10 Steel Framed Houses We Like

10 Steel Framed Houses We Like

10 Steel Framed Houses We Like

Steel framed homes can be stylishly fashionable. Building with steel is preferred for speed, strength, and durability. It is capable of encapsulating any architectural design and style, and adapting to any personal needs and tastes.

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Where time is money, steel construction offers many advantages over traditional construction technology. Steel is a versatile material applicable to all structural uses, from framing to floor joists to roofing materials. Steel structures are ideal if you like loft style homes. Here are 10 cool steel framed homes that we like.

A Steel House for a Big Family

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/steel-house-3/

Modern Tropical House

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/modern-tropical-house-2/


Photo : Rungkit Charoenwat

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/steel-house/

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/box-shaped-house-tropical-style-garden/

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/mash-industrial-design-green-space/




Link : http://livingasean.com/house/studiomake-home-office-combination/


Link : http://livingasean.com/house/concrete-steel-combination-modern-house/


Link : http://livingasean.com/house/the-tinman-house/

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/set-aside-happiness/

Link : http://livingasean.com/house/modern-tropical-house-smart-roof/

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