The BaanLaeSuan Fair Midyear 2018, Plenty of Events You Don’t Want to Miss

The BaanLaeSuan Fair Midyear 2018, Plenty of Events You Don’t Want to Miss

The BaanLaeSuan Fair Midyear 2018, Plenty of Events You Don’t Want to Miss

The BaanLaeSuan Fair Midyear 2018 is scheduled for 4-12 August at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center, Bang Na (BITEC Bang Na). Save the date! The annual event taking place at Halls 98 thru 104 showcases the latest in smart-home technologies and innovations designed to answer modern lifestyle needs. Hence, this year’s theme is aptly called the “Internet of Home.” Nowadays, microcomputers can be used for a variety of purposes, while the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has made it possible to monitor in-home safety, control lights and temperatures, and possibilities are endless. Needless to say the network of computing devices embedded in everything home has changed the way we live in one way or another. That being said, the houses of the future will look significantly different. And we don’t want you to miss out on it.

Entrance to the “Internet of Home” Exhibition

The entrance hall is the first stop on your journey into the BaanLaeSuan Fair Midyear 2018. Reduced ornamental details are intended to make the entryway beautiful and welcoming as a photo-op venue. Plus, it’s about keeping it simple.

Whether it be a flight of stairs, door frames, or window casings, every house part is a symbol that communicates the ideas and the quality of being useful and suitable in modern circumstances. Meantime, the lighting arouses enthusiasm, while a television screen gives handy hints about what’s on display inside.

BaanLaeSuan Home Ideas
Smart Home Where Things Work by Voice Command

There are technologies aplenty to make your home smart and capable of answering modern lifestyle needs.

While the Internet of Things allows business to connect with technology with amazing results, the Internet of Home offers a glimpse into the future of human dwellings, especially the kind that’s controlled by microcomputers and a network of interconnected devices. Take for example a voice command that works by converting the analog waves of human voices into digital data that in turn cause machines and other systems to operate.

This part of the show illustrates how technological advancements are being used to create modern conveniences in every part of the home. And it’s happening now. The areas already benefiting from smart home technologies, such as voice recognition and related applications, are:

The Kitchen, dining room, and backyard: The kitchen serves multiple functions. Both the countertop and the island designed for food preparation can transform into bar counters or dining room furniture when needed. Here, three design options are operated by voice command. They are:

1.In the Morning, the lighting over the kitchen countertop and nearby island operates by voice commands. At the same time, the TV set turns itself on to bring in morning news.

2.Romantic Nighttime View. Voice commands turn off the lights in the kitchen by night, while the dining room and nearby backyard remain fully lit culminating in romantic dinner experience.

3.When it’s party time, all the lights in this area turn on, while the stage is aglow under the lights in many vibrant colors. At the same time, the stereo system turns on and fills the room with the sound of music.

The exhibition also showcases a part of the backyard that’s equipped with charging facilities for electric cars. The area can be easily updated to suit different purposes in future.

The bedroom, dressing room, and bath: The dressing area and adjacent bathroom come complete with smart mirrors that operate by a voice-recognition app. Two sets of commands are on display in this part of the show.

1.In the morning, a voice command opens the curtains to allow the bedroom to bask in the early morning sun when the temperatures are mild. At the same time, the lighting in the dressing room turns on.

2.By night, the curtains are closed and bedroom lights are turned off by the voice-command app, turning the bedroom into a cool and restful place.

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Graphic illustrations of the “Internet of Home” concept

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