Bring the lively atmosphere outside into your home simply by opening the door to stay in touch with the natural world. At the top of the wall, lay bricks at intervals for good ventilation. Delicate wooden furniture paired with raw concrete flooring makes the living area look and feel cool. This way can help you make the most use of all materials.

Design: Anupan Pruekpankajee and Rungwisah Rungthanapat


Your living area on the second floor can represent architectural and natural harmony. Position the column in line with the tree trunk and let it grow through the rooftop to create shade. Under the sloping roof, it’s a good idea to install a lath to ventilate the house. You will feel like living in a treehouse.

Design: Suriya Umpansiriratana



A sloping courtyard at the center inclines to the lowest point at 30 cm. hemmed in by concrete construction. This is a perfect living area to rest your tired legs. Wooden accordion doors separate the inside from the outside area. To see the garden, just open the accordion doors. Meantime, get plenty of cool air and warm light.

Design: Washirasak Maneewattanapruk


A covered exterior gallery on the balcony creates shade and prolongs the life of wooden floor that is exposed to the elements. A big sofa bed covering the entire area is a good way to get the comfort you prefer. You will need good quality material for the sofa bed for durability.

Decorative Design-Lightning Design: Padee Studio Co.,Ltd.



The little space on your terrace can transform into a lovely loggia. Cover the area with a transparent roof and decorate it with hanging pots of fern to filter the light. With one side open to the garden, you can bring the freshness of the outdoors inside.

Design: Summer Snow Home & Garden


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