SCOPE Promsri Condominium; Feeling Good Living Better World Class Real Estate in the Heart of Sukhumvit

SCOPE Promsri Condominium; Feeling Good Living Better World Class Real Estate in the Heart of Sukhumvit

BANGKOK / Designed to improve the quality of life, SCOPE Promsri sits on a prime residential lot in the heart of Sukhumvit, one of Bangkok’s vibrant cosmopolitan areas. Among its most outstanding features is the integration of the high-end contemporary furniture brand Ligne Roset of France with the overall design of every room and common area. A nexus between well thought-out design, best appliances brands and urban lifestyle conveniences, the 1.35-billion-Baht eight-story condo comes complete with a security system that exceeds standards for residential property management.

SCOPE Promsri

SCOPE Promsri is conveniently situated on Soi Promsri, a prime street that connects with three famous city thoroughfares; namely Soi Prompong (Sukhumvit 39), Soi Klang (Sukhumvit 49), and Soi Thonglor (Sukhunvit 55). The intention is to become a premium residential project capable of providing its residents with a world class service.

SCOPE Promsri

What makes SCOPE Promsri exceptionally good is the overall interior design paired with matching contemporary furniture by Ligne Roset, a high end brand that has been around for more than 160 years. Founded in 1860, Ligne Roset grew from humble beginnings and transformed itself into a successful furnishings outfit with branches across the globe. Over time, modern luxury furniture and decorative accessories have earned the company a reputation as experts in design and innovative manufacturing processes. The secret to its success lies in strict quality control that culminates in unique products that are not only handsome and comfortable, but also a profusion of elegance and value characteristic of French design.

SCOPE Promsri

Yongyuth Chaipromprasith is creative expert in real estate development and CEO of the SCOPE Co, Ltd, which specializes in homes at the international premium level. He said: “We commit ourselves to providing quality and innovative design that has been our signature from day one. Every project that we’ve accomplished are the product of collaborations between us and other experts in the field, including world famous brands. When it comes to home furnishings, it’s not about selecting products from catalogs. Rather, it’s an act of working with others who have comprehensive knowledge and skill in a bid to create products that are evidence of quality and best express our ideas.”

SCOPE Promsri

By this is meant that SCOPE Promsri places great emphasis on the individual’s privacy and freedom from being disturbed by others. Hence, there are only two business units, compared to 146 residential condominium units on the premises. First and foremost, it’s designed to raise the quality of life and improve safety for the project’s residents. This is evident in the installation of water sprinklers in the ceiling of every room, despite it not being required by law governing eight-story buildings.

That’s not all. At SCOPE Promsri every condominium comes complete with modern conveniences and household appliances that comply with standards. They include electrical kitchen appliances by the MIELE brand of Germany, plus built-in combinations consisting of a microwave oven, induction cook top, kitchen exhaust fan, and built-in Liebherr brand refrigerator, as well as wall-mounted washlets by Kohler, Germany.

SCOPE Promsri

Apart from the full complement of world class equipment, every condo unit receives a great deal on decoration known as “Promsri Edition Fully Furnished Package”, an 890,000-Baht value that includes, among other things, a Prado sofa by Christian Werner. Customers are allowed to choose more than one color for the sofa. Plus, there’s a special edition table code named “Promsri Table”, which is manufactured exclusively by Ligne Roset for this project only. And that’s not all. The list also includes a built-in console that comes with a 75-inch TV set, bed with headboard decorating ideas and mattress by Simmons, the world class brand that’s used by six star hotels across the globe.

SCOPE Promsri

Strictly speaking, the Promsri Edition is more than just a list of household equipment or furniture. Rather, it opens the door to a new lifestyle evolving around feeling good and living better ideas. It’s about nurturing quality thoughts that culminate in good design for homes at the international premium level.

Yongyuth added: “SCOPE Promsri has invested a lot of money to create a good first impression with the project’s exterior design. But the quality that pleases the aesthetic senses alone isn’t enough. That’s why we also place great emphasis on long term durability and ease of maintenance. This is evident in the use of reflective glass acoustic film that not only protects resident privacy, but also reduces heat transfer from outside, thereby saving on energy consumption. Plus, it doubles as sound barrier that reduces street noise by as much as 30%, a feature that’s further enhanced by motorized blackout blinds for added indoor thermal comfort. It’s designed to achieve total darkness in the room, especially for customers in the young international premium group who requires the highest quality of rest. This is particularly important for the so-called work-hard, high-income group.”

“SCOPE gives good living conditions the highest priority. For this reason, it provides a variety of services including safe transport of food items and cleaning service. It’s a luxury condo that not only allows pets, but also is truly pet friendly. By enforcing carefully thought-out rules and regulations, it ensures that pet owners and non-pet owners can live together in harmony.”

SCOPE PromsriSCOPE Promsri SCOPE Promsri

SCOPE Promsri condos complete with the “Promsri Edition Fully Furnished Package” are on sale now for 6.3 million Baht apiece. The scheduled finish date is around November 2022. Unit reservation has begun as of 12 March 2021. Register now at

SCOPE Promsri

Singapore’s Largest Forest Town in the Making

Singapore’s Largest Forest Town in the Making

SINGAPORE / An eco-smart city promising 42,000 new homes is poised to become the largest evergreen forest town in Singapore with the move-in date set for 2023.

Tengah the Forest Town

Designed to reduce CO2 gases that trap heat and drive extreme weather, the eco-friendly city plan features cutting-edge technologies, including water and electricity conservation features, plus an automated, enclosed waste collection system.

Revolving around the slogan “At home with nature”, the development project comprises five residential districts with plenty of gardens laid out for public enjoyment and recreation across 7 square kilometers of land. Plus, it’s a relatively short distance from water catchment areas and nature reserves.

The eco-city of Tengah, dubbed Singapore’s Forest Town, is located on what was formerly military training grounds and home to brick factories in the island’s western region.

Tengah the Forest Town

For many people, the massive project evokes fun memories of city-building video games, but this is a real-life future city master plan ever undertaken by the Singapore Housing and Development Board to create new homes, workplace and public spaces set amid safe and sustainable surroundings.

To reduce greenhouse gases, solar power and other forms of clean energy will be integrated with the comprehensive plan to keep the city cool and reduce the need for air conditioning.

Other low-impact measures in preparation include making the city center a car-free zone and the promotion of green commuting by providing safe bicycle track systems and easy access to public transportation, namely the MRT Jurong Regional Line and bus services.

Scheduled for opening in 2023, the Forest Town of Tengah will become the 24th residential project undertaken by HDB since World War II.

Tengah the Forest Town


Singapore Housing & Development Board (HDB):



Image: Housing & Development Board (HDB) 

New Forest Park the Pride of Bangkok

New Forest Park the Pride of Bangkok

BANGKOK / As many probably already know, Fort Canning Park is one of Singapore’s largest public parks. It features nine historic gardens that are part of the “garden city” vision introduced in the mid-1990’s. Do you know that in the near future, upon completion of Phases 2 and 3 of the Benjakitti Park expansion project, Bangkok will join the ranks of ASEAN capitals with vast networks of parks to preserve local ecosystems. It represents an important step forward to increase the quality of life for many residents as well as visitors.

Bajakitti Forest Park
A graphic rendition of Benjakitti Forest Park, a future urban e cosystem in the heart of Bangkok.

Opened in 1994, Benjakitti Park underwent the first phase of renovations in 2016 on an area of 61 rai. Phases 2 and 3, which include an expansion and landscape improvements, are currently progressing on schedule. The new, updated Benjakitti Park extends over an area of 259 rai that originally was home to a tobacco manufacturing facility. Costing 652 million baht to build, the monumental forest park project is a joint enterprise involving the Finance Ministry Treasury Department, the Royal Thai Army, and the Arsom Silp Institute of the Arts, which is responsible for design.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

The urban forest project will provide a new ecosystem that supports the quality of life in the city. It’s designed to give rise to a biological community that depends on an intricate network of water channels, which in turn is crucial to the growth of trees and shrubbery and habitats for many animal species.

Like a super absorbent sponge, the park’s unpaved grounds are capable of soaking up in excess of 128,000 cubic meters of storm water during the rainy season. Plus, it doubles as a treatment plant that produces as much as 1,600 cubic meters of treated water per day. The existing trees, 1,733 in all, have been preserved. To create a pristine forest landscape, they plan on adding a variety of native tree species, among them Lumpae (Sonneratia caseolaris), Lumpoon (Sonneratia ovate), Kheelek (Senna siamea), Sadao (Neem), Bodhi or sacred figs (Ficus religiosa), Banyan trees, Yangna (Dipterocarpus alatus), and Takhian (Hopea odorata). 

Bajakitti Forest Park
A graphic rendition of Benjakitti Forest Park, a future urban e cosystem in the heart of Bangkok.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

That’s not all. Currently plans are afoot to connect Benjakitti Forest Park with a trade show pavilion and three nearby museums; namely the old tobacco factory building, an urban forest life museum, and a museum in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit the Queen Mother. There will also be demonstration rice paddy fields for kids, plus bike trails and a skywalk system connecting to Lumpini Park, a landmark public green space in Pathumwan District.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

The forest park project will bring benefits to not only the city and its people, but also healthy habitats for many animals. It provides temporary refuge to migratory bird species, a place for physical activity, and room for our children to spend more time outdoors. Most importantly, it removes pollutants and gives us clean air to breathe.

Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park Bajakitti Forest Park

Benjakitti Forest Park will be open to the public in phases, the first of which is scheduled for the 12th of August this year. Access to the entire project will open around February 2022.

Source: Facebook / Army PR Centerสวนป่า-เบญจกิติ/

Images:  Facebook / Army PR Center

Noble Ambience Sukhumvit 42

Noble Ambience Sukhumvit 42

Because happiness and joy is worth achieving, Noble Ambience Sukhumvit 42 is born with the quality of bringing delight. From every perspective, simple and clean form goes to work complementing functionality and culminates in a distinctive character. It’s a living embodiment of Lagom, the quality of balanced living “Not too little, not too much, just right.”

/// Thailand ///
Story: Ektida N. /// Photography: Noble Development

Project Concept

The term Lagom [la-gom] redefines happiness from the Swedish perspective. It encapsulates all the essential characteristics in a succinct way, whereby features deemed unnecessary are reduced to achieve the perfect balance. The idea is manifested in what Noble Ambience is all about – simple and appropriate. Completeness in design is achieved without sacrificing the good qualities and functionality for modern living. It comes in handy as a happy home, a place to relax and unwind away from relentless hustle and bustle of city life.



Site Location – Not too little

Despite being in the city center, Noble Ambience sits embraced in the calm and quiet of a residential neighborhood. Travel to and from the site is convenient both by car and urban public transport. The right size project is situated near Digital Gateway and only about 350 meters from the BTS Ekkamai Station. Location being everything and everlasting, it makes travel to prime destinations along Sukhumvit and Ekkamai easy, fast, and convenient.


Exterior Design Concept – Not too much

Noble Ambience is an 8-story residential condominium project on Sukhumvit 42. The layout of the building is designed to embrace a verdant oasis that lies within. The condominium itself stands surrounded by green spaces and communities that have already been in existence, hence plenty of trees all about. Crisp, clean lines ensure the building fits in well with the rhythms and conditions in the environment. Tall, streamlined design reduces a feeling of being in confined spaces, resulting in a light and airy urban appeal without disturbing the charms of the surroundings.


Apart from a unique personality, a lot goes into creating green spaces for relaxation in the central courtyard. Where appropriate, larger than average balconies are put in at intervals to make room for green plants. Carefully thought out plans ensure they harmonize with the facades in both colors and textures, resulting in a perfect visual blend from every perspective.

For a pleasing visual blend where existing buildings are generally considered not too high, the project elects to use mainly earth tones, rich warm colors with a brownish hue, to slow down the pace of everyday urban lifestyle. This results in a more relaxing atmosphere. The overall effect is impressive, thanks to a swimming pool at the center that provides a welcome contrast with nearby tree lines in brownish colors. With a beautiful yard, every day is a happy day.


Interior Design Concept – Just right


Step into an oasis of serenity and begin the journey to a simple lifestyle. That reason is enough for making Noble Ambience a cool and restful place. Experience true relaxation in the lobby done in Minimalistic style per the Lagom concept. Indulge in the simplicities of modern living the Swedish style. Glass windows that stand tall from the floor to the ceiling allow the verdant central courtyard to be seen in full view all day every day. Green design allows in plenty of health-giving natural light, and helps cut down on energy consumption. 


It’s a good idea to work out while taking in panoramic views of the garden. The Glass House Gym is designed for you to do exactly that. The light and airy atmosphere is priceless and charming. Whilst there, experience the color that is changing hues at different times.


Amidst the Serene Courtyard, a swimming pool provides visual continuity all the way to the lobby.


One-bedroom type

The one-bedroom unit comes with all the functionality in the right proportion. The room space divider is there reduce the reliance on air conditioning, and limit it to where cooling is needed. There’s a kitchenette at the point of entry for easy offloading of grocery, thereby eliminating the need to disturb normal arrangements in other areas. Light fixtures are put in place according to needs in relation to furniture and other household appliances.

Two-bedroom type

The two-bedroom unit comes with an added dining area with all the functionality in position according to needs. Only lighter shades of colors are chosen to make it easy on the eyes and conducive to relaxation. Natural shades make the space look bigger and more airy. That’s why neutrals are the best palette for room design.

If your goal is happiness that comes from balance between work and relaxation, Nobel Ambience Sukhumvit 42 is the answer you have been looking for. Ensconced in the calm and quiet of a residential neighborhood, it is designed to accommodate modern lifestyle needs and go hand in hand with a hive of activity the city brings. In every sense of the word, happiness is all about balance.

Noble Ambience Sukhumvit 42 is only 350 meters from the BTS Ekkamai Station. Every unit comes fully furnished. Prices start at 3.59 million baht*.  Register online for a 100,000-baht* discount now. Or drop in for a tour of demonstration units and make a reservation there from now until November 23, 2017.  At Noble Remix Sales Office is located next to the BTS Thonglor Station (Exit 2). For more information, visit website at

Which ASEAN Capital is the Most Expensive for Residents?

Which ASEAN Capital is the Most Expensive for Residents?

The cost of living is the level of prices of basic necessities in life, including food costs, housing, and medical care. Which city is the most and least expensive to live around the ASEAN Region? Check is out.

/// ASEAN ///


According to a Numbeo survey for 2017, Singapore has the highest cost of living of all ASEAN capitals, and Manila the cheapest. Bangkok and Phnom Penh take distant second and third places on the cost-of-living index. The survey made no mention of the capitals of Laos, Myanmar, and Brunei.

Numbeo is the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide.

The region’s most expensive city for residents, Singapore scores 85 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, 67.38 on the rent index, 76.36 on the cost of living plus rent index, 76.68 on the groceries index, 61.31 on the restaurant prices index, and 92.08 on the local purchasing power index.

The cost-of-living index is a theoretical price index that measures relative cost of living over time or regions. It takes into account the price of goods and services to compare how expensive it is to live in one city against another.

Second-place Bangkok scores 52.19 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, 25.14 on the rent index, 38.93 on the cost of living plus rent index, 59.03 on the groceries index, 25.62 on the restaurant prices index, and 41.66 on the local purchasing power index.  

Phnom Penh is the third most expensive ASEAN capital scoring 50.16 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, 19.71 on the rent index, 35.23 on the cost of living plus rent index, 54.90 on the groceries index, 24.37 on the restaurant prices index, and 21.51 on the local purchasing power index.

The Numbeo survey finds Manila to be the least expensive of ASEAN capitals with a low 41.47 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, 18.71 on the rent index, 30.31 on the cost of living plus rent index, 38.41 on the groceries index, 28.19 on the restaurant prices index, and 42.23 on the local purchasing power index.

The costs of living in the ASEAN capitals are low compared to those of cities in Europe. Geneva is the most expensive city to live in Europe scoring 132.79 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, followed by Basel (130.57), Zurich (130.04), Zug (123.83), and Lausanne (117.77), all of which are cities in Switzerland.

Hamilton, Bermuda is the most expensive city in North America scoring 141.84 out of 200 on the cost-of-living index, outranking second-place New York City (100), and third-place Honolulu, Hawaii (99.54).Elsewhere in Asia, Kuwait City has the highest cost of living (91.38), followed by Tokyo (90.97) in second place, and Singapore (85) in third place.

Top 20 – the highest cost of living index in the world // Source :


Property – One North Residence / Urban Greenery in Singapore

Property – One North Residence / Urban Greenery in Singapore

“One North Residence” is a condominium complex project led by the Government of Singapore. Located in the Buona Vista district, the project focused on a landscape design within common areas.

/// Singapore ///

Architect: Salad Dressing, Singapore /// Photo: Sitthisak Namkham

The plaza offers wide-open spaces with a pond in the center, lined with potted plants and deck furniture in polite colors.

Forms and functions of the property are represented to the beauty with utility into three areas. First, there is a graphic-style swimming pool bordered by passageways and grassy lawns. Nearby lies children’s playground that consists of a small hill. On the edge of the grassy mound stands a full array of lush green vegetation that adds the natural touch and textures to the landscape. The plants that thrive here are all harmless species because this is the rendezvous for everyone young and old.

The green playground consists of a grassy mound for children. An array of equipment from sliders to an amusing underground tunnel.
The entryway to the tunnel resembles a rabbit hole near the small hill. The floorboard is made of rubber tiles for safety. /// Murals on the tunnel wall educate children about of various plant species. From the center point, children can admire outside scenery through a semi-circle window.
The swimming pool is surrounded by a wood deck covered with palm trees to create a cool canopy.

The second is the rooftop deck consists of a simple-looking sky garden. Next to it there is a swimming pool with a view of the sprawling urban landscape. The area is bedecked with small trees. There is a skywalk that connects the gardens on top of the two buildings. Gazebos made for relaxation are nestled alongside small trees and beautiful lines of bamboo plants.

Bird’s eye view of the swimming pool. The reception building has a large rooftop garden equipped with automatic watering systems to care for ground covering plants.

The last is a Rain Tree courtyard. Chan Huaiyan, director of Salad Dressing, the project’s landscape architects, designs it. He recalls that every effort is made to save this more than 50-year-old tree. For example, a radius of 7 meters from the trunk is kept intact to allow for healthy, vigorous roots and avoid unwanted consequences during the period of construction.

The skywalk connecting between towers is an amazing vista point.
The rooftop deck has a swimming pool with amazing panoramic views. A square Jacuzzi, which is part of the pool, is aglow with light and color by night.

The rain tree continues to thrive and provide a crisp, cool canopy for the residents here. The verdant oasis also consists of a small plaza. A variety of retail shops on the ground floor caters to needs of local residents. Further and beyond, an open terrace extends to meet a beautiful shallow pond in the rectangular shape. Ornamental lights are put in place both inside the pond as well as alongside it. For a neat appearance, the lights are hidden inside rectangular boxes that serve as deck furniture. The enchanting atmosphere makes it ideal for relaxation in the late afternoon and evening.

A well-groomed rain tree in the courtyard is kept a good distance from surrounding buildings. Every effort was made to protect its roots during construction.

Apart from main components, the architects also pay attention to detail by putting in plants everywhere, including climbers on balconies and between buildings. This results in the formation of vertical gardens with a water feature at the center of a verdant oasis in One North Residence.

The shower area by the poolside is wrapped in lush green hedges for privacy. /// The passageway between buildings is lined with potted plants and verdant climbers that thrive all the way to the top. To put nature into the part of the residential complex.