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Hightlights of the Baanlaesuan Fair 2020

Hightlights of the Baanlaesuan Fair 2020

Baanlaesuan Fair 2020 / October 30 – November 8

Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT, Muang Thong Thani

The Baanlaesuan Fair 2020 is happening now until November 8 at Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. It’s a show on the theme of man and the natural world, and a journey back in time to our humble beginnings when early humans were cave dwellers. Interestingly, the concept of living inside confined physical spaces has come a long way before it became a home as we know it. Hence, the theme of this year’s show is “Origin: Let Nature Permeate”. It’s a show for people who love living with nature, with tips on how to lessen the impact on the natural environment.

Plenty of ideas to help make the world a better place, including reuse, recycling and repurposing resource material for a different purpose. If you’re planning on switching to a natural lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some highlights of the 2020 Edition of Baanlaesuan Fair.


Entryway Ideas

The main entrance to the show is inspired by nature. Eco-friendly design sends a message that the best beauty in the world is the beauty of nature. The passageway is lined by green plants, rocks and hedges reminiscent of a wild animal’s habitation. Just the sight of it conjures up images of caving vacations and spelunking trips. Emulating the pattern of nature, the imaginary cavern comes alive as visitors arrive at the exhibition hall.


Inspiring Show House

This year’s Show House is designed around the history of human habitation. Hence, the simple and beautiful theme called, “Origin: Let Nature Permeate”. The idea is to live with and according to nature because that’s what we have been designed to do.

The house-in-the-woods design fits beautifully in its natural surroundings. Like the Thai house in former times, the building is divided into parts, each oriented in a way that allows the trees on the site to be preserved. The result is an organic house that’s passively cooled house, inspired by nature, and built of locally available materials, such as bamboo structures and rammed earth walls.

To give information on innate beauty design, the Book House by Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing is located nearby, plus a coffee shop, activity zone, and rest area with soothing music. Here, experts from Baanlaesuan Magazine are on hand to give advice on construction, decorating and repair. And if you’re planning on buying a home, representatives from Kasikorn Bank are readily available at the show.


Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing Group

Apart from books on house and garden design, plants and agriculture, the Baanlaesuan Printing and Publishing Group also runs a promotional campaign for people devoted to reading. While there, drop into the Baanlaesuan Concept Store to reap the benefits of this special offer and take a moment to explore container gardens on show. Plenty of great ideas to take home.

Meantime, a team of plant pathologists are also on hand to give advice on diseases and treatments. If you’re interested in aquatic life, stop by the Aquascaping Contest 2020 nearby. More than 20 terrariums in which water plants are grown are on show. Cast your vote for the best in show.


room Magazine

Once again, room Magazine reiterated the points made in its earlier exhibition. The concept of Betterism: “Good Design for a Better World” was first introduced at the Thailand Sustainability Expo 2020 last October at Siam Mitrtown and has received widespread attention in recent weeks.

At the core is the idea of sustainable design that seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment by using resource material again for a different purpose. The extent of reuse and repurposing is illustrated by the woven bamboo panels as decorative wall coverings for an entire façade. The exhibition also offers a forum for visitors to discover new ideas for better homes and gardens. Plus, there’s a coffee corner, rest area, and book store with many special promotions.


Baanlaesuan Pets

Dogs and cats leave paw prints on your heart. That’s why Baanlaesuan Pets have always been an essential part of the show, this year included. For highlights, pet lovers simply can’t miss Catio, a contraction for cat and patio. It’s an exhibition with handy hints about European interior design and outside walkway ideas for cats. A protected outdoor patio offers many benefits, including keeping your feline companions from going astray.

If you’re in the area, stop by my home Workshop Space for craft mini-lessons. There are plenty of creative ideas for pet owners, from DIY cat toys to adorable little things for your pets. It’s on  Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 15.00 hours.


Show Gardens: From the Sea to the Hills

The Show Garden at this year’s Baanlaesuan Fair pays particular attention to natural change in the environment. Having observed differences in the physical surroundings, a team of landscape architects come up with a show garden called “From the Sea to the Hills”. The exhibition is divided into four zones.

First, the Seaside Garden is rich in plant species that evoke pleasant memories of a coastal region. It gives advice on choosing plants for drought tolerant gardens.

Next, there’s the Woodland Edge Garden, which is filled with large trees, ferns and mosses lining a narrow passage way.

The forest trail leads to a higher ground that’s home to the Foothill Garden. Here, you begin to hear the sounds of a waterfall cascading down a cliff face to a lush forest below.

Finally, you come before The Tree of Life. It’s the scene of a lush green garden on a foggy rainy day designed to arouse a feeling of curiosity as if you were standing to the mountain top. Together, they send a strong message that life is a journey, and that the best beauty in the world is the beauty of nature. We hope you enjoy the show.


“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

“Pattani Decoded” Pattani Design Week

Once you get to know it better, you will find Pattani is really quite interesting. A design week aptly named “Pattani Decoded” took place from 29 August to 1 September 2019. Living ASEAN is on location to file this report.



Story: Samutcha Viraporn / Photo: Sitthisak Namkham, Samutcha Viraporn

“Pattani Decoded” is the perfect example of an esprit de corps among the city’s handpicked architects, designers and people in the community. It celebrates the richness of diverse cultural heritage and history that gives this southern town its character.

The show transforms the streets of Pattani into an outdoor gallery featuring design and architectural masterpieces. They rekindle old memories from the time of King Rama III to the Japanese invasion of Thailand during World War II and important events in recent history. The cool places to visit are on Pattanipirom, Anoaru, and Ruedi raods in Pattani Old Town, a melting pot where peoples of Thai, Chinese, and Malay descent are mixed together.

The Old Town that’s the historic heart of Pattani is alive and well today. People use their artistic abilities and creativity to liven up buildings and improve their neighborhoods. They give locals and tourists hope for the future. Favorite things to do include a journey on foot through the Old Town, a boat ride on the Pattani River, and a visit to the official residence of the first governor of Pattani.

The highlight event is an exhibition by a group called “Pattani Art Space”. Meantime, art enthusiasts have the opportunity of meeting up with luminaries such as Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Boonserm Premthada, and Saran Yen Panya. More fun events include an architectural design competition, Chef Table demos by famous restaurants, retail businesses, live music as well as workshops on shoemaking from waste materials by Tlejourn, Lepus fabric making by Benjametha, and discussions on great works of literature.

Why called it “Pattani Decoded”? Rachit Radenahmad, leader of the organizer group “Melayu Living”, replied: “We want locals to know that design is something close at hand, something within their reach. Meantime, this land abounds with good things. Going forward, people need to mix design with their beautiful cultural heritage. In so doing, they convert coded messages into intelligible language.

“We manage to get locals to participate in showcasing their homes or other places of residence. People are energized by the idea, and the show draws the biggest response both in Pattani and nearby provinces. We have so many good things here that people sometimes take for granted. The region may be known for violence, but art is always in the heart of everyone. That’s the message we are sending to the world outside.”

By all accounts it’s a well-thought-out design festival despite certain limitations. The show is giving talented architects, designers and students a chance to showcase the beauty, charm and adventure of Pattani to the world outside. At the end of the day, it’s about getting people to change their point of view, visit the historic southern town, and come away impressed.

5 Events and Festivals Worth Waiting for

5 Events and Festivals Worth Waiting for

Southeast Asia is renowned for many joyful and exuberant festivities. For the remainder of 2018, it’s worth checking out these highly visible public and social occasions.

/// ASEAN ///


Living ASEAN has put together five favorite hangouts for you to pick, from art and culture to festivals and go-to party destinations. If you’re ready, let the journey begin.

Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

Bangkok, Thailand / October 19, 2018 – February 3, 2019

Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 is Thailand’s first international art show featuring works by renowned artists from across the globe including Yayoi Kusama, Marina Abramovic, Yoshitomo Nara, Elmgreen & Dragset, Choi Jeong Hwa, Wisut Ponnimit, Kawita Vatanajyankur, and Lee Bul. The four-month festival will see many exhibitions being held at thriving art scenes across the capital from Buddhist temples to historic places along the River Chao Phrya, even the busy commercial district on Sukhumvit Road. Precisely, it’s aimed at making Bangkok a world art destination.  

For more information:


Bagan Hot Air Balloon Season

Bagan, Myanmar / October 20, 2018 – April 10, 2019

Imagine you could fly. The hot air balloon ride promises to be an inspiring experience in Bagan. It’s an interesting way to see the ancient city as you drift over the vast archeological site in that’s home to more than 2,000 Buddhist shrines in central Myanmar. The balloon season starts October 20 and lasts until next April. Because only 22 balloons are allowed each day, it’s good to make reservations in advance so that you don’t miss out on early morning flights. Take in the view over a cradle of civilization that began in the early eleventh century. The Old Bagan landscape is gorgeous at sunrise.



Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Bali, Indonesia / October 24-28

There’s more to the Indonesian archipelago than volcanic mountains, beaches and coral reefs. Nestled in the uplands of Bali, Ubud is a town with a quiet beauty that’s widely known for traditional crafts and performing arts. Every year writers, thinkers, as well as visual and performing artists converge on the town to participate in the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, which is scheduled for October 24-28. The event in now into its 15th year.



Cambodian Water Festival – Bon Om Touk

Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Cambodia / November 21-23

The Cambodian Water Festival or Bon Om Touk is celebrated on November 21-23, which coincides with the end of the rainy season based on the lunar calendar. The occasion symbolizes the abundant life that rivers bring. Cities and towns across the country join in the season of festivity, but the biggest celebration takes place in the capital. The water festival culminates in a boat race on the River Tonle Sap that runs through Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The rowing boats are a legacy from old-time naval warfare and represent the passing of knowledge from past to present generations.



Zoukout Beach Festival

Siloso Beach, Singapore / December 1

In a mood for partying? Come December 1 Singapore’s Siloso Beach will play host to the largest dusk-to-dawn beach festival with plenty of water activities. The event is much sought after by electronic music fans looking forward to dancing the night away. The fun event organized by Zouk nightclub is now in its 18th year. This year’s festival features the music band Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, number 2 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 list. Partying starts at nightfall and continues until the morning after. So dance till you drop!


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The Chairmen of Thai Design, A Room Magazine Showcase at The BaanLaeSuan Select Fair

The Chairmen of Thai Design, A Room Magazine Showcase at The BaanLaeSuan Select Fair

A chair exhibition featuring works by distinguished Thai designers … You will yearn to add one to your collection.

“The Chair” is one of the greatest inventions. Since a long time ago, with dexterous hands and logical minds, humans have crafted more chairs than we ever know. Even now, most furniture brands and design studios continue to come up with amazing new designs. Plenty of good reasons they should never stop!

Design isn’t about just drawing to show the look and function of a product. Rather, it has to do with showing good aesthetic judgment, something that helps people enjoy the magic of sculpture. In a nutshell, the chair is more than a separate seat to sit in. It’s a million experiences.

Well-thought-out design gives us a sense of connection to events past and present. Whether it’s looked at from a cultural, economic, technological, or social perspective, the chair offers a wide range of benefits and serves the purpose for which it’s intended.

Organized by the capable team of Room Magazine, the Chairmen of Thai Design showcases a fascinating array of works by Thai designers who are experts in the field. You will find plenty of great ideas on view that heralded a new chapter in Thai furniture design, including products that have won critical acclaim both at home and abroad.

As business adapts to a rapidly changing world, you are invited to join us in celebrating the creativeness of Thai designers. Together, they go to work applying more effort toward achieving a higher goal.

A major attraction at BaanLaeSuan Select Fair, the Chairmen of Thai Design exhibition will happen at the Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, May 30 to June 3, 2018.

A special event on Friday June 1 from 4 to 6 p.m., meet up with distinguished designers who showcase their products at the show. At the risk of stating the obvious, the informal gathering is about the chair and how things have changed. We don’t want you to miss it.

Designers from 30 studios showcasing at the Chairmen of Thai Design

1.The Savannah, Yothaka, by Suwan Kongkhuntian
2. The Rush Chair, o-d-a studio, by Piti Amraranga and Jutamas Buranajade
3. The Sputnik, Salt and Pepper Design studio for Corner 43 Decor, by Anchana Thongpaitoon and Pipidh Khowsuwan
4. The Wave, Ayodhya studio, by M.L. Pawinee Santisiri
5. The Noodle Stool, 56th Studio, by Saran Yenpanya
6. The Fluctuation of Precision, Anon Pairot studio for SCG, by Anon Pairot
7. The Brace Stool, Deesawat, by Jirachai Tangkijngamwong
8. The Grid, Dot Design studio for Galvanii, by Krit Phutpim
9. The Batten, Thinkk studio for Tectona, by Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai
10. The Sumo, Mobella, by Anuphon YooYuen
11. The Kiri, Mobella, by Ath Supornchai
12. The Jaak Stool, Tima studio, by Supachai Klaewtanong
13.The Radee, Bambunique, by Amornthep Kachanonda
14. The Ele 1.1 Dining, by Doonyapol Srichan
15. The Tori, Golf-JC studio, by Jakkapun Charinrattana
16. The Fig, Masaya, by Apiwat Chitapanya
17. The Waterweed, Sumphat Gallery, by Rush Pleansuk
18. The Core Chair, Trimode studio for Corner 43 Decor, by Pirada – Paradee Senivongse na Ayudhya, and Shinpanu Athichathanabadee
19. The Tension, Plural Designs, by Piboon Amornjiraporn
20. The Placer, Whoop, by Pitchaya Maneerattanaporn
21. The Bangkok Taxi, Everyday studio, by Wuthichai Leelavoravong and Dr. Siriporn Kobnithikulwong
22. The Sora, Satawat Design, by Ratthee Phaisanchotsiri
23. The Anonymous Chair, PHTAA studio, by Ponwit Ratanatanatevilai, Harisadhi Leelayuwapan, and Thanawat Patchimasiri
24. The Cane, Atelier2+ studio, by Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont
25. The Gom, Hari Ora, by Chayanin Sakdikul and Nutdanai Siribongkot
26. The Enso, Flo, by Naroot Pitisongswat
27. The Lock, Room Lab, by Vongsatorn Chaicherdchuvong
28. The Saturno, Kenkoon, by Pichak Tanarojviboon
29. The Chamfer, Plato, by Noraset Sabai
30. The Suite, Studio AB, by Apirat Boonruangthaworn

Vernacular Houses around the ASEAN

Vernacular Houses around the ASEAN

If you are interested in design based on local needs, local materials, and local traditions, you will find vernacular building exhibitions well worth a visit.

/// Thailand ///


The expo area features 5 show pavilions designed by the design firms.

Five show pavilions are open now at Architect ’18, the ASEAN’s largest building technology exposition organized by the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA). It’s happening on May 1-6, 2018 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani.

Plastic crates filled with clay are readied for the show at Architect ’18.

Other attractions range from a photography display by Vernacular Built Environment and Cultural Heritage Studies Group, and exhibitions by various architectural firms, to retail businesses, and seminars featuring distinguished speakers from Thailand and abroad.

The expo’s must-see events include a show pavilion by Boon Design, which presents building techniques using materials readily available in a locality, such as plastic crates for fruit transportation filled with clay.

Inside one of the show pavilions dedicated to vernacular-style living
The dark exterior that is characteristic of the Boon Design show pavilion

Designer Boonlert Hemvijitraphan said: “Traditionally, earth has been a material of choice for home building while plastic crates come in handy as byproducts of the industry. The choice of materials is often dictated by availability in a particular area. Homes can be made of anything, whether it’s earth or wood, so long as they are adapted to suit local needs and requirements.” Like so, a vernacular house in Southeast Asia may appear dim on the inside because there are only a few openings. Lace fabrics on the windows tell stories of clever adaptations to suit local weather conditions.

Vernacular houses on the waterfront in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand
photograph reflects local beliefs and customs around the Region.

The building techniques differ from country to country across Southeast Asia as illustrated by the photo exhibition by the Vernacular Built Environment and Cultural Heritage Studies Group. Its members include Isarachai Buranaut, Kullphut Seneevong Na Ayudhaya, Somchai Chuechuaychu, and Surapong Jamniyom.


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STYLE 2017: Asia’s Most Stylish Fair in Bangkok

STYLE 2017: Asia’s Most Stylish Fair in Bangkok

STYLE 2017, the region’s most comprehensive lifestyle trade show, is happening now in Bangkok. Embracing the concept “Life+Style,” it is fast becoming a global marketplace attracting over 60,000 buyers and poised to transform Bangkok into a regional hub of the lifestyle industry.

/// Thailand ///
 Photography:  Nantiya

STYLE is the region’s largest and most comprehensive lifestyle trade show, comprises three main events in one, namely: Bangkok International Fashion Fair and Bangkok International Leather Fair: BIFF&BIL, Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair: BIG+BIH and Thailand International Furniture Fair: TIFF. The fair is hosted by The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) between October 17-21, 2017 at BITEC Bangna with local and international entrepreneurs across 2,000 sales booths and expected 2,000 million Baht worth of business transaction.

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017 assists and caters to all needs of all parties with the offering of specialized services to accommodate both exhibitors and visitors. These include business matching services at Buyer Lounge assisted by interpreters of many languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese; DITP SERVICE CENTER that combines all DITP services in one spot and Logistic Consultancy on the ground to provide logistic solution and facilitate on-site goods transport

Besides, STYLE 2017 renders itself as a source of inspiration with 20 fascinating exhibitions as well as trend updates, design inspiration, fashion and lifestyle trends that can developed into business opportunities. Fashion buffs should not miss Trend Forum 2018, QURATED Fashion Incubation Project and other co-hosted exhibitions to inspire and offer designers and creators a platform to showcase their creativity and develop ideas to become tangible products. DITP also teams up with Chaipattana Foundation to host an exhibition in honor and remembrance of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej with workshop of funerary flower making made from vetiver grass for the royal cremation.

STYLE 2017
TALENT THAI 2017 and DESIGNERS’ ROOM 2017 display the collection of fashion and design products from 43 brands and 70 designers in the lifestyle design and fashion program.

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE 2017

STYLE is held between October 17-21 2017 (trade days : October 17-19,10am-6pm and public days: October 20-21 , 10am-9pm) at Hall 98-104, Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

Link :

Five Spots You Must Absolutely Not Miss at The 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair

Five Spots You Must Absolutely Not Miss at The 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair

“Living with Passion” is the defining theme of the 2017 Baan Lae Suan Midyear Fair. To help you get the most out of it, Living ASEAN would like to point out some of the Fair’s educational, entertainment, and inspirational highlights.

 /// Thailand ///
 Photography: Sitthisak Namkham, Natthawut Pengkamphoo, Supawan Sa-Ard

Room TERMINAL by room Magazine

High on our list is Room TERMINAL, a 580-square-meter space with a hip, straightforward and colorful design laid out in sharp lines and clearly marked walking paths to reflect the cosmopolitan world of ASEAN, mixing contemporary décor with fascinating local flavors. Don’t miss the SACICT CONCEPT booth, where you’ll see artistic modern Thai handicrafts from the most skilled artisans of the organization “Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand.” Stop and sip a cuppa at the charming little Laliart Café before attending one of the Design Talk symposia on design trends produced by Room Magazine and and featuring famous designers. At the July 29 event, “Modern Tropical Re(Design),” you can interact with four of ASEAN’s leading architects.


Baan Lae Suan Publishing House Zone’s “My Little Farm”

This year Baan Lae Suan Publishing House has its collected books – on plant varieties, crafts, food, agriculture, etc. – on display under the heading “Urban Little Farming.” Here you can also enjoy shopping at an organic fruit and vegetable stand, the Little Tree plant shop, and a handmade jewelry booth. There’s also a coffee shop, and every day through July 30 you can join in workshops on pastry-making, plant cultivation, and do-it-yourself activities.


Kitchen lore at “Cooking Mania Home”

This zone has a display for home cooking aficionados designed by a Baan Lae Suan team to suggest various kitchen ideas and ambiences visitors might be inspired to apply to their own home cooking. It features a reproduction of the wood-and-charcoal-stove Thai kitchen of earlier eras, with kitchen implements hung on the wall; then there are a “pantry-style” urban kitchen that’s small but with full functionality, a spot where bakery-lovers can make pastries, and an outdoor kitchen with a large barbecue pit.


Greenhouse Zone for plant-lovers

People who love gardens and plants will be totally entranced with this zone and this year’s concept of “plant mania.” Here you’ll see decorative ways a person just crazy about plants might set up various spots in the house. One area is like a science lab, full of experimentation equipment. There’s a space bedecked and festooned with all sorts of species: ferns, sago palm, carnivorous plants, etc. Nearby is a courtyard designed to support practically all garden uses in all situations, with a small greenhouse showcasing how to cultivate and organize a plant collection.


Find that perfect piece of craftsmanship at “My Craft Zone”

The crafts zone this year is bustling with a wide variety of merchandise, producers, and craftsmen. Visit adorable shops selling clothing, handmade ceramics, leather shoes, and traditional Thai products, just for starters.


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Tropical Ways at the 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair


Highlights of the Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair “Living with Passion”


Room x Living ASEAN Design Talk


Tropical Ways at the 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair

Tropical Ways at the 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair

With its tropical plants, products developed from traditional knowledge, fragrances, even innovative Thai kitchen formats, the 2017 Baanlaesuan Midyear Fair offers many perspectives on life in the tropics.

/// Thailand ///

Under the theme “Living with Passion,” you’ll encounter tropical ways of life through household items, garden ornamentation, foods, and many other elements. For an enhanced Fair experience, Living ASEAN here distills some of the essence of the tropical lifestyle found in the exhibits.

– Thai Kitchen –

Traditionally, a Thai kitchen stands separate from the house, since Thai food preparation gives off pungent, spicy scents. Nowadays modern Thai kitchens are designed within the house, for food preparation and dining in the same area. This open-style kitchen is great for welcoming guests or proudly showing off to anyone.


– SACICT Booth –

The public organization SACICT has a brilliant exhibit of products from projects aimed at developing handicrafts for the contemporary marketplace. Through adaptation of local materials to create an interesting narrative, each piece of work clearly reflects the folk knowledge of its region of origin.


– Perfume –

This perfume is used to wash sacred objects, but also makes for a refreshing bath or shower, and can be used as a perfume or for massage. Made from natural rainwater boiled with the alyxia herb and fragrant pandan mixed with stone powder for a sweet, refreshing scent and rash-relieving qualities, it’s a natural, non-allergenic perfume that uses no alcohol.

Link :


– Carved Products Featuring Local Patterns –

Drink coasters from Thxful are made from four types of wood – oak, beech, maple, and walnut. The design is inspired by a fish-tooth pattern: when a drinking glass is placed on the coaster, water doesn’t spill out the sides, but gathers in the middle. Vases are carved in Thai krajang patterns with hand tools before a final artistic touch-up.

Link :


– Organic Coffee –

Organic coffee from Laliart comes from Doi Mae Jam in Lampang province. It grows well in the moderate forest shade. This environmentally friendly coffee is grown naturally without chemicals or pesticides and in harmony with the ecological system. The beans are fragrant, tasty, with no toxic residue. You’ll find it at the room Magazine Pavilion.

Link :



– Organic Farming –

“Uncle Group” is an association of seven “new age” farmers experimenting with organic agriculture. “Organic” refers to nature-based agriculture, using no synthetic or contaminating chemicals, respecting the ecological system, and not harmful to the soil, water, or living things. Organic produce is clean and safe. You can meet members of this distinguished collective in Baan Lae Suan Publishing House’s Highlight Zone.

Link :



– Tropical Plants –

Plants suitable for growing in the tropics thrive in the heat and don’t require a lot of care. Examples are shade-giving trees such as common palms, areca, water jasmine, fan palm, and bird-of-paradise, as well as ornamental flowering plants such as ferns and orchids. The Fair offers a wide selection of these, and in the Greenhouse Zone you’ll find an inspiring show garden that features many of them.


– Vegetables and Herbs –

Vegetables and herbs such as pepper, lime, and holy basil are hardy kitchen staples that grow well in the tropics and are great for home cultivation and use in traditional recipes. Many also have medicinal qualities and promote good health.


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Room x Living ASEAN Design Talk


Highlights of the Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair “Living with Passion”
Highlights of the Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair “Living with Passion”

Highlights of the Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair “Living with Passion”

Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair uses the concept “Living with Passion” to illustrate the intense connection people feel with craftsmanship, cooking, and all sorts of skilled work that is the product of loving care. July 22 – 30 at Bitec Convention and Exposition Center in Bang Na.

/// Thailand ///

The Baanlaesuan 2017 Midyear Fair returns, this time under the concept “Living with Passion,” to illustrate the deep joy people get from craftsmanship, cooking, and skilled work of all kinds – traditional or contemporary – that is created with loving care. This year’s Midyear Fair is all about living life inspired by a beautiful passion. It runs from July 22 to 30 at BITEC Bang Na Convention and Exposition Center, and here are some important highlights:

– Baanlaesuan Home Ideas: Cooking Mania Home – a “kitchen house” for people who love to cook –

City dwellers favor a lifestyle that involves cooking. This exhibit gives ideas on how to transform spots in the house for various kinds of cooking, giving Fair visitors inspiring ideas they can take home and adapt to their own kitchens for a happy atmosphere and efficient use.

  • A tiny pantry, functional kitchen for urbanites: a lot of kitchen functionality in a small space, with an island-style food preparation counter also usable as a bar where you can nosh or sip drinks, and a table that can be set down or folded up for convenience.
  • Traditional Thai kitchen: simulates the atmosphere of the old-style Thai kitchen: wood and charcoal stoves, woven implements, kitchenware hung on the wall. As in those houses of an earlier era, wood is stacked in the corner for easy access, and there’s a flow cap above the stove for good ventilation.
  • Dream space for pastry-making aficionados: young ladies might see this cute glass house as the kitchen of their dreams, a space for convenient, enjoyable pastry preparation and cooking.
  • Outdoor kitchen and cool party spot: folks who love socializing will really like this outdoor barbecue corner: good place to eat, and a great atmosphere for hanging out, too.

Besides all this, the compact house has a bedroom and rest area on the mezzanine and a kitchen garden where vegetables are grown for home cooking and consumption.

My HOME Workshop Space is a sweet zone which the true breed of Home Magazine DIY fans shouldn’t miss: workshops on really cute décors the editors themselves have come up with. You’re guaranteed to take home matchless ornamentation you’ll be able to brag about to your friends.

– TERMINAL by room Magazine –

With formal entrance into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), all parties are expected to participate in the creation of a prosperous future for the region. This goes beyond economic, political, and security considerations to include creation of a regional socio-cultural identity, and work designed to raise the quality of life of ASEAN populations. Terminal functions as a hub of connections for the rapidly expanding ASEAN world. Designed with smooth lines, bright colors, and clear paths, Terminal reflects universal themes, at the same time mixing in interesting design ideas that have lots of local flavor. An area of 580 square meters includes the super-cool “Laliart Coffee” Café, offering new flavor experiences with roast coffee recipes and a menu specially composed for the Fair. There’s a minimart full of delightful goods, and a shopping zone that leaves no one unsatisfied. You’ll find the “SACICT CONCEPT” showcase of contemporary Thai handicraft products full of collections from the skilled artisans of Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand. You won’t want to miss “Design Talk,” a seminar put on by room Magazine in conjunction with here famous designers from ASEAN interpret trends, inviting everyone to find paths of cosmopolitan design that fit their own identities and bring them in step with the world of sophistication.


– Baanlaesuan Craft Village, by Baanlaesuan Publishing –

Here the Baanlaesuan publishing office takes ideas from its own book collection to illustrate a concept it calls “urban little farming.” Here plant experts will find greenhouse ideas, a cactus and succulent display, organic fruit and vegetable shops, shops full of handmade crafts, and small book stores where writers themselves are ready to offer tips on what to read. There are wonderful, long-awaited workshops, offered free of charge. You can find more information and a schedule of activities at Baan Lae Suan Publishing’s The BOOK HOUSE.

Link :

– Green House, by Baanlaesuan Magazine –

Garden and plant lovers must absolutely not miss this zone! This year the theme is “Plant Mania.” Here you’ll see expert collections of plant species and demonstrations of methods used to adapt and expand different plant varieties, as well as how to use such species in home decoration.

The greenhouse zone shows how a person infatuated with horticulture can turn a spot in the home into a science lab. Equipment and materials used for experimentation serve double duty as house ornamentation, along with vegetation such as ferns, sago palm, and carnivorous plants.

Courtyard zone: here we find a garden for all situations, and even a tiny greenhouse to show growing methods for collections of interesting plants.

– Relax zone: rest spot for garden-lovers –

A spot to sit and relax, filled with garden ideas and an activity stage to bring happy smiles and sounds of laughter to fair visitors.


– Green park: rest spot for bookworms –

For relaxing with a good book just the way you like it: a café and shop full of books selected by the Baanlaesuan editor group. Guaranteed to keep boredom far away.



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Room x Living ASEAN Design Talk
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Room x Living ASEAN Design Talk

Room x Living ASEAN Design Talk

Under the heading “LIVING ASEAN: MODERN TROPICAL (re)DESIGN,” magazines Living ASEAN and room present world-class ASEAN architects in conversation as they share experiences and inspirations in contemporary tropical design work: July 29, 2:00 PM at the 2017 Baan Lae Suan Midyear Fair, Hall 100, BITEC Bang Na.

// ASEAN ///

Joining in this discussion will be famous ASEAN architects from four companies located in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, each of whom has received numerous awards for outstanding design work expressing its own unique identity. So who, exactly, is on the program? Let’s look at the list …

Kannika Ratanapridakul “Modern tropical architecture: ‘design to fit the situation.’” This is the ruling concept of Spacetime Architects, under the direction of founding architect Kannika Ratanapridakul. She believes that using architecture and nature as starting points, greenery and agricultural space should be mixed and blended with urban residential formats. This will lead to an improved quality of life while also providing the basis of a modest food source for people of the future. Design that makes the deepest connection with the surrounding natural world results in architecture the most compatible with a hot, humid climate. This is the unique identifier of Spacetime’s tropical architectural design.

PTT’s Urban Forest program /Photo : Sitthisak Namkham
PTT’s Urban Forest program /Photo : Sitthisak Namkham

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Tran Thi Ngu Ngon and Nguyen Hai Long – “Brick and natural sunlight are an enduring beauty.” These two Vietnamese founders of Tropical Space are recent recipients of an “Architizer A+” award in the area of “Architecture + Workspace” for their “Terra Cotta Studio.” Their designs reflect a profound understanding of Vietnamese culture and ways of life, at the same time providing intelligent and skillful solutions for living under hot, humid conditions. Their straightforward brick constructions are open, comfortable, well-ventilated, and bring natural sunlight directly into living spaces. These designs show the influence of Louis I. Khan, a legendary architect they both admire, who once wrote “I sense Light as the giver of all presences . . . .”

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