7 Skylight Design Ideas for Homes

7 Skylight Design Ideas for Homes

7 Skylight Design Ideas for Homes

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The main benefit of having a skylight is all the natural light you get from it. Nobody likes being holed up in a dark or dimly lit home, especially at night. Well thought-out skylight designs provide your home with extra ventilation and minimize heating, cooling, and lighting costs. Here are some great ideas for energy efficient skylight designs that might interest you.

The project’s full article: http://livingasean.com/house/modern-tropical-house/


The project’s full article: http://livingasean.com/house/edgy-modern-house-triangular-design/


The project’s full article: http://livingasean.com/house/steel-house-2/

The project’s full article: http://livingasean.com/house/brick-house-for-a-tropical-climate/




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