Picture Perfect Moments at the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

Picture Perfect Moments at the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

Picture Perfect Moments at the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

 Visiting an art show sounds like a good idea. But taking selfies with beautiful works of art – Priceless!

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Who would have thought the Kingdom’s inaugural art festival could produce so many precious moments that will remain ever vivid and emotionally uplifting! More than 200 masterpieces, ranging from aesthetically pleasing to awe-inspiring to thought-provoking, even provocative, are on display at 20 locations throughout the city.

75 renowned artists from across the globe are exhibiting as part of the Bangkok Art Biennale. It’s not too late to plan your visit. The festival that began last October 19 will run until February 3, 2019. Bring your smartphone if posting bloggable material is your idea of fun. The show spans many artistic disciplines, from paintings to striking installations that will transform your perception of a space. We don’t want you to miss any one of them.

Not sure where to start? The following is a list of some of the top-notch shows we recommend.

1. The East Asiatic Building plays host to “Zero” 2018, an outdoor architectural installation by Michael Elmgreen of Denmark and Ingar Dragset of Norway. The artist duo has worked together since the mid-1990’s. Whether you come in by boat or on foot via Soi Charoen Krung 40, Bang Rak District, you can’t miss it. The 8-meter-tall white structure resembling the circumference of a swimming pool is set up vertically at the water’ edge. Take a nice shot with the towering sculpture in the backdrop.The historic landmark building is also home to “Diluvium”, an architectural installation by world renowned contemporary artist Lee Bul of South Korea. The monochromatic exhibit turns the entire gallery space into a monster, depicting a barren landscape devastated by glacial drift. Another nice photograph to cherish!

2. The Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) has the most shows going on right now, among them the “Basket Tower” that’s part of the Happy-Happy Project by Choi Jeong Hwa. The Seoul-born designer-cum-artist is renowned for turning found objects and day-to-day materials into stunning artworks. His artistic talents span a wide range of disciplines, from visual arts to graphic design to architecture. The Basket Tower that rises as tall as a five-story building will make a very nice shot.Dubbed one of Bangkok’s thriving art scenes, BACC also plays host to “Tape Bangkok”, an astonishing installation by the “Numen/For Use” design collective. The conceptual art installation is crafted of countless adhesive tapes that stick together to form a suspended tunnel that invites viewer participation. It’s an amazing work of art. Take off your shoes and climb on board. Plenty of nice shots inside the tunnel.

3. Siam Paragon. All eyes were on Siam Paragon, Thailand’s third largest shopping malls, even before the show began on 19 October 2018. Its main exhibition hall was thronged with a crowd of people eager to see amazing works of art by Yayoi Kusama being set up for the show. Dubbed “Queen of polka dots”, 89-year-old Kusama is passionate about pumpkins and hallucinatory repetitions of dots and loops that she uses to convey the idea of infinity. You will love “I Carry on Living with the Pumpkins’” 2016, and “Pumpkin” 2017, two collections that are on view for the first time in Thailand. So far, several famous persons, among them actress Kathaleeya McIntosh, have been there to take pictures with the polka dot pumpkins. The show won’t be there for long. So, don’t procrastinate.

4. BAB BOX @ One Bangkok. The headquarters of Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 play host to many interesting masterpieces on view indoors and out-of-doors now until 3 February 2019. They include “Your Dog”, a larger-than-life sculpture of a puppy by Japanese contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara, and “Fruit Tree”, a sculptural installation in vivacious color by Choi Jeong Hwa of South Korea. Whist there, drop by “Animal Kingdom” 2017, an artistic expression depicting a heavenly realm of strange creatures both real and imaginary, by Turkish woman artist Canan. A very nice shot to excite your imagination!

5. Wat Prayurawongsawas Worawihan is one of three historical landmarks that play host to exhibits as part of the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018. So far many art lovers have come away impressed by “Sweet Boundary: In the Light Tube” 2018, a site specific installation by homegrown artist Kamol Phaosavasdi. Equally thought-provoking is “What will we leave behind?” installations comprising over 100,000 miniature ceramics depicting human skulls by Thailand’s woman artist Nino Suwannee Sarabutr. The best time to take pictures of the exhibits is the late afternoon, no later than 1900 hours, during which natural light around the Main Stupa is perfect for great photography.

The above are five out of a total of 20 locations city-wide that play host to art exhibits as part of the Kingdom’s inaugural art festival. They translate into plenty of photograph opportunities for both locals and tourists who happen to be visiting Bangkok from now until 3 February 2019. We think you had better hurry.

Living ASEAN also recommends the following art destinations for your photo shoots.

Title: The Check Point 2018
Artist: Nge Lay
Venue: The Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)

ในภาพอาจจะมี 1 คน, สถานที่กลางแจ้งhttps://www.facebook.com/tgifspace/photos/a.241172956645582/345237022905841/?type=3

Title: Lost Dog
Artist: Aurele Richard
Venue: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok

Title: Happy-Happy Project: Breathing Flower (808 Chinese Characters)
Artist: Choi Jeong Hwa
Venue: BAB Box @ One Bangkok

Title: The State of Suffering
Artist: Sunanta Phasomwong
Venue: The Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC)

Title: Across the Universe and Beyond
Artist: Sunitas Pradittasanee
Venue: Wat Arun, also the Temple of Dawn

Title: Memory House 2018 by Alex Face House
Artists: Souled Out Studios (SOS)
Venue: The Bank of Thailand (BOT) Learning Center

Title: Companion Hands 2nd Edition
Artist: Khata SaengKha
Venue: The East Asiatic Building


Title: Sweet Boundary
Artist: Kamol Phaosavasdi
Venue: Wat Prayurawongsawas Worawihan


Title: Monuments of the Memory, the Golden Room
Artist: Paolo Canevari
Venue: Wat Prayurawongsawas Worawihan

Title: Giant Twins
Artist: Komkrit Thepthien
Venuje: Wat Arun, also the Temple of Dawn

Title: Chat…Naa
Artist: Arnont Nongyao
Venue: Wat Prayurawongsawas Worawihan

Title: Zero 2018
Artists: Elmgreen and Dragset
Venue: The East Asiatic Building

Title: Zou You He Che
Artist: Huang Yong Ping
Venue: Wat Phra Chetupon, also Wat Pho

Title: Zodiac Houses
Artist: Monthien Boonma
Venue: Wat Prayurawongsawas Worawihan

Title: Standing Structures for Human Use
Artist: Marina Abramovic
Venue: BAB Box @ One Bangkok

Title: Turtle Religion
Artist: Krit Ngamsom
Venue: Wat Prayurawongsawa Worawihan

Here’s the map to help you get to your destinations.


**To rightful owners of the photographs, we thank you for your kind permission.

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