Simple Reinforced Concrete Structure House

Simple Reinforced Concrete Structure House

Simple Reinforced Concrete Structure House

Metal sheet and reinforced concrete structure plays a huge part in this box-shaped contemporary house.

/// Thailand ///

Photography : Suphakon Srisakun /// Design : Thingsmatter

This boxlike house uses industrial materials for utility, attractiveness, and to make it stand out.
Metal frames with exmet meshes are installed to cast a contrasting shade on the walls as well as to conceal unevenness.

Tom Dannecker (Architect) and Sawinee Buranasilapin (Designer) of Thingsmatter join force to create a functional home for a family.

The house is set as close to the street as possible to leave more space for the garden in the back.
Since the neighboring houses don’t make for great viewing, windows are not very large.

The main building was divided into two parallel units with a roomy space in between. The first unit includes a workroom, a food preparation area, a dining area and a living room. On the second floor is a master bedroom, a child bedroom and a playroom.

The food preparation area, dining area, and living room are opened and connected. This is the most-used area in the house.


The second unit was especially designed for the mother. On the first floor is a service area, a kitchen, a laundry room and a maid workroom. The second floor is reserved for relaxation. Located here are a bedroom and two spare guest rooms. Both units are connected through a walkway (and a stairway to the second floor). Attached with the walkway is a high louver panel, which is also a door to a garden.

The large louvers on both sides improve ventilation and make the space appear roomier.
The openings act as a frame, changing an outside view into a canvas.
Bathroom tiles only cover up to essential areas, creating a simple look and also savvy.

The swing door can be opened to its full width at 90 degree angles, giving full scenic garden view. Even though the louvers are fixed, their large sizes and varying degrees combined make an effective ventilation system. These panels are made from white fiber cement, which is durable and goes well with the house’s rectangular design. Wired screen is attached behind the panel, to keep the mosquito out of worries.

The unequal angles of the louvers give a sense of motion.
Opaque sections of building walls are purposely designed for better use of indoor space.

Since the house is located in an old village, the neighborhood is not of a great view. Polycarbonate sheets are applied to solve the problem. So, other houses roof look somewhat like a blurred color shape.

The stairway is green simply because of a preference, not to imitate the nature.

Strength and durable are strongly stressed here. Apart from reinforced concrete structure, stairs and walkways are coated with green epoxy for long-lasting use. Exmet (Expanded metal) meshes are installed on the wall around the house. Also, instead of using a laminated board for a kitchen cabinet, fiber cement board is used. It’s is not only an inexpensive choice, but also gives a simple and unpretentious look.

Polycarbonate sheets are applied to interior window surfaces to filter sunlight and for privacy.
When this large door is opened, the stairwell connecting the two sides of the house creates a full continuity between house and garden.



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