Amazing Maze Garden / Enjoy a Walk in the Garden Maze

Amazing Maze Garden / Enjoy a Walk in the Garden Maze

Amazing Maze Garden / Enjoy a Walk in the Garden Maze

On Cairnhill Road, only 5 minutes from the city’s main drag of Orchard Road, we arrive at the Ritz-Carlton Residences of Singapore, the first Asian residence in the Ritz-Carlton chain. Besides opulence, contemporary design, and a raft of conveniences, there are a lot of interesting garden and outdoor areas here.

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Story: Woraphason /// Photography: Sitthisak Namkham /// Designer: Eco-id Architects

View from above reveals the elaborate graphic pattern of the maze.
Domed Victorian gazebo at the exit, a perfect use of classic architecture
Entrance driveway is paved with cobblestone set in patterns, lined with plant containers of trimmed hedges, and edges hidden by hanging mouse tail plants.

On both sides of the entrance walkway are orderly hedges, with ground-cover vines hanging down the sides of plant containers bordering the lush green garden as it welcomes us in to the elegant lobby on the ground floor of a lofty 36-storey building. The modern-style garden in front has orderly hedges, but also something of a tropical flavor. One main section is a small area containing three separate spots where small parties can be held, each with a small barbecue pit, dishwashing sink, and a lawn table set. Walls of colorful plants separate them. Next to this is a swimming pool with a contemporary design, with lawn chairs in private gazebos for relaxing with cool drinks after getting out of the pool.

A nice space for a small party, with a dishwashing sink and a place to set prepared food
Black-bordered pond, the contemporary sculpture beside it creates a point of interest.

An interesting feature is the classic quatrefoil design artfully placed in spots inside and outside: on the waterfall wall, entry door, marble floor inside the building, and metal plates on the walls.

Low-growing plants contrast with taller ones. Red varieties such as Chinese witch hazel create an asymmetrical look, with beautiful perennials such as the silver trumpet tree interspersed here and there.
Tropical plant colors and textures mix in the garden.
A stair down to the lower parking level is planted with hanging ivy to reduce the rigidity of the wall and the shine of its surface.
A gray gazebo on the path helps break things up so the garden doesn’t look too orderly.

A “secret passage” on the other side of the building leads through hedges on a concrete path whose twists and turns reveal one section after another, as a stunning garden maze invites us to come in and play at trying to find a way out. The magenta cherry hedges inside the maze are trimmed waist-high for open visibility, giving a feeling of safety. A domed Victorian-style gazebo near the exit provides a rest stop for tired searchers. Nearby are tennis courts for exercising within the green garden atmosphere.

A rest spot by the swimming pool: Pulling down the canvas shades blocks the sun and gives privacy.
One side of the swimming pool wall is surfaced with quatrefoil (four-leaved flower) -patterned metal.
The walkway from the garden seems to float on the water surface, but it isn’t really scary to walk on.

Besides the gardens surrounding the lower building, outside the upstairs meeting rooms and gym is a roof deck garden with three levels where one can sit and enjoy the cool breeze and scenic view. From here we look down to admire the gardens below, including that bewildering garden maze.

Magenta cherry hedges in the maze make the surroundings look exotic.
Looking up through the open roof of the domed gazebo to the Ritz-Carlton Residences
The wire mesh tennis court is overgrown with vines for a different kind of beauty.



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